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  2. CyberPowerPC, has cheaper prices than any other custom pc websites. (They build it for you) I got my desktop from there, runs every game at like 100+ FPS at highest settings.
  3. Dying Light, I have it on the PC. It's amazing, really fun, there are no bugs/glitches (that I know of). I've been playing it for a month now, it's a great experience. Definitely gonna wanna try this game out.
  4. There were like 4-10 people online most of the time. Idk, that's what made me enjoy this community the most. Smaller servers seem a lot more fun.
  5. Sad to hear the news. But I guess it's generally better for the community!
  6. and I know that what I just posted has no relevance or relation to my ban
  7. I continue it because I know most people that I give spawned stuff to aren't going to accept it, and they aren't stupid enough. I do it because...I mean really it's not going to leak to the rest of the server. I don't know about you guys, but sometimes people ban me for stupid stuff. "It's still against the rules....." .-. i have heard that so many times. Have I ever caused economy troubles due to my "illegal distribution"? no. And it was to YOSHI. Like seriously? Why does everyone take me so seriously and think that I would allow spawned items to get into the wrong hands!? It won't! I don't EVER intend to bring harm to this community. I get it okay? I break the rules. Just wish staff would stop believing that if I put 2000 raw fish in a chest, LOCKED ONLY to me and Yo5hizilla, somehow can cause mass chaos across he server. Honestly, I think you guys take Minecraft too seriously. I mean, the sole purpose for most people to play on servers is to have fun, build stuff, fight each other, etc. If someone breaks the rule, regardless of reason, or intention, or how they broke the rule, it always results in a ban! You guys never really give a crap about anything other than the fact that you broke the rules. I don't know about you guys, but I come on Minecraft to ESCAPE the real world. I break rules when I know that the rule breaking cannot harm the community. It's not as if I spawned 10000000 diamond swords and dropped them or anything. When I break the rules, its usually harmless. Why I get on Minecraft: To build things that I cannot build in real life, that are ridiculously amazing and funny at the same time. To make friends online that don't really care about your race or your gender or age, just want to have a good time. To fool around and just shit on peoples lawns (If you know what I mean...) To have an escape from god awful REAL LIFE that happens to ♥♥♥♥ people up the ass ALL THE TIME. To bond with people that you don't really even know. To go on a rampage of killing when pissed. To let my imagination take control and build and do and see stuff that you cannot do EVER in real life. To ask people for advice on life, and to understand why people get on Minecraft. (ridiculous and silly I know) AND A LOT MORE REASONS Basically, I get on Minecraft to do the most randomest shit, make friends, goof off, have ridiculous horse races and mansion building competitions. RANDOM CRAP THAT I LOVE DOING. AN ESCAPE. A PLACE TO LET YOURSELF JUST EXPLODE BOOM BOOM BAM ♥♥♥♥ THAT SHIT ♥♥♥♥ THIS ♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥. To do that. To be like YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH SLAUGHTERING PIGS ATTACKING OTHERS MAKING HOMES BAKING COOKIES OWNING A FAKE DIGITILIZED DOG AND THEN KILL IT AND THEN PISS OFF AND THEN SPEND 5 HOURS FINDING AND TAMING A NEW ONE AND THEN WRITING BOOKS!!!!!!!! AHHHHH :DDDDDDD TO LET EVERYTHING GO AND JUST SAY ♥♥♥♥ YEAHHHHHH. :DDDDDDD :DDDDDDD :D :D AHHHHHHHHHHHHHUYFSAEBGUFIWAEHKF
  8. I would have removed it after he read the message but I was busy and forgot to get on the next day.
  9. Minecraft Username: NobleNoob4Life Banned By: I dont know i think bax? Reason: I left a chest in front of yoshis house that was a package that contained 2000 spawned fishes and I knew he wouldnt take any it was supposed to be a joke Appeal: Meh I know spawned distribution is still breaking the rules. I won't joke around or do anything that violates the rules with no exception. ._. ye ~noble
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