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  1. Baxman

    In Memory of Chico

    Sorry for your loss man ;(
  2. Baxman

    fucking chrome

    I guess differ of opinions
  3. Game ideas are Appreciated. Its All about funds to get projects off the ground even if something i thought of what game and platform to run it off of. And need a Development team to keep the server up and running healthy.
  4. Baxman

    fucking chrome

    Chrome is slow and laggy on my computer for some reason firefox it quick and seemless
  5. Baxman

    Internet Speed Test

    This is my old internet from like 2 years ago
  6. Baxman

    Internet Speed Test

    Still faster than halo... i am using wifi tho i wonder what my Ethernet speed is thought
  7. Lets see how fast our internet speed is
  8. Baxman

    This is it...

    Goodbye for now my friend. All those memories will not be forgotten!!!
  9. Baxman

    Dream Car!!!

    1960's Ford Mustang GT500 1979 Ford F150 with a 351 cleveland or a 460
  10. It really depends if the mod is heavy resources or light. For people and server.