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  1. i will be setting up SFTP and SSH. Possibly a remote desktop application, one that is lightweight and isn't coded like teamviewer. I'll end up sending you the information via PM. Just note you might want to use WINSCP or you will have to change Filezilla's settings like
  2. You would be somewhat correct about the server bandwidth decreasing. From what I understand, the databases were queried by JDBC connection locally instead of sending the queries out of the country. Since load balancing was not needed, the server is constantly sending information to the DBServer located in the UK, and is using an larger amount of bandwidth that isn't being balanced with the MCServer. So the server may indeed start lagging because the server location is outside the US and is in the UK. Potentially, I may just end up putting in another ethernet cable to balance the connections and have the server use both ethernet ports. On other note Michael did warn me about a notice from Redhat regarding a barrage of vulnerablilties possibly being present within our servers. I will be looking into that once Redhat reveals more information. Sincerely, Alex H / PurpleFreeze
  3. Hey everybody, I'm PurpleFreeze. I am going to be overseeing the server operations for the next couple of weeks (I'm actually at Michael's House) and also assign moderator permissions to Trustable Demoria Staff along with Collin. This is due to Michael's leave and I will stick to all of Halo's rules. So don't think you can trick me, with saying your more familiar with the guidelines. The Temporary VPS will be remain in service until Michael comes back. This is due to the fact the DBServer is hosted on his personal server that connects all the computers in his house and he did not leave me the password for it (Even then, I'm more of a Mongo DB type of person Stay Safe, PurpleFreeze
  4. All the developers have access to the machine that CU uses due to the Developer Server being hosted on the same machine, we rarely make our presence known to CU's administrators that have access. I myself have observed the server a couple times under Michael's instruction to watch the server after he had an unexpected occurance that took a couple of days. I've only had to ban someone for a couple hours for mass joining on different accounts on the same IP and attempting to spam. We try to give many chances, and not perma ban on the first offense. That was only a rare case I would ban someone for that long, usually its just 20 minutes or a kick. No DCE Developers (Besides myself) have touched CU's console, and I have the log displaying the information of whoever connects to the teamviewer on a separate monitor, so its safe to say that nobody has abused the system. All of our developers and Administrators are trustworthy when it comes to responsibility, at least for my side of the development team Michael has the troubled side of developers, but about half of them are trustable and know proper displine procedures, while the other half are not familar with banning procedures as of right now due to them being nearly constant at work or taking a break. Michael has previously said that if any disaster strikes the server, the DCE Developers will be the first people to be deployed and here is why: Coding the client takes alot more dedication then making an addon, and the chance that the client developers will be ready to deploy is slim. .