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  1. I have the paid version, tho I didn't buy it... If you get my drift.
  2. It seems quite fine, MineChat works fine.
  3. stickman147147

    Old CU

    This is where I first joined Chaotic United, in 1.7.3. This is where we had updated to a new version, new world, new staff. This is the photo where we had first launched Factions, and those aren't the real Kevo and ntx. Just a glitch. This is where I had just taken down a Faction and the leader was turning into a four year old. Just fooling around. This is where we had ended Factions. With a bang.
  4. stickman147147

    Old CU

    Its been so long, all of our old members are coming back! I'll see if I can find some of my own screens.
  5. Are we able to connect to the servers using mobile apps or 3rd party apps like this one I use when I am not home?
  6. I cannot believe what Chaotic United has been through. We have gone through player drops, backstabbing staff members, moments where we thought that we cannot continue with the amount of negative feedback we were getting. "Where are all the players? We used to have 40 of them online daily" "Your staff is ****, hire me." "Never seen your owner on, where is he?" Now that brings me to my last couple of points. I have knew that Teddy was under the influence of drugs for a long time. What I didn't know, was that he was using community donations. I have been on our old Teamspeak to hear a little about this, but I was moved from the channel. I do not like people who keep secrets and then release them to late to long going players like me. I expect to see a brand new community with many paths to go. If you wish to contact me please do so by PM or Skype. Thank you.