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  1. Add the Flood gamemode? There are only three servers from the GMod list thing.
  2. Fixed some errors and tidied up stuff.
  3. Rust would be a good server, its right now popular and if we do get a Rust server, some of the players that join might come onto Minecraft and our forums. All tho if we do get Rust, I cannot play as I don't have it and I can't run it.
  4. stickman147147

    Catdance Thread

    Honestly, if ntx came to my doorstep doing that, I would go back to the closet.
  5. Basically, you hit ctrl-v or paste whatever you have in your clipboard. I'll start: /t Selling my Stylish DeGroot for 2.66!
  6. From my experiences with HP laptops, they over heat like crazy. My HP Pavilion g6 can get up to 80C when plaing Minecraft, so I don't know the HP one you picked out, i7 and nvidia graphics on a laptop, that's a pretty good laptop, its just I don't know about the cooling on that thing.
  7. stickman147147

    Code breakers?

    class app { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println("Hello Pop!"); } }
  8. stickman147147

    Old CU

    There would been a little cave at spawn that would have stoneharry's chest. Might want to hide that video so that people with the link can only see that?
  9. stickman147147

    Old CU

    I'm pretty sure this thread got awkward for anyone that used to know Lisa.
  10. Username: _stickman147147_ Your youtube video link?: Do you already have a Donation Rank?: Yes.
  11. stickman147147

    Old CU

    ahaha, as soon as you would leave the spawn area, there would be signs everywhere saying come to my shop, join my city!
  12. stickman147147


    Look at this! The times that I would play MW3 :3 Good old day getting kiddies mad.
  13. stickman147147

    Dragon Dogma

    From looking at Google, is this kind of like a MMO Skyrim?