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  1. Offender's Username: WitherKing__ Service: Minecraft Reason: The dude was spamming chat. Doesn't stop even when kicked by what I assume is antispam. Can reference Discord MCBot if you need to see how many times the guy did it. Evidence:
  2. False. The person below me has data speeds faster than their home speeds.
  3. stickman147147


    First Chaotic video I had done from 24th September 2011. This was exactly one month after I joined. Another CU one. This one I made two years later when I was a Helper on the server. The last one I made was for ND.
  4. I see FORUMBOT made a surprise appearance in this election.
  5. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Its a pretty good phone, just wished that it had little more grape juice for processing power and an SD slot.
  6. False. The person below me has has more than six tabs open.
  7. Home wifi. It says carrier and stuff becuase I tested this on my phone.
  8. False. The person below me has seen a double rainbow.
  9. stickman147147


    For some reason, I can't post videos here.
  10. I thought that was the 1.7.2 spawn for a second there.
  11. Ey, long time no see!
  12. Let me know what you want me to buy you. Any game(s) or TF2 item(s) totalling $10 is okay. Fourdaylatereply Sent you a Steam message c:
  13. In it to win it. Happylatebirthdaybuddy.