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  1. False. The person below me has data speeds faster than their home speeds.
  2. stickman147147


    First Chaotic video I had done from 24th September 2011. This was exactly one month after I joined. Another CU one. This one I made two years later when I was a Helper on the server. The last one I made was for ND.
  3. I see FORUMBOT made a surprise appearance in this election.
  4. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Its a pretty good phone, just wished that it had little more grape juice for processing power and an SD slot.
  5. False. The person below me has has more than six tabs open.
  6. Home wifi. It says carrier and stuff becuase I tested this on my phone.
  7. False. The person below me has seen a double rainbow.
  8. stickman147147


    For some reason, I can't post videos here.
  9. I thought that was the 1.7.2 spawn for a second there.
  10. Ey, long time no see!
  11. Let me know what you want me to buy you. Any game(s) or TF2 item(s) totalling $10 is okay. Fourdaylatereply Sent you a Steam message c:
  12. In it to win it. Happylatebirthdaybuddy.
  13. Benjamin Jay ate a turd and jumped like seabiscuit all his life, despite the development that his turtle contracted HIV during exile. His erect refrigerator took out the huge moist banana from his floor and into various holes of ntx's angina. Snowflakes make nice alternatives appealing to mediocre structures. Suddenly potatoes started raining endlessly across classrooms made much cake succumb with somali pirates which took advantage of exchanging condoms rised in Canada. According to Blar Flanagan, decomposing in Russia has declared that Ukraine became full of annoying rebels with tuxedos super glued to guard posts cursing battleships into shipwrecks, while eating trucks. Korean potatoes radioactively segregated all misconstrued antelopes, therefore the president ntx2 said "hallegua kamikaze", then raging apologetically, he proceeded to procrastinate mowing lawns for smallgoods and vegetables with Indians curry in my large futon mischievously nationalistically while seducing AtomicBeast101 inside a uterus when Alex pooped rainbows through his multiple penises. Bobbie had a ionized dump unloaded into Tai's car because he had to pee. Rockets launch right into Haloman30's pink greasy stretched canvas because Americans can't clone Bobbie's ♥♥♥♥♥ into inionized shorts. Valve