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  1. Greetings members, I recently just did a short server maintenance on the FTB Trident server. I replaced all of the mods files with the new ones (still same version) to fix any corrupted files during the VPS upgrade. It was causing unexpected server crashes in the past and we're hoping this fixes any crashes we had in the past. Let us know if something's not right in the server! Happy crafting! Adam (Atomicbeast101)
  2. Fixed ya bro. Sorry about that.
  3. Darker color cars gets more heat inside then lighter color cars. Because it's good for the environment. I don't like to drive a car that blows lots of shit out of the exhaust. I would love to get a Tesla Model S car, but soo expensive ._.
  4. Ma awesome cars. (My car is actually in the center. 2nd generation Prius)
  5. We are currently having some issues with the FTB server that's crashing/locking up. Nikfection will look into getting it fixed, hopefully, after his trip. We are sorry about the issues you guys have to go through. Thank you, Atomicbeast101
  6. I pointed to your server IP according to quote above. Happy shooting
  7. It's shitty. That's why I made this post lol.
  8. Guys I needs an amazing and mind blowing signature. I want the text to show my name and "Founder of NuclearDistrict" on it. It'll be nice to have the logo and using the Gunplay font on it. Thanks!
  9. I actually got a SSHD one. Works amazing.
  10. Greetings members! The IP address to connect to our teamspeak3 server is: There is online status to show how many are online. They are located in the forum's status box and in the main page under Services. (Note: The TS3 online status is only updated every few minutes.)
  11. We don't have any MC servers running right now. Once we get one of them rolling, we'll give you one chance to play on it. If rules broken again, then you'll be banned again.
  12. My school internet is so amazing.
  13. Oh oops to mention something. I got a new laptop from Lenovo company. Here's the link to it:
  14. Mine's NuclearDistrict2015 skin. It's amazing. Oh that's right. It's not for public use yet!
  15. It's currently in development. We'll let everyone know when it's ready
  16. Forums don't have notification features when you're not on it lol. That's why I prefer Skype
  17. Sure why not? I'll PM you it. So glad you don't buy intel CPUs for servers. Saves you a bunch of money.
  18. Must have been hell you've went through. Luckily, it got sorted out