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  1. False, because I don't do drugs. Person below me is in love with NuclearDistrict Gaming Community.
  2. I still haven't even bought the game -.-
  3. It is currently being fixed. Just gotta wait.
  4. I'm sorry bro, but I've paid $20,000 per year to have the 1gb school network.
  5. Atomicbeast101


    Welcome to the community, Galaxy_Panda01!
  6. False. The person below likes to go to strip clubs.
  7. False. The person below me likes Trump.
  8. No politics arguments allowed here. I want to see everyone's opinion on who you think should be the next USA president. You can google up the list of USA candidate presidents. No, Alex can't be the president. I'm sorry to break your heart. Adam
  9. From what I heard, there has not been any cases of anyone dying from overuse of marijuana. I heard it has helped a lot with medical needs such as treating seizures or muscle spasms. Personally, I don't have a problem with seeing people use marijuana for recreational as long as it doesn't interfere with other important things. Also if marijuana becomes legal, there should be specific places in public area that allow them because there are some non-marijuana users who doesn't like to be around them in public areas. Again, just my opinion on this.
  10. Atomicbeast101


    I'll check on that.
  11. Please make the vote above! Yes I know some of those games are not free, but Minecraft wasn't free in the first place anyways.
  12. Oh then I don't think I would consider that as a language lol.
  13. Nah, am not. It's my school's 1gbps network
  14. Oh, that's new to me lol @Alex but yea i would consider that as a website language.
  15. I am both website developer and computer programmer. I've developed websites in HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, and MySQL while I've developed programs in Java, C#, C++, Visual Basic, and QBasic (nobody doesnt use that shit anymore).
  16. Can be anyone who develops anything in website languages or computer languages.
  17. Long story. To make it shorter, some of the staff, including myself got tired of dealing with teddy so we decided to leave to create a new community, NuclearDistrict (Happened in Feb 4, 2014). You can view what happened here: The new IP address to the MC server (managed by Haloman30, current owner of CU) is and the TS3 server (managed by us) is Hope you enjoy
  18. Members Our TS3 server has now been updated to version! Make sure you update your client TS3 to the latest version! Adam
  19. It's worth a try for TF2 server since it doesn't use much server resources and it's free. Also allows you to add plugins to it. We can try to start with TF2 server and then we can try other ones along the road