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  1. Indeed. Person below likes this game.
  2. Maybe specific rewards for different game servers we host?
  3. Because there's a lot of really good games on steam.
  4. Indeed, and no you're not gonna know who it is. Person below has 3 rewards.
  5. I can't answer that (food allergies). Person below loves to go shopping on weekends.
  6. False. Am a huge fan of spicy food. Person below is in college.
  7. Got TF2 game installed and too lazy to add the server under your favorites? Just click on the link and it'll do all of the work for you! (Warning: It only works on FireFox and Chrome browsers.)
  8. Indeed. Person below has a cat next to them while doing this.
  9. Teamspeak3 Server Rules: Swearing may not be used to insult others. - Swearing is okay in general, but it cannot be used to insult or harass someone. No spamming allowed - Also includes in text chat, voice, and poking. No inappropriate names - You have to connect with your in-game username! Have no more then 1 PC/Phone/Tablet device connected - It is completely unnecessary to have more than one devices connected. If done so, all of the related connected devices will be kicked and given a warning. Don't change the channels rapidly, it gets really annoying. No soundboards allowed - Will result in an insta-ban. Creating channels are allowed for guest users (temporary) - The rule is that the channel names cannot be offensive. Rules are subject to change without prior notice. We will announce if there's any changes to the rules. Our advice is to check forums often for any updates/changes.
  10. True, currently living with two roommates who lost their virginity. Person below has done anal sex before.
  11. Indeed. Twice. The person below has seen all 7 StarWars movies.
  12. Atomicbeast101


    You should join our steam group.
  13. Atomicbeast101


    The actual answer is both.
  14. Atomicbeast101


    Please answer each question that you think is true. There is no right or wrong answers. I just want to see everyone's inputs.
  15. That's very common in 'murica public schools.
  16. Alright well it's probably a glitch. Any new polls from now on should work as it supposed to.
  17. Alex just told me the issue. It's 75% fixed.
  18. Don't you wanna get the issues fixed on Earth first?
  19. What kind of phone do you have? I was never able to achieve that amount on mine.