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  1. I pick PCs because they are cheaper and you get to customize the way you want. Theres more freedom in PCs then Macs.
  2. My first username was Atomic-101 and somehow it made it to Atomicbeast101 then now Nuke.
  3. You must be a huge fan of pokemon
  4. Atomicbeast101

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    Those who posted before me has been taken care of!
  5. Yes thats what ntx2 wants.
  6. Atomicbeast101

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    Those who posted before me has been taken care of.
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    Yes! Let me fix that for you!
  8. Atomicbeast101

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    Oh shoot. We'll get it fixed for you
  9. We got some awesome plans in mind for the community
  10. Hey everyone! I made some lovely fixes on the MC server! Now everyone can do /tpaccept and use Buy Signs! The Donation system is now alive! You can access it through
  11. Greeting NuclearDistrict fans! I would like to announce the changes I have made to the server! Here are the changes: - The voting system is now live! You can get the links through /vote - Teleport issue with /spawn, /faction, /minigame, and /creative is now fixed! - Updated /rules! - Fixed Nametag issues for players who have long usernames - Installed a new feature called "ObsidianBreaker" Basicly what you can do is that you can instantly break an obsidian by right clicking on it with the gold ingot in your hand. Remember! It costs 3 of your power points! So make sure its in good use! Thank you all for reading this! I hope you have a wonderful day! -Nuke
  12. Obviously I knew this would happen >.>
  13. Welcome to your new Invision Power Board! Congratulations on your purchase of our software and setting up your community. Please take some time and read through the Getting Started Guide and Administrator Documentation. The Getting Started Guide will walk you through some of the necessary steps to setting up an IP.Board and starting your community. The Administrator Documentation takes you through the details of the capabilities of IP.Board. You can remove this message, topic, forum or even category at any time. Go to the documentation now...