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  1. ChestShop Guide

    This guide will show you how to set up your own shop.



    Create a ChestShop with Buy & Sell

    If I want to sell 64 (1 stack) of cobblestones for $64 and buy them for $32 then I'll create a sign in front or top or bottom of the chest that would contain the cobblestone items to follow the format:



    so to sell 64 cobblestones for $64 and buying them for $32, I would do this:



    You can also replace Cobblestone with ? and it will auto-fill for you based on what's inside the chest. Your chest must include something for this to happen or it will not update the sign.





    Create a ChestShop with ONLY Buy or Sell

    To sell 64 cobblestones for $64 with no options for players to sell them to you, do this:


    As you notice the : 32 S part is missing. That's how you only enable the buy part. You can do the same for sell only by just displaying 32 S instead.


    Here's some examples of how you can link up the sign to the chest in different ways:


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  2. LWC Guide

    LWC is an auto-locking plugin that provides protection to your chests/furnaces/etc to prevent unauthorized access to your items.



    Chests/Furnaces/etc are auto-lockable in Survival/Creative/Skyblock gamemodes by simply placing down it. For example:






    To lock a Chest/Furnace/etc, simply run /lock and right-click on the block you want to apply lock to:






    To unlock a Chest/Furnace/etc you own, simply run /unlock and right-click on the block you want to remove the lock from:






    To turn your Chest/Furnace/etc to a public-lock for others to access without destroying your block, simply run /cpublic and right-click on block to apply the change to:





    /cmodify <player>

    To give someone access to your Chest/Furnace/etc, simply run /cmodify <player> and right-click on block to apply the change to. For example, if I want to give ilovethem access to my chest, I simply do /cmodify ilovethem and right-click on my chest. Here's a pic to show what it'll look like:



    If I want to remove ilovethem from my chest I simply add minus symbol (-) to the left of the player's name: /cmodify -ilovethem and right-click on chest to apply the change. Here's a pic of what it'll look like:



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  3. WorldEdit Guide

    This will guide you the basics on how to use WorldEdit commands. There are a tons of commands to manipulate the blocks in Minecraft,

    but that will take me years to develop all of the guides for it so I will only give you the basics and you can figure out the rest.

    Here's a link to a good one to start with:




    Making Selections (First step before running any WorldEdit commands that require selections) :

    To make a selection, you have two options. You can either use a Wood Axe to make the selections (left click for one point, right click for other point) or run //pos1 & //pos2 to make the selections at your location when you run the command at.

    For example, I want to make the selection to change a square/rectangle area into glowstone so I would use a Wood Axe to make the selections. Doing the left-click with Wood Axe will show the following message:


    and the right-click will show this instead:


    Congrats, now you have made the selections. Continue to the next part where you run a command to make changes to the selection!





    There are a lot of options that you can apply to pretty much any W/E commands. Since there's quite a bit out there, I will only cover two basic concepts:

    1. To set one block type, simply use the block type as the pattern. Example: //set glowstone
    2. To set a random pattern of two different blocks, simply do: //set 50%glowstone,50%stone This means it will apply 50% glowstone and 50% stone to equal to 100%. Now there has been reports that you don't need to equal it up to 100% so you may have to mess it around to fit your liking.




    //set <pattern>

    This will set all of the blocks in a region to whichever pattern you selected. To give an example, I will run the following command:

    //set glowstone

    to turn this:


    into this:





    //replace <from_block> <to_pattern>

    This command will replace the following block(s) into different block(s). Here's an example of how it works:

    Running //replace glowstone stone will turn this:


    into this:





    //walls <pattern>

    This command will generate the walls with the following pattern you provide in the selection you made. Since this was done with only one layer, only one block-height of walls will be shown. However, if you increase one of the selections up a few more blocks, the //walls command will generate the walls at that height specified by the selection.

    Running //walls stone will turn this:


    into this:





    //center <pattern>

    This command will generate the pattern you provide at the center of the 2 selections you made. This is ideal if you're trying to get the center of a region to build something in. If the X/Y coords are even, it will show as 2 blocks in center. If it's in odd value, it'll show as one block instead.

    Running //center iron_block will turn this:


    into this:





    //sphere <pattern> <radius#>

    This command will generate a sphere based on the radius you give at your location.

    Running //sphere glowstone 10 will make this:





    //hsphere <pattern> <radius#>

    This command will generate a hollow sphere based on the radius you give at your location.

    Running //hsphere glowstone 10 will make this (this is me being inside the hollow sphere):





    //cyl <pattern> <radius#> <height#>

    This command will generate a cylinder based on radius and height you give at your location.

    Running //cyl glowstone 5 5 will make this:





    //hcyl <pattern> <radius#> <height#>

    This command will generate a hollow cylinder based on radius and height you give at your location.

    Running //hcyl glowstone 5 5 will make this:



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  4. There is a very good chance that Tesla will be successful in the next 5-10 years. Elon continues to amaze his fans/customers with top-notch electric vehicles and home goodies. The majority of Americans + perhaps the world are currently combating climate change that are happening around us. Our traditional cars currently use fossil fuel which obviously contributes to climate change. That would encourage more investments into electric vehicle industries such as Tesla.

  5. 20 hours ago, esponshadow1 said:

    Worst setup ever, but hey, it's better than nothing.

    PC: Dell Dimension E521

    CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 3200+ @2.00GHz Dual-Core

    RAM: 1GB DDR2 @ 667 MHz

    HDD: 80GB Seagate (something)

    GPU: Integrated, 128MB

    Headset: Skullcandy (something, I don't know the model)

    Monitor: Dell LCD Monitor (again, I don't know the model) 1280 x 1024

    Keyboard and Mouse: onn Keyboard, iHome Mouse





    I hope you're not getting into the box over there.

  6. 5 hours ago, Falkerz said:

    It's not the idea behind the car. It's how the Prius is made. Shipping stuff all around the world, and then building it. They could have at least built a factory in Canada, and just shipped materials in from China. Or even build the factory in China and ship materials there. But shipping it around the world 3 damn times is insane. 

    Okay that's something I didn't know about. Thought they started building them in USA now.

  7. 3 hours ago, Smooth8 said:

    False, I have my finals in May.

    The person below likes playing garry's mod.


    Only Prophunt gamemode.


    Person below is excited to watch Captain America: Civil War in May.

  8. 7 minutes ago, Alex said:


    I'd say change it to "Built a memorable ship in Space Engineers". The biggest ship could be easily achieved by just making a damned large box with some engines. Memorable on the other hand could mean a couple of things like extremely beautiful or an engineering achievement.


    Okay that works :)