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  1. Happiness and vacation over springbreak is keeping me happy!

    1. haloman30

      haloman30 makes me happy!

  2. My moms dell runs better than yours apparently
  3. The flaw with that is the fact that my Toshiba c655 runs portal 2 at 60fps with vsync
  4. Sometimes its based off of the way the specs are bit since they are made by dell they are dissing the laptop
  5. And I'm not gonna lie the Alienware is about $200 cheaper
  6. If you'd like look up to the Alienware X17 Laptop
  7. TitanGamingYT

    Forgive Me?

    Welcome back bro!
  8. As for I am aware but at the same time I have payed my money for it
  9. What is your Minecraft Username?:TitanGamingYT What can you do to help our community? :More than you could imagine. How did you find out about Chaotic United?:By the nuclear district server. OPTIONAL: Were you a member of the old Chaotic United from 2010-2013?: Yes from 2011-2013
  10. But if they are irrelevant then what is this "If you donated to Chaotic United you will be reinstated at Nuclear District!"
  11. And if it is unrealivant the chaotic united twitter says this "If you donated to Chaotic United you will be reinstated at Nuclear District!"
  12. I was looking through the donation area of the website and had noticed that the Elite Rank was $25, which is what I had payed on the Chaotic United server and was wondering if you could please fix that for me if you may? Also my current rank is specialist which is a $15 donor rank.
  13. My previous ranking of the Chaotic United Server was Platinum and of which was $25 and currently I am the Specialist and was thinking about the fact this is removing my money that I spent on it. So if you could fix this for me to where I am Elite, this would be greatly appreciated!
  14. I was curious if everybody of the nuclear district server agrees with me doing a mass player cinema 4d community photo so we can all use an individual banner for out accounts on this site? Any thoughts? Comment if you don't want your player being incorporated into the photo!
  15. This is a forum post based off of the wanting to download the spawn map for a nuclear district banner Ill be working on. So if someone could post a download link to the map! Thanks!
  16. But with skyblock you can't utilize the blocks that are new so that I'd why I said to do survival and factions only.
  17. Due to my vote on the world resets are to enable users to obtain the new blocks and experience the strongholds that await them
  18. If you have heard of certain server where they whitelist based on the players they have accepted. So I am saying we should set up a survival server like the hermitcraft community but instead do it based off of the players who have been here the longest and are qualified by the set details being used to register in a forum. But as I say survival that means vanilla minecraft with latest versions and or stable snapshots to enable the player to play in a genuine survival senario. So just an idea I got a moment ago to pass by the staff to see what they think. I like so you may too.