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  1. Halo is right on the part of the hosting. I have a server setup for hosting and it is soooo heavy on network usage and electric. My monthly bill in the summer is $300+ and $150+ in the winter. An easy thing to host would end up being websites and thats also tricky as there are so many other web hosts to compete with that you end up having to cut your prices down a lot to even get people interested in your company. Halo does a great job with CU and Michael does a great job as well. I have been following CU for a while now and have seen the progress they have made and they don't stop for anything.
  2. We will look in to whats causing this. Thank you for notifying us of this issue. Again we do want everyone to know that Factions is still a bit buggy due to it just recently being released
  3. I am running a custom system Specs: Intel Core i7 4790K Haswell 4.00GHz 16GB Ram Asus Z97 Motherboard NVIDIA GTX 970 SSC 4Gb GDDR5 EVGA 850Watt PSU Fully Modular 3 Monitors Cat 6A 10Gb Ethernet
  4. ci833508

    The Below Game

    lol Halo, False for me and the person below is looking forward to all the amazing servers that are coming out
  5. ci833508

    The Below Game

    Sadly no. The person below me is looking forward to the rebuild of CU and building the community bigger
  6. Very well said Halo. I personally did not have a whole lot of involvement in the ND system but I know they where a great group and will always be kept in our hearts as we move forward in our progression to rebuild the community and make things bigger. I have decided to open a TF2 server and Gmod server. Check the forums for that info. As well I will be working on setting up a few modded MC server's. I want to stress that with in these FTB servers I will be designing it along side Halo and Aly and we will be coordinating premium features on the Modded servers for those who has donated to the community. If you have any questions or would like server hosting please feel free to PM me. I do beat many big brand companies and will always fight for a fair price. Yours truly
  7. Woo Welcome back to CU everyone! Lets keep building the community and make sure to remain united cheers
  8. HAHA ya that probably will happen lol
  9. Hello everyone of chaotic united and demoria. You have all been wondering where I have been right? Well let me start, I have been busy as most of you know I was a full time college student and just recently I have graduated from my college. I have started a job that I will be working as of today May 26th 2015 doing tech support rep at a local company for other companies around the world. I may not be online as much due to this and the fact that I may travel for work and other things like that. I am also in the planning on getting married either next year or the summer of 2017. I am always reachable via email at- [email protected] or [email protected] I have not left and will not leave and I am always open to answering questions when I can. Thank you everyone for your understanding Sincerely, Collin L.
  10. I will post a pic of mine and you will see the big difference between a network administrator/director of Information Technology and most normal people
  11. Hello everyone Sorry for the down time of the server now. The server has overheated due to Backup's being run. On the other hand we are going to be doing some upgrades to the server later tonight. So the server should be back up in an hour or so then it will go down later for the upgrades. more information to come. Thanks Ci833508 Server Tech Staff
  12. All the plugins are out of date sorry.