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  1. I will speak on the behalf of FORUMBOT. "If I win, I will make sure everybody will be properly greeted on the forums when they first sign up!"
  2. true The person below me wants to hug me ;D
  3. Um why is my rank ingame back to ''member''

    1. haloman30


      idk, ask someone to repromote. If they need to ask me then so be it.

    2. LisaTheKitten3
  4. 1. The incredible melting man (watch till the end, I laughed too hard, its a movie made in 1977, the reason its bad tho is because its so badly done, its low budget.) *Note : Me and my friend watched till the end for the lolz* 2. That new ninja turtle movie i forgot the exact name (Honestly I'm not an action movie fan and the movie wasnt that good.) 3. Birdemic ( Do I need to state a reason for this one?)
  5. Well I don't make much stuff with renders and you know, but my creations are 100% by me from sketch to final result Pictures in spoilers due to having a large size.
  6. I've been good. I'm so glad to see most of you are happy to see me again >w<
  7. LisaTheKitten3

    Old CU

    What the? O_o I never did that XD But anyway daaaaaaaaaaang, all those memories I see my house, my nyan cat pixel art >w< and godley I just restarted most my accounts, I got a new DA, (I have 2 steams you may have added the wrong one!) a new skype and all that stuff So I'm glad to see I can be with all my buddies again >w<
  8. Yeah! Most of you may already know me! No worries I've changed alot XD I'm no more that lil' dramatic 15 years old (Infact, I'm almost 18 now, yay X3) For those who doesnt know me, I am Lisa, an old member of the CU server. Well I don't have much to say here sooo, cya on the server
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