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    HeyImJ0hn reacted to haloman30 in The Ninth Year - Future Plans and Server Migrations   
    Man. Crazy to think we've been going nine years. Nine years is a long time.
    Typically, the past anniversary posts have been worded along the lines of "yea we're pretty quiet now but we'll get somewhere soon i promise!". Last year, I wanted the 8th anniversary announcement to be the final one following that format:
    Well, we aren't quite there yet unfortunately. That being said, we are undeniably closer to that target than we have been in a very long time - possibly closer than we ever have been. Which, hey - I'll take it. Any progress is good at this point.
    So, let's take a look back and reflect on the past year.
    Reflecting on Year 8
    We started the 8th year off with, once more, a promise of hope for the future. We were hard at work on updating to 1.14 - though it still took much longer than any of us would've liked. It saw the departure of several staff members and the introduction of new ones.
    While year 8 wasn't as groundbreaking as we all obviously would've hoped - it was still a new beginning nonetheless. It marked the point where we fixed a number of the deeply-rooted management issues with CU. Not server issues per se, but issues with how I managed the people. I'd had a pretty serious issue with holding on to staff members for far too long. People were on the staff team for no other reason than I was used to seeing their name in Blue or Green. The vast majority of those people didn't even need to be demoted - when I laid out the new expectations going forward, they simply stepped down to avoid that uncomfortable situation.
    With those folk out of the team, room was available for new users to fill that role. The most notable addition is, of course, @Z0mbieslayer2013. You know him, you love him - and believe it or not, this is his first time as a Moderator. While there are certainly times where this is clear, he's done something that really doesn't happen as often as it probably should - he asks questions.
    Not just questions on "how do I do x", or "what do I do if Y happens?" - no, no. He stands up straight and asks questions about why things are they way they are. Questioning things that have been the case for years and pointing out things that should be obvious improvements. And while not all of his ideas and suggestions have been implemented - the fact that he still proposes changes and enhancements at all is important. When you as a leader surround yourself with people who just agree with you all the time, you're living in an echo chamber. And if nothing else, Zombie is ensuring that I'm not sitting in one.
    The second half of year 8 saw us hit some of the biggest population spikes we've seen in years. As unremarkable as reaching 10 or more users on the server at once seems, it's a step in the right direction - and a step we've not seen happen in years. The last time we saw numbers that high was in early 2017, roughly 3 years ago. And while those heights tend to happen at random with much of the activity still hanging much lower, activity as a whole has improved. 0 people on isn't the norm during the whole day - you'll typically only see it at a couple specific parts of the day (typically very early/late).
    And of course, we've been slowly working on migrating everything over to BungeeCord - in an effort to remove technical issues. And this will be our primary focus for Chaotic United's 9th year.
    The Plan for Year 9
    Our plan for this year is similar to what we did in Year 8. Where Year 8 was the year of fixing management-related issues, Year 9 is the year of fixing all the technical problems that have been building up since 2014. Fixing long-time issues, and making future issues easier to nail down and resolve.
    However, due to the sheer volume of issues that are scattered about, there's no way for us to have a single, coherent memory of each and every issue. This is where you come in.
    If you find any bug - or anything that so much as looks like a bug - report it on our Bug Tracker. Our goal is to start the decade off with a solid technological foundation - and to enter the second decade of Chaotic United as a strong, stable, secure, and reliable server. A server that doesn't have a series of ridiculous roadblocks keeping people who would otherwise enjoy the server from having fun. And most importantly, and I cannot stress this enough - do NOT just tell me about a bug. My memory is NOT reliable and I guarantee you I'll forget about the issue entirely within 24 hours - if not sooner. This is the reason we have the bug tracker, so that issues aren't just "forgotten" and so that their status can be tracked.
    If you've told me about an issue before, report it. Anything that you'd consider strange or "probably not intentional" is something that should be reported. I want to know any and all issues you guys might have, severe or not. Even if it's a completely harmless bug, report it. I want to get each and every bug on that bug tracker fixed - I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say I'm sick and tired of having a buggy server - and I'm sick of making you guys constantly put up with a buggy server.
    Speaking of Server Stuff...
    Something sort of huge has been developing here lately - and you might've already heard me mention it. But if you haven't - in the coming months, we'll be doing a bit of server consolidation. Most of this is outside of Chaotic United entirely, but one change that will affect CU (slightly) is that the Elaztek Gitlab will be hosted on the same machine as the MC server. For a while (and still at the time of writing), it runs on its own machine with a couple of things that aren't CU or Elaztek related.
    I know what you're thinking: "I don't give a damn about server consolidation - that's not exciting". And you're absolutely right. However, the next part (at least for me) is.
    As part of this consolidation, I will be taking over the payment of the CU/Elaztek servers moving forward. The only things I won't be paying for are the relays - as those are so cheap that Michael will continue paying for them. That being said, a couple of the unused ones are being dropped. If you're worried - don't be. If you use a relay, the one you use will be kept online. Several that we have are just not used whatsoever - and as such, they're being dropped.
    For those of you who have been around for a while, you'll know that Michael has been fairly crucial to paying the bills for most of the time of the CU revival. He hosted the server out of his house from late 2014 through to mid-2015 when we merged with ND. From there, we moved to a VPS which I paid for. A while later (2017 if I'm not mistaken but don't quote me on it), Michael stepped back in to pay for the dedicated server that we've been using until today.
    After finally getting a stable job that shows no signs of going anywhere, I'm finally in a position where I can actually cover these bills. And with this transition, I think it's all the more important that we all thank and honor Michael for what he's done for CU since 2014. It's no exaggeration that, if he never came along, we absolutely would not be here today. I'd have likely given up on it after my old laptop died and I'd probably be on a whole different path - never getting a chance to know any of you guys. The legacy of Chaotic United would've ended in mid-2016, possibly even sooner - when ND shut down. That would've been it and the book would've closed. But thanks to Michael - we persevered.
    As small as we are, we've held strong and steady and managed to hold this thing together all this time. We've made sure that, if nothing else, Chaotic United's story didn't end several years ago - to ensure it lives to see a new year, a new decade, and a new generation. And while there are numerous people who have contributed to that (see the credits page (which im aware needs some updating)), Michael is easily the biggest contributor by far.
    So - on behalf of all of us, thank you Michael for all that you've done thus far, and will hopefully continue to do.
    Oh yeah - sidenote, Michael won't be leaving the community. I know the way I wrote all that makes it sound like he is, but in reality he's still gonna be a big part of the backend management of CU - it's just that he won't be putting his own money into it anymore.
    When we start moving things to the new server, we'll be sure to announce it both on Forums and Discord - as there will be a little bit of downtime during the migration.
    Wrapping Up - For Now...
    Well, I think that about wraps it up for now. Some of you may think that this is yet another "hope for the future" post. And I suppose in a sense, it is. But this one is a bit different. I'm not proclaiming that we're starting a new beginning today. We already did that last year.
    I'm saying that right now, we're a little behind schedule - but still on track. This isn't the start of a new age of CU, but rather the next building block of that new beginning.
    I can't say how soon it'll be, but our goal is to be running smooth and stable and with either minimal or no bugs by December. Will we achieve that goal? Only time will tell - so stay tuned.
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    HeyImJ0hn reacted to Jamplifier in Different Approach   
    I am not suggesting dropping or forgetting about minecraft, but for example.. when you go to what is the first impression you get? Minecraft. Click on forums, minecraft. I'm not saying put less effort into minecraft instead put more effort into versatility.
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    HeyImJ0hn got a reaction from Jamplifier in Different Approach   
    Most newer games don't have player-hosted servers, although they have ways to build a community.
    I'm aware that WoW and Runescape arent particularly new games, in fact they are  just a few years younger than me. Both these games have ways to build a community, whether it's clans or friend chats, u can do it. I've played a lot of CS:GO for example with people I met on a runescape clan. With that being said, managing a clan on both of those games can be fun and can help CU grow even if its a smal amount.
    Other games such as CS:GO do have ways to build servers and connect people. I don't know if you want to dedicate time to opening csgo servers or other shooters such as tf2 but it can be rewarding for the community.
    Also I do kind of agree with minecraft being "dead". Is it really dead? No. But does it have a declining player base? Yes.
    With new games coming out such as Fortnite or Apex, people are starting to shift to those games. My young cousins (11yo) used to play minecraft all the time and now just play fornite with their friends. I'm aware this doesn't mean everyone shifted over to these new games and that minecraft isnt just for kids but it's just goes to show that even they are leaving minecraft for other games.
    A small investment of time into these new games shouldnt hurt this community at all. 
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    HeyImJ0hn reacted to Jamplifier in Different Approach   
    Sup Bitches, I know you all remember me and still don't wanna give me OP, whatever.
    I have a suggestion take it or leave it, but I see a lot of potential in chaotic united not as a server but as a community. The main reason its doing completely garbage is because you're holding onto minecraft. Minecraft it self is dead, so any community related to it will also be dead. Now I am not saying get rid of minecraft because halo has an awkward fetish with blocks but maybe instead turn this into a gaming community. You have everything you need to set your self up for success, but you fail at using it. IPB is a powerful system, and it looks like you guys got it all down pact, except no one wants a whole forums based off minecraft. The old chaotic united was obliviously popping because minecraft was popping, what they did was take what was popular, offer a platform for people to connect on, and add a little twist of customization to keep it going.
    Example: World of Warcraft
    Indeed it was a very popular game around 2012 or whatever, so what did the owner decide to do,  create a platform for players to interact,  then invested in a private custom server to keep those players attracted. 
    Example 2: Runescape
    It was very popular around the same time, and once again create a platform base for players to interact and socialize, trade ect for the game, invest in a private server to keep the player base connected and involved. 
    Then minecraft you already know how that went.
    Those games obviously died out but by that time killerteddy knew that and was already planning on switching the game plan. Unfortunately the trail of stupidity caught up to him and he lost everything he had setup in place to keep the dream going.
    If you guys instead turned this into a hub focused on gaming as a whole, then the players will flow in from those games and hopefully feed off into other games as well. WoW players would hop on MC for a bit, MC players would hop on runescape for a bit so on and so forth, because all those platforms were offered within the same community, friends can go play mc together, then to collect money in runescape or whatever you do in runescape I never played it really.
    I think in order to achieve this a clean start, or a re make and re open is in order to clear out all the old and re brand and re image chaotic united for what it originally was, a gaming community because that's what everyone misses, the community aspect. Times have changed and chaotic needs the same. 
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    HeyImJ0hn reacted to haloman30 in CU Updates #28 - 8 Years, 1.14 Status   
    Howdy folks! Some stuff has been happening the past few days and I think it's high time we let you guys in on some of it.
    As you probably know, Minecraft 1.14 released just a few days ago. Our test server has, as of today, been updated to 1.14 - granted there's still a ways to go. A lot of stuff is broken, but not as much as was broken with 1.13. Survival is mostly playable, however most other gamemodes aren't functional just yet. This will obviously change as time goes on and things get updated, Spigot and our plugins alike. This is still a fairly decent outcome considering that we are only a few after 1.14's release and we're already somewhat up and running on it.
    But of course, something else is significant about today. Today is April 26th, CU's birthday. Today marks 8 years since Chaotic United first opened its doors to the world.
    That's quite a long time, and a lot has changed in the world since 2011. Many of us here were children back then. Many of the people who were around back then have moved on from Minecraft, and many of those did so years ago. For a lot of people, it's sad to look at the current state of the community in comparison to back then. Part of our apparent lack of progress is my fault.
    For the past couple years I've neglected to run my staff team properly, and over the past couple of years the importance of staff expectations have degraded. The importance of being active decreased, I failed to give people things to do, and people were still growing up and moving into a new phase of their lives. Many of the people who had nothing but time back then nowadays are busy with college, work, or life in general.
    I've told this to my staff team just the other day, and I'm going to tell you - I want this 8th anniversary to be a turning point. A turning point for me, for this team, and for this community. The torch I've picked up and continue to carry has been neglected - and for that, I am terribly sorry. But sorry isn't enough - the only thing that's enough is correcting the mistakes of the past and building a better future. To deliver on the promises and goals I had back in 2014. And while those goals may be high - too high to be realistic, as some say - I believe in aiming high.
    A pattern has been consistent for each and every one of these special dates - a promise of "things will get better soon, guys", time and time again like a broken record. My goal is for this one to be the last one. I want our 9th birthday to be a celebration, not a message of hope for the future. I can say things will get good soon, but sooner or later people are going to stop having hope. We've been declining, not growing. I want our next birthday announcement to be reminiscent of the one that was posted after it's first year of life:
    On 4/21/2012 at 1:47 PM, Spencer said: Chaotic United is now a year old, give or take a couple days. It was once a much smaller community known as "Fatality Minecraft" that only consisted of a Minecraft server, run off of killerteddy's computer.
    This year has been amazing, we've expanded rapidly and became a successful and known gaming community. Our presence has spawned many other small gaming communities, some chose to try to develop alongside of us and others tried to attack our member base and steal the ideas that our community was founded upon.
    None of our achievements and goals would have ever been met without you guys, the community. So we owe it all to you. Many original members of Chaotic knew that we were always branded by our blue colour schemed styles so I've decided to revamp our current theme to blue and white as opposed to the green and white. You'll also find various of improvements and new features that were added in the past week.
    Also, in addition to all this we've reached 100,000 total posts! That's a huge milestone for us, and in less then a week or so we'll hit 25,000 total members. Out of all the projects I've lead or contributed to none has been ever so successful as Chaotic, and I'm proud of what we've all built Chaotic United to be.
    So once again, thanks everyone for making Chaotic's first year an amazing and the development team is working diligently to produce new and truly custom and immersive content. And also a special thanks to all of our donators and supporterss, without you we wouldn't be able to fund the server costs and development costs. And we're still very proud to say that not even a cent of donation money has ever been spent for our personal benefits. 
    I want next year's post to look more like this, instead of preaching hope of future prospects for the 3rd or 4th year in a row. You'll start seeing the effects of some of these changes as we update to 1.14, and as we move into the rest of the year.
    Now to clarify something before we wrap up: When I talk about a turning point, I do NOT refer to any shift away from Minecraft. We may start to explore having one or two other servers, but we're gonna be sticking to Minecraft as our main server for many years to come. I firmly believe that the issue is not entirely due to the server itself (though there are definitely some things that need to change on that front), but moreso to do with how we as a team actually function - along with a lack of any sort of marketing/advertisement.
    Keep your eyes peeled on forums and Discord - things are gonna start happening very soon that will mark a turnaround in this community.
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    HeyImJ0hn reacted to haloman30 in CU Updates #26 - New Helpcenter, Homepage Update, and Dark Theme Fixes   
    Hey, folks! Some new things to talk about today! This time, all about the lovely CU website.
    As of now, we have retired the old CU helpcenter in favor of a new one (which may or may not be based on the one Elaztek uses).
    Our old one was pretty clunky in both looks and usability. It was generally just not that great. So, we've opted to migrate everything to a brand new helpcenter, integrated into the forums rather than our main website.
    Some topics (in particular, ones that aren't really standard articles) have not and likely will not be migrated over anytime soon. However, you'll still find links to them in our new helpcenter. The old helpcenter and any links that it contains are now considered legacy and as time goes on will be further and further out of date.
    You can check out the new helpcenter by clicking here.
    In the first draft of this announcement, that's all that happened. But then, something else happened - the homepage got a slight facelift. Not a huge change, but if you check the homepage, you'll see the latest announcement topic featured right there, along with the image and other basic information about it. Cool, right?
    Lastly, our dark theme got all the new banners added to it because it turns out I forgot to add them to it. Better late than never, right? 😅
    That's all for now folks! We can't share many other details just yet (though you should keep your eyes peeled for some news soon), but 2019 is shaping to be a big year - a truly defining year for CU. You may also notice several staff in Discord in voice (in private staff channels) around 3PM Central, as we're doing a staff meeting today - the first in a while. There's also some other neat things in the works behind the scenes besides that as well - details of which we hope to share soon.
    But, for now, that's all I've got. See you folks soon!
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    HeyImJ0hn reacted to AwakenedRage in Mods for Modded   
    I just passed this on to Halo. Hardware wise the server can handle it, but its a matter of whether any mods or server plugins conflict with it. You should expect to hear something on the Discord soon about it. 
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    HeyImJ0hn reacted to haloman30 in Introducing: CU Semi-Vanilla!   
    Hey, everyone! Remember that poll we did a few days ago?
    Well, taking the poll into account, we've made our decision and CU is now introducing a brand new server - a Semi-Vanilla server!

    So, what is this server exactly?
    This server is the pure Minecraft experience. There is an economy system in place, as well as grief protection, and other basics. There is going to be a single donation rank - VIP, for the same price as the main server's VIP rank: 10 dollars. We will also be having time based ranking make a return as well - more details on that later. There is no McMMO, Jobs, or anything of the sort - it's essentially the core MC experience as it was designed. Additionally, there are NO donation ranks that feature things like /item, /gamemode, or /fly or any other such perks. The perks for VIP will be as follows:
    Semi-Vanilla VIP Perks List
    The goal of the server is to create an experience where all players are equal, a fair playing field. Along with this server's implementation, we've introduced BungeeCord again (and a hub that may look familiar to some of you who were around in 2016). The main purpose of implementing BungeeCord is to advertise this server separately from the main MC server. Now, this may not end up sticking and we may end up migrating the server into the multiworld setup with the main server, it just depends how things go. Until then, the servers will be isolated and you can switch between them by doing /hub, /main, and /sv.
    What does this mean for the main server?
    Nothing! All the ranks and their perks are remaining the same. In fact, we have lifted the restriction on /item - which means you can spawn to your hearts content again! The main server will continue to be our primary focus, and will receive the most attention as always. Even so, for any players looking to try a more pure Minecraft experience (or just wanting to play uninterrupted survival with your friends), we encourage you to give our new server a whirl!
    Yes! You can connect to either server straight from the other. There is no cross server chat or message capability at this time due to several issues that we found while doing so, including problems with Discord integration as well as other problems that took more away from the experience than anything. There will be a portal in the main server hub to the left of the Survival portal that will take you to Semi-Vanilla, and the hub server will have portals that lead to both servers. Additionally, forced hosts have been setup which will allow you to connect to any server via IP. The primary IP, or will take you to the main server, will take you to Network Hub, and will take you to the Semi-Vanilla server.
    Why all this? Why not just make the existing Survival mode be like this instead?
    A few reasons. The biggest reason is previous donators - several people have donated specifically for the advantageous perks like flying, itemspawn, and so on. Taking these perks away is, in our eyes, the same as basically stealing. People paid for their abilities and they deserve to keep them. Additionally, we felt that doing it this way would be better suited on its own server in order to bring in people who, say, don't want to be in a giant server with tons of stuff - but just want pure Survival. This gives people a way to get introduced to the community and eventually explore the other server on its own.
    What about advertising?
    Not much to say yet, but I am likely going to end up with a job by the end of the month - which could open a few doors.  
    Can't wait to see you guys on the server! We hope you guys love it, and we're excited for the ever brighter future of CU!
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    HeyImJ0hn got a reaction from Kendev in Post your Desktop   
    Y u gotta flex your 2 huge screens like that
    That background is dope tho, gj
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    HeyImJ0hn reacted to Atomicbeast101 in Tesla   
    There is a very good chance that Tesla will be successful in the next 5-10 years. Elon continues to amaze his fans/customers with top-notch electric vehicles and home goodies. The majority of Americans + perhaps the world are currently combating climate change that are happening around us. Our traditional cars currently use fossil fuel which obviously contributes to climate change. That would encourage more investments into electric vehicle industries such as Tesla.
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    HeyImJ0hn reacted to Ilovecars333 in Tesla   
    As many of you know, Elon Musk is becoming a real-life Tony Stark. Tesla, one of his companies, has recently launched their own Semi Truck along with their new and improved Roadster. And just for fun, they decided to launch their own pickup truck as well-- which is capable of holding a pickup truck on its bed. I know, amazing. However, many successful company leaders have been critical of these moves claiming that they won't be successful at all. I, for a fact, know that some of these critics are connected with the gas industry and are just saying that just to make sure there isn't a decline in gas sales. But, I wanted to ask you guys: Do you see Tesla failing or succeeding in the next 5-10 years?

    Personally, I am a huge fan of Elon Musk and all of his companies: Tesla, Solar City, and Space X. (Discussion about Space X is for a totally different post)
    New Tesla Roadster
    This car is just ridiculous. This car is crazy quick going 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds (first ever car to break 2 seconds) and 0-100 mph in 4.2 seconds. While we don't know the exact top speed, Elon Musk was able to disclose that is it more than 250 mph. Easily, this is the fastest accelerating car ever made, and also the slickest car Tesla has ever made.

    On top of that, Tesla has always been heavily criticized that electric cars would never work because their mile range per charge would be extremely low and charging stations would be very far apart. Tesla's response? They have built over 1000 charging stations worldwide, which equates to around 7000 charging ports. They were able to double the amount of chargers every year, and are continuing to do so today ( Also, did I forget to mention that the new Roadster has a mile range of 620 miles. 620 MILES!!
    I mean, just look at this beauty go. The acceleration on this Roadster seems outlandish and impossible.
    This is the quickest car in the world:
    Tesla Semi Truck
    I know, crazy right? Tesla unveiled their new project-- The Semi Truck. Huge companies such as Walmart and UPS have already purchased this Semi Truck that hasn't even came out yet. The specs on this thing are just crazy, and watching videos of this thing don't seem natural at all.

    This Semi Truck goes from 0-60 mph in just under 5 seconds, and it goes 0-60 mph in under 20 seconds with a maximum load of 80,000 kg. Trust me, watching videos of this just feels weird. Take a look:
    Tesla decided to place the driver's seat in the middle of the truck, which sounds unorthodox; however, it looks pretty neat and seems to be effective. I mean just look at the inside of the truck. 

    Tesla Pickup Truck
    Not much has been said about this, but this just looks ridiculous.

    If you want to watch the whole Tesla unveiling video, here you go:
    So what are you're thoughts on Tesla?
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    HeyImJ0hn reacted to haloman30 in December 2017 Survey Results   
    Hey, folks! Since our December survey has been concluded, we are going to go over the results now.
    In total, 9 users participated in this survey. Thanks to all of you! If you submitted a survey and did not get a code, contact me and I will get your code.
    Survey Responses

    First off, let's talk about what modes you guys want to see. The top picks were Survival, Creative, SkyBlock, and Parkour. The top 4 picks are all core modes of CU, and have been present for a while now. Behind those, RPG, SkyWars, and MobArena were voted for. RPG is currently a project we have going on behind the scenes, and has been mentioned a few times before. We will keep you guys updated as that starts to come together. MobArena also made it in at the last minute for MC. SkyWars is something we've wanted to do for a while, but sadly we are having some trouble finding a proper plugin for it. That being said, we will keep you guys posted and we will continue to look into these.

    Of these, the big winners were mcMMO, Jobs, and random loot chests. So far, mcMMO and Jobs were both in, but loot chests weren't able to make it in (yet). We have some ideas, so stay tuned for that! Quests and /warp event both scored fairly well, both of these being ideas we want to explore in the future. Quests is an uncertain one due to an RPG server basically taking that role, but as with the chests - we have some ideas. /warp event is basically where periodically, the staff will host an event within the server (mostly in Survival) with some kind of award tied to it. These were common on old CU, but have fallen out of favor since 2014. We may end up looking into these however. Vanilla survival and an Auction house were both not really wanted (among those who voted).

    The overwhelming winner in this scenario was another modern MC server, though I think in retrospect I should have added a "no more servers" option. Followed closely behind was a modded server, with everything else falling in line behind that. We already have both of these, which seems to mirror the current server structure anyhow. Not much else on that.

    We got some fairly positive feedback on our Beta 1.7.3 server. Of those of you who played it, most of you rated it a 3 and a couple of you gave it a 5/5. A fair chunk of you didn't really vote on this (or just had no real opinion of it) due to not playing, but really, the point of that server isn't to bring in huge mountains of people anyways.

    Lots of love for Brink of Chaos! Most of you voted a 4 or a 5, but one of you voted 2 . I suspect this is largely due to the steep performance requirements of the pack, but I can't say for sure. Whoever voted for that, if I am incorrect with my assumption, do let me know why it is you voted the way you did!

    Generally, we had positive opinions on our main server. A lot of you voted 4 or 5, with a few of you giving it a 3. Honestly, for a server that was pre-relaunch, I was expecting worse. Good to see a lot of you guys are enjoying it!

    Now for the good stuff. This is an interesting one. Based on the chart above, you would think that TTT would be the winner. However, we held a similar poll on Discord of just this question, and we were met with different results.

    As you can see, CS:GO was actually the winner in this scenario, with TTT being at the very bottom. However, looking back at the original chart again, we also notice that CS:GO is split across 2 options, which if combined result in a 5 - which is above TTT. That being said, the results there are much closer than the total annihilation that CS:GO did to all the others on the Discord poll. In either case, we do actually have a CS:GO server now. You may recall back when the failed merge occurred, we had a CS:GO, ARK, and a couple other servers. When Elaztek started up, those servers got moved over to Elaztek. The CS:GO server as of now is basically a shared server between the two, which are on much better terms nowadays. You can play by connecting to

    The 3 big winners of this were story-driven games, puzzle games, and games that bring you to their knees with absurd difficulty. Behind that came power fantasies, then MMORPG's, and then everything else. The reason we asked this will become clearer as time goes on. You'll see.  

    I had to edit this graph in Photoshop, because Google Forms decided to shove it into multiple pages - hence the 2nd page thing beneath the actual votes. The ones you see are the ones on the graph. Most of you picked that it didn't apply, or "I still play". Two of these are clearly trolls, so let's ignore those. Some said that you didn't have time to play games anymore - the sad truth. Life is that big thing that comes in the way of your game time and some people just don't have the time to play MC and invest hours and hours into building things anymore. Others said that they just got bored of Minecraft itself - and sadly, there isn't a whole lot we can do in this case either. If you are bored of MC itself, the core game, all we can do is offer other services and do different things to encourage you to remain within the community (which are continuing to make an effort to do). Others of you voted that you were just embarrassed to play a "kids" game. I understand feeling that way, but let me offer a thought - I am 18, many of our players are 16 and several are in their 20's. Other large servers are run by adults or at the very least people with mental maturity. On top of that, our community is very loose when it comes to adhering to any sort of PG-13 nonsense. So don't be embarrassed! If you want to play MC, don't let the opinions of others prevent you from doing that.

    For those of you who have seemed to find another server, the top reason was a variety in gamemodes. Behind that, it was a tie between there being more to do, someone who has some beef with the CU community for being "cancerous", and someone who seems to not be very fond of Alycat. We are always working on improving our selection of gamemodes - which, thus, leads to there being more to do. The issues with the community and with Aly, unfortunately, aren't issues that can exactly be "fixed". So I'm sorry that those of you who picked that feel that way.

    Not gonna lie, not a lot of useful stuff here. Ignoring the trolly/uncreative/funny stuff, there is one real suggestion among this. Map resets every 7 months - nice that you picked up on my love for the number 7, but even that can't really convince me of this. Our build team isn't exactly huge, and creating an entirely new set of spawns every 7 months just gets exhausting and just isn't feasible. Prizes for being on top of leaderboards is an interesting one, I like this. Parkour is something we already have - however we may do some "one time" maps for /warp event. Not sure what trivia is, nor do I know what you mean by "make factions better". Whoever suggested this, I would appreciate if you elaborated a bit, I am intrigued by what you may have in mind.
    Also, can I just ask: who in the world just put "Yes". You said yes, you had ideas - but you seem to have forgotten what the ideas are. ._.
    Anyways, I want to give a huge thank you to all of you who participated in the survey! While some of the feedback make take time to implement, it is never forgotten and it is always taken into consideration when we discuss what we want to do to expand and improve Chaotic United. Have a great day everyone! And remember to check out our MC server if you haven't for a while. We just relaunched at the very end of 2017 and so far 2018 has been incredible! We are continuing to expand and improve MC with each passing day.
    Also I had to re-do this entire post because somehow I managed to send the "back" command to my browser with some kind of obscure key combo or something, so that sucked.
    Anyways, have a good day everyone!
    - The Chaotic United Team
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    HeyImJ0hn reacted to haloman30 in Chaotic United 2017 Relaunch - It's Here!   
    Hey everybody. The time has come.
    Chaotic United has relaunched! Let's go over some of the big changes!
    No? Well, for those of you who have no interest in reading the post, check the info directly below. Below that is the actual post.
    Backwards compatiability still works, so you can still play on anything from 1.4.7 to 1.12.2, though it is NOT recommended. 
    We have introduced MobArena! After being on the request list for a good while, we finally managed to introduce MobArena. To start off, we have 3 maps and we plan to expand and add more as time goes on.
    The first map is called Heat, a nether-themed map built by myself along with some help from @*-=(Jayden)=-*.
    The second map is called Ruin, which is a map built off the first CU revival survival spawn (2014) made by @AimWicked.
    The third map is a modified version of the survival spawn area from CU back in Beta 1.7.3 (2011, not our current beta 1.7.3 server).
    Additionally, we have introduced The Arena - a PvP-focused gamemode. Like MobArena, we have 3 maps to start with and we will be introducing more maps as time goes on.
    The first map is called Beaver Creek, which if you couldn't tell, is a map from Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 remade in Minecraft. It was built outside of CU and the original map can be found here.
    The second map is called Tomb, which is a map from MCUniverse that was formerly only referred to as Quake. It is a small map and is designed for close-quarters encounters.
    The third map is called Labrynth, which is derived from an old thing that @alycat built a long time ago, but better spaced out and better adapted for arena gameplay.
    The Arena is not complete. We plan to expand upon this mode as time goes on. We plan to introduce SurvivalGames, SkyWars, and other lesser-known modes, some of which will be exclusive to CU.
    Our parkour plugin, NDParkour, has recieved some updates as well as having new maps added.
    The plugin itself now stores each player's checkpoints and remembers them, and will reject unlocking the same checkpoint twice. This was particularly an issue on larger, vertical maps that just went up and up. If you were to fall down and land on an older checkpoint, you were suddenly set back a huge margin. That will no longer happen anymore.
    Additionally, there is now an Easy, Normal, and Hard mode. Normal mode is how the plugin has operated in the past. Easy mode operates by allowing you to set a checkpoint at any location, but cuts your award down to 25% (1/4 or 0.25x, however you want to format it). Hard mode gives you 10x the award you normally would, but disables checkpoints entirely.
    In addition to the various changes that have been made to the plugin, we have a few new maps. You guessed it, 3 new maps.
    The first one is Oasis, a parkour map set within a mountain wall with a shallow pond of water. It was built by myself with the actual parkour layout being made by @*-=(Jayden)=-*.
    The second one is called Sandstorm, which is set within a desert. Once again, the main parkour layout was built by @*-=(Jayden)=-* with the map styled and prettified by me.
    The third map is a simpler map, called EndParkour, which has an End-style theme. It has a strange uniformity to it.You guessed it. @*-=(Jayden)=-* made the core map, with the map prettified by me.
    Additionally, an older map now known as MagmaParkour has finally been expanded upon. Instead of 3 short layers, the original vision for the course has been realized and it is a crazy tall course. It's also worth a fair chunk of cash, so keep that in mind too.
    Our website has recieved a facelift. We wanted to keep it still fairly similar to the previous website and keep it familiar, but at the same time bring a noticeable facelift. You will notice some new animations as well as some updated page designs. The timeline page looks a lot better than ever before, and most of the website now works better on mobile.
    Mobile navigation is now a separate menu instead of an awkward emulation of the main navigation menu. The helpcenter index looks much better and now has individual icons for each page. Additionally, the icons are more obviously links.
    We have added some new features to the public on our forums.
    We are introducing Blogs for public use! As a regular user, you are able to create blogs and add entries to them as you desire. In the past we have been using Blogs internally for our update changelog. Now, you can manage your own, too!
    Additionally, we are now launching our Download center! Our vision for the download center is to foster an environment for content creators, inside and outside of Minecraft, to share their content and, eventually, be able to monetize them if desired. We are still working out the kinks in this system, and we will make an announcement later when we have more definite figures on it.
    This update is not the final stage of the server. Now that we've finally launched, we will be working to test things better with you guys and expanding the content further, and here soon we will start our advertising campaign. All of us have been working pretty hard (the admins especially) and so we will be taking a little bit of a rest break in between now and then. We've worked very hard to help create a truly awesome experience, and to finally begin to push to a new frontier in the future of Chaotic United.
    Lastly, for those of you who submitted survey results thus far, you will be sent your crate key codes via Discord, or if that fails, via forums. We will be posting survey results soon!
    That's all for now folks. We want to thank all of you for sticking with us this far, and we hope you can stick with us going forward into the future.
    View Full Update Changelog
    The Chaotic United Team
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    Ok that looks lit man
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    Hey everyone!
    Just thought I'd let you guys you know our plans for 1.12.
    You may recall last year when we did our official relaunch. The original plan for this was to rebuild our MC server from the ground up and, well, re-launch.
    The major problem in the way that was executed is that at the time we had one physical server to work with and that was it. As a result, the MC server was inaccessible to normal users and thus a lot of potential traffic was simply lost. During a large portion of the time, myself and many other staff members were effectively "on break", mine of which was pulled to a screeching halt when I learned that Nuclear District planned to close. After that fact, we wanted to just get MC back online, and thus, no real major changes were made and we merely had the same server with a fresh coat of paint.
    Nowadays, however, we are not in this position. I have a personal server of mine that nowadays is used for testing out CU servers. Most of the things detailed in CU Updates #17 will make their debut on 1.12. This time around, we are going to do a real relaunch. And this time, there is no pressure on us to rush everything just to get a server up. We can take as much time as we need without making you guys be unable to have anything to play. Some of the work for 1.12 has already been done, actually. Mostly in regards to spawns and builds.
    So far, we have gotten a handful of additions suggested by you guys for Brink of Chaos mods. But now, I want to ask you guys what you want to see on our vanilla server. Any particular features or plugins or gamemodes you'd like to see on the next iteration of Chaotic United Minecraft, just as before, send me or any other staff a message, be it public or private, with your suggestion. If it is feasible and everything is compatible, then you can expect to see it make an appearance. Just know that due to our still limited resources, that we can't add literally every mode ever created (yet), and thus the most popular suggestions will be prioritized (this mostly applies to gamemodes. If you just have a simple addition to the server or a specific mode, this isn't as much of an issue).
    That's all for now, folks! We hope to see you all on 1.12 and beyond!
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    Perhaps you could add private donator channels? I know there's private staff channels, so why not donators as well?
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    Might as well add this meme I made in mspaint

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    A wild Tigress has shown up on the server and has quickly climbed the ladder~ hope you guys can keep up and we can all have a fun time gaming together I love working with others and just plain having fun but beware, a Tigress in large doses causes crazy situations and too many fun times!
    My ingame user is lovablepuppy but I will be nicknamed TigressFlora for convenience to match my name here  see you all ingame!
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    *map reset C:
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    Well, if things ever come around. You know, for a Gmod server. I've successfully built a couple before, and actually have a prepared DarkRP server on my desktop. I'd be more than willing to contribute to the cause ^-^
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