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  1. Happy bday sprite and katon! :D dem so many bdays

  2. about the new survival, when I logged in I was still in the new survival world so I would suggest to reset the login or something
  3. I can confirm, he was VIP, I lived next to him in the old days
  4. oh I see, no dialga or me in dat pic.. I c how it is now. ;_____________; Dem all dese years passed since cu was created, good to be part of this community ^.^ btw vuk_killer (hes on a pic dat dialga posted) cant get a working cracked mc launcher, would appreciate some help
  5. HeyImJ0hn


    I'm complaining cuz it looks rlly ugly outside my house ;-;
  6. Retarded Joke Of The Day: Do you know why eels and eagles can't team up? Cuz dat would be Eel-Eagle .________________.

  7. HeyImJ0hn


    idk wtf happend but its even worst now and has another private chest placed by mike, the balloon is even worst, the trees are all gone, my potions were stolen, wtf are people doing to my house
  8. HeyImJ0hn


    alright thanks
  9. HeyImJ0hn


    Offender: I'd like to know who did this actually ._. Reason: My house got griefed and theres a locked chest by kirahuang in my house. People tp to me all the time for no reason without permission, theres nothing I can do about it but my house just gets griefed and its really annoying. Proof: Action: Punish whoever did this I was about to build something and that chest is in the way ;-; After making this post I found more proof:,jAklMr7#1 - They modified my air balloon and now it sucks;,jAklMr7#0 - They took my sugar cane and made a waterfall I just keep finding more crap:,3ChNnCb,SRpFesD#2 - Crater made by mike,3ChNnCb,SRpFesD#1 - All the trees are gone and its just leaves now,3ChNnCb,SRpFesD#0 - More leaves and holes on the ground I wanna kill someone. Oh and to the griefers,
  10. HeyImJ0hn


    Hi there, recently the server is having lots of rollbacks and they make me dont want to play minecraft anymore. I use my time to build on this server and to explore and adquire different items, and all of a suddent, its all gone and I have to do it all over again. Is there a solution for these rollbacks? Whats causing these rollbacks? Thanks, ~GuitarXpress
  11. H e l p m e p l e a s e I need a good gaming pc but cheap >.< cheap like 700 USD or 600€, around that If u know any tell me please Btw now a laptop C:
  12. 3 days of plat for all non plat? after those 3 days every1 would have spawned items. Maybe u could give donator for a week
  13. Hey, so I found the end portal 'cus I wanted to fight the dragon, I was all geared up and stuff but when I jumped in, my inventory didnt tranfer ;-; Please try to fix this asap
  14. CU was the first server I ever played on, I love the name and I would like to keep it like that if possible. I dont want this server to shut down just because people want to keep the name. If the only way to keep the server up is by changing the name den why not Just realized how many smiles dis thing has why da crap would u need so many lel Dis guy cracked my screen :c
  15. So I was just flying over the water, when I pooped myself with that elder guardian face on my screen ;_; never get near a water temple unprepared

    1. haloman30
    2. HeyImJ0hn


      dont get close to a water temple, just dont

  16. Like halo said, there's a lack of interest on gmod. Also, the minecraft server has lag, tons of lag, if u add more servers it will just make it worst.