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  1. 20 hours ago, haloman30 said:


    There are 2 primary issues:


    1. Most newer/popular games don't have player-hosted servers or any mechanisms to do so.

    2. Those that do likely only do through modding and it can be legal hell. Running a WoW or RuneScape server is illegal as shit and Blizzard has been known to file lawsuits and pursue legal action as a result.


    I don't think anyone here is looking to get in legal trouble for running a community. I sure as shit don't.


    Most newer games don't have player-hosted servers, although they have ways to build a community.

    I'm aware that WoW and Runescape arent particularly new games, in fact they are  just a few years younger than me. Both these games have ways to build a community, whether it's clans or friend chats, u can do it. I've played a lot of CS:GO for example with people I met on a runescape clan. With that being said, managing a clan on both of those games can be fun and can help CU grow even if its a smal amount.

    Other games such as CS:GO do have ways to build servers and connect people. I don't know if you want to dedicate time to opening csgo servers or other shooters such as tf2 but it can be rewarding for the community.


    Also I do kind of agree with minecraft being "dead". Is it really dead? No. But does it have a declining player base? Yes.

    With new games coming out such as Fortnite or Apex, people are starting to shift to those games. My young cousins (11yo) used to play minecraft all the time and now just play fornite with their friends. I'm aware this doesn't mean everyone shifted over to these new games and that minecraft isnt just for kids but it's just goes to show that even they are leaving minecraft for other games.


    A small investment of time into these new games shouldnt hurt this community at all. 

  2. Right so, I've gotten back to minecraft recently and have been addicted to Brink of Chaos because of, but not only, Thaumcraft 4.

    As I've been really into thaumcraft and stuff, I wanna suggest adding some addons to enhance the mod; like Thaumic Tinkerer, that adds a bunch of new and cool stuff to play around with.

    I'd also like to suggest the addition of  the mod ChickenChunks. This mod adds a block to let the chunks loaded when a player is not around, so your farm and stuff will still grow and work nicely. I don't know how this is going to work towards lag, but as not many players have been on lately I assume not many people will be using this so it shouldnt be causing any lag.


  3. 19 hours ago, haloman30 said:

    Minigames are something we plan to introduce a bit more when we relaunch on 1.12.


    A lot of work on the current server in terms of new gamemodes and features is generally going to be held off until that point as to give the relaunch as much substance as possible.



    This is the delimma we face here when trying to make an MC server active. You need to have players in order to keep new ones. So far this has been accomplished in what i consider to be a fairly weak fashion, by offering the same 3-4 modes since 2014. I'll be the first to admit that our current gamemode selection is beyond weak and is about as generic and boring as you can get.


    The real key to getting CU more popular imo is to have more unique gamemodes, and a perfect idea that's been sent my way numerous times is an RPG mode.


    I actually talked with AlexZeroHour about it and basically the great thing about an RPG mode is that, if executed properly, it can be a mode that is fun both on your own and with friends. This is key because, unlike basic survival MC, you can't just play a polished and superb RPG mode in SP. If one exists it should also be made to be difficult if not impossible to recreate on your own with a local server or wtv. The key is to make it where you can only find this experience on CU MC and not a single place else. That way, even if we dont have a ton of people on at first, people can still have a blast and then proceed to get their friends on, and then it just snowballs from there. Maybe they check out other modes, maybe they dont.


    The big roadblock with this RPG mode is the fact that you're spending weeks, months, maybe even a year or more on this single gamemode. It is a huge investment in time that can be so easily ♥♥♥♥ed up by either a shit story, buggy features, server crashes, and so on. This so far has been the big roadblock and wall to an RPG mode. If we were to do it right (and we actually fukin advertise) imo itd be almost guarunteed to get people on. May take a while but its almost guarunteed to happen eventually. The other roadblock is just having the hardware to run it. The current CU server even on an 8gb vps has struggled for a while with memory issues. We aren't old CU with a 24GB dedi for everything and then some, we have been squeezing by with an 8gb vps. That VPS also runs the TS3, WakaUnited, WakaElaztek, and Jinux discord bots. Granted all of those are relatively light in terms of using resources so its very negligible, but its something to keep in mind. This RPG mode would honestly need its own server more than likely, and (for now) we don't have the resources to obtain it. The only way we even have Brink of Chaos after all this time is michael being a champion and letting CU use the Elaztek dedicated server (which hosts some of Elaztek's gameservers and i believe the Gitlab as well).


    That being said, let me jump start this topic back up with a question, what do you guys think about an RPG mode? A lot of the feedback for it has been a good while in the past or has been from alycat. Or if you think RPG is either stupid or just too much of a risk/challenge to do, what are some other modes you feel would help keep players enticed to stick around? What do we give them to do to keep them online and coming back?

    I think that can be a great idea, it will for sure attract new players, the worst thing that can happen is not getting as many new players as we want. There's really nothing to lose here so u should go ahead and start with that.

    I suggest u make a forum post talking about the RPG and add a poll.

  4. Yeah those are great ideas but if there are no players playing what would be the point of getting those things added?

    I've been on lately most of the time and the server is always empty, yes there are lots of new players joining, its surprising tbh, but they all leave and I think that is due to the lack of activity on the server, if I joined an empty server I wouldnt stay for long cus I had no one to talk to, but that's just my opinion and I can be completely wrong. I think if some of our staff would make a little efford to be on more often just to welcome new players it would help a bit.



  5. Hey guys, I just wanna tell you that I dont log in that much now because I got exams and I really need to study. I might join the server sometimes at night but not every day.


    Just want u all to know that  :) No I'm not dead, u dont get rid of me that easily




    ~GuitarXpress aka Local Retard

  6. Oh that wasn't me, that was Kira messing around with the smooth tool. If you want me to remove my stuff (that isn't even part of your home so I'm not sure why you're complaining) I'll remove it.


    I'm complaining cuz it looks rlly ugly outside my house ;-;

  7. idk wtf happend but its even worst now and has another private chest placed by mike, the balloon is even worst, the trees are all gone, my potions were stolen, wtf are people doing to my house