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  1. Hi there! Glad to have you with us! I'm pretty sure I've tried your mazes and failed ahahaha. Have fun and enjoy your stay!
  2. Most newer games don't have player-hosted servers, although they have ways to build a community. I'm aware that WoW and Runescape arent particularly new games, in fact they are just a few years younger than me. Both these games have ways to build a community, whether it's clans or friend chats, u can do it. I've played a lot of CS:GO for example with people I met on a runescape clan. With that being said, managing a clan on both of those games can be fun and can help CU grow even if its a smal amount. Other games such as CS:GO do have ways to build servers and connect people. I don't know if you want to dedicate time to opening csgo servers or other shooters such as tf2 but it can be rewarding for the community. Also I do kind of agree with minecraft being "dead". Is it really dead? No. But does it have a declining player base? Yes. With new games coming out such as Fortnite or Apex, people are starting to shift to those games. My young cousins (11yo) used to play minecraft all the time and now just play fornite with their friends. I'm aware this doesn't mean everyone shifted over to these new games and that minecraft isnt just for kids but it's just goes to show that even they are leaving minecraft for other games. A small investment of time into these new games shouldnt hurt this community at all.
  3. Right so, I've gotten back to minecraft recently and have been addicted to Brink of Chaos because of, but not only, Thaumcraft 4. As I've been really into thaumcraft and stuff, I wanna suggest adding some addons to enhance the mod; like Thaumic Tinkerer, that adds a bunch of new and cool stuff to play around with. I'd also like to suggest the addition of the mod ChickenChunks. This mod adds a block to let the chunks loaded when a player is not around, so your farm and stuff will still grow and work nicely. I don't know how this is going to work towards lag, but as not many players have been on lately I assume not many people will be using this so it shouldnt be causing any lag. Thanks
  4. Y u gotta flex your 2 huge screens like that That background is dope tho, gj
  5. Dammit halo stop removing killerteddy
  6. Banned isn't displayed if you're using a theme btw
  7. I think that can be a great idea, it will for sure attract new players, the worst thing that can happen is not getting as many new players as we want. There's really nothing to lose here so u should go ahead and start with that. I suggest u make a forum post talking about the RPG and add a poll.
  8. I understand what u're saying but like I said before, to play those minigames u need people on. When I go play survival online, I wanna chat and trade with people, otherwise I could just play singleplayer, that's why I'm saying we need to make a bit of efford to spend more time online.
  9. Honestly that livestream idea is great, but I'd advise u to do it on twitch instead of youtube or even both if u can. About the twitter account, honestly I dont think it'll matter much because the content u'll post there would be the same, It'll probably be wise to use the one with the most follower count.
  10. Yeah those are great ideas but if there are no players playing what would be the point of getting those things added? I've been on lately most of the time and the server is always empty, yes there are lots of new players joining, its surprising tbh, but they all leave and I think that is due to the lack of activity on the server, if I joined an empty server I wouldnt stay for long cus I had no one to talk to, but that's just my opinion and I can be completely wrong. I think if some of our staff would make a little efford to be on more often just to welcome new players it would help a bit.
  11. that is very, uh, interesting