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  1. I'm just going to put this to rest, but he had confirmed with Halo that he was not underaged. Other than that, everything else stands.
  2. HI Hoty, Unfortunately, a couple weeks ago you circumvented our ban measures on our Discord when I explicitly told you to work out the ban appeal with me one on one or with Halo. But the main problem that we found out was your age, you lied to multiple staff members about your age and with your current age you are not even supposed to have a Discord account. Additionally, since we last spoke, Discord;s twitter came out with a statement saying that servers that are knowingly to have underage members using Discord will have their server and account deleted by Discord. It is with this information that I must deny your ban appeal. I would suggest appealing your ban when you turn 13, since an ample amount of time would have passed and you would be old enough to have a Discord account. But please remember next time to use the ban appeal form. Sorry,, but I hope you have a happy new years,
  3. Seeing as you haven't responded Wind, I am closing this topic and banning your account. Also we have banned the service you used for a disposable email address.
  4. AwakenedRage

    big boy iq

    Seeing as your probably not coming back this topic has been locked!
  5. Hi Wind. you can stop your charade, You were banned for ban evasion of your previous behavior on the server from the past two years in which multiple rules were broken. We had realized that your account was on our server yesterday and banned you in accordance with our rules. Due to to the multiple severe offenses you are not allowed to make an appeal. Sincerely, Michael
  6. AwakenedRage

    big boy iq

    Oh yes you did, So 420IQ asked me and Downtown74 to help build him a mob grinder so we agreed. We built it with the condition of him supplying us with the materials that we used and no money was needed and he agreed. So when we were done we told him the materials that we needed back so for some reason he got rude and stuff and said "I don't need to" and he told him that we had a deal and that he needed to follow through with it. Well he got all mad and started cursing and calling us names so we called Adviser CabbageGames and he came down and told him that he needed to pay us with the materials he of course got rude and stuff and said "Well even though I agreed I did not intend to pay them with the materials anyways". So we told him that either you pay use the materials we used or we will take down the mob grinder. He sad "Fine take it down" so we did during that time it was pretty heated and IQ was calling us names and stuff and saying "I don't respect anyone" and CabbageGames said "You are the rudest kid I have ever seen in this server and IQ said "Thank you". So after we were done tearing down the mob grinder he left and did not come back for about 4 hours. Then when he came back he was silent for about 30 minutes and he said "I'm bored, Lip PVP me" and I said "No thank you I'm busy" and IQ said "your just scared to PVP me and lose" I said "No i'm just busy" and He left to play modded. By then I had to leave and so did Downtown74 since he got DownTown74 pretty angry so we left and went about our business.
  7. AwakenedRage

    big boy iq

    Your logic makes literally no sense, our staff have been kind to you and you continue to barrage them with harassment. When you scammed Cabbage, Lip and Downtown with the mob spawner they had been nothing but respectful to you. There was no motive for any of this, except yours. PS: We only listen to respectful members.
  8. AwakenedRage

    big boy iq

    Okay first off lets talk about the actual reason you were set to griefer, the following griefing incidents occurred. - You destroyed Downtown’s crops including, sugarcane and pumpkins while he was telling you to stop. Continued jumping up and down destroying more crops. Then shortly after it you called him a loser and left - You claimed you replanted them but only 4 pumpkins were replanted. None of the sugar cane was - You put tons of cactus over his property because “He was a prick” - I also saw a case of spam This is a blatant case of griefing which has been confirmed and has evidence which you can see at the bottom. You also had prior offenses of breaking the rules and causing trouble on both the MC server and Discord. First off lets talking about your behavior towards staff members, you have had multiple cases of acting rude towards staff members. There have been at least 3 cases of where you told a staff member that you would not obey the rules or directives given to you by staff members on Discord and MC combined. After this incident happened with you and Downtown he asked you to stop destroying his stuff to which you replied “No you” and kept causing damage. In the past when a staff member asked gave a directive to stop on Discord, you replied with “I respect no one”. You also cant say we haven’t called you out for your shit, a staff member called you out saying you were being a dick and you replied by saying “Thank You” But lets go farther, you have also scammed players on the server regarding a mob spawner, which was the first real warning before leading up to the minor offenses of you disrespecting staff members. These prior offenses validates that you had done this knowingly and intentionally using very ignorant excuses that quickly fell apart while looking at logs. I will not be removing your griefer rank and can only tell you that if you continue to harass others I will be muting you. In other words I am denying the appeal on behalf of many staff members ~ Kryptoaware/ Awakened Rage Proof:
  9. I just passed this on to Halo. Hardware wise the server can handle it, but its a matter of whether any mods or server plugins conflict with it. You should expect to hear something on the Discord soon about it.
  10. Welcome to Chaotic UNited mrchicken2!
  11. Are you high? I never said Windows 7.
  12. And all because of what? Chrome? The fact you wont update and in 2 years will be 20 versions behind.
  13. What the fuck is this topic anymore