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  1. AwakenedRage

    Mods for Modded

    I just passed this on to Halo. Hardware wise the server can handle it, but its a matter of whether any mods or server plugins conflict with it. You should expect to hear something on the Discord soon about it.
  2. AwakenedRage

    Minecraft Registration

    Welcome to Chaotic UNited mrchicken2!
  3. AwakenedRage

    fucking chrome

    Are you high? I never said Windows 7.
  4. AwakenedRage

    fucking chrome

  5. AwakenedRage

    fucking chrome

    And all because of what? Chrome? The fact you wont update and in 2 years will be 20 versions behind.
  6. AwakenedRage

    fucking chrome

    What the fuck is this topic anymore
  7. AwakenedRage

    fucking chrome

  8. AwakenedRage

    fucking chrome

    You and your fucking tabs. Ooh they changed the look of it, lets get triggered
  9. AwakenedRage

    fucking chrome

    Shut up and update chrome
  10. HTTPS ftw!

  11. AwakenedRage

    Who here loves halo?

    Alycat = Fag
  12. Recently it has been discovered that someone on CR has obtained the databases containing user passwords for the authme plugin on the Minecraft server. As a precaution we have wiped the database for this and also are informing you to change your password on other sites where the same password might of been used. This database goes all the way back to 2014. We have also posted a list of known minecraft usernames to be affected by this. An email has also been sent out with pertinent information, if you did not receive this email please contact AwakenedRage or email [email protected] Affected Users: jaml7 captain_spidey kendev1994 fernando_pcmc guho memelol foxydysphoria drop_dead_kitty djnegroblack xxjust2hotxx yanvvf blackl_istgamer tallysonfreitas patcharpol tbrn_ryan molped kwan9413 wolfsalazar guedesplays22 _asiazaza_ mr_mango13078 rafababolat uio170 goro200 malichye jummie wayne2005 petezahhuttasf stumax23 ci833508 oamth ceasetoexist xisheckyyy galacticpanda_ zz_star_zz drop_dead_luna kurkawodka vanossgaming2020 ikimmyhd ___prestonpvp___ cami_pvp zim82 kauan_crafter guim02 pandamoshpit itz_zer0_ misswish nexu5s kikusuke1019 brain_chen joaoninjabr ibrahimmousa camcamhow minefast itoqsty anhlaemsuachi fastbr viniciusplays_br itsmanny isagamer12 robin_47 crazylove18 anhlaema11 anhemlaconcho113 aaavvvgggnnn filmanmax froster_games buzzler745_5_5_5 traigonjump binsterwinster redluagames esponshadow1 centrixgamingyt cool77567 rhaylana fullalexis10 gamingwithpanada crazycreeperdj3i milk2234 sarkrte minecraftgamerth prettybird29 acetrox loosiuni luga123 herobarne wu_jun timo6ka turb0charge adiah jooooooli mohamed_666 lolwutusay wtf_reborn sunkistguy thelenixyt williamtt06 flvm1234 davizin_gameryt sundosilens ken124492 tsui114kirby1 royalty_original leo4061153 joosty sofodafdpk darkthunder931 kirahuang jokernewxd babyhedgehog msrakoski entropath _natsu_ _l_e_f_t_ thelolguy428 noblenoob4life palutchen_lp guitarxpress nitribit 21liuchristop quasisollen limoon31 annoyingarcher dinosaur315 codyboyx xshaders savicmmt creeper_boy12 blizzardbball copypastefail avalonist mr_belkingner fluffy_iphone hypemeter r_aspel14 gadval03 leblanc__ thomas123654 krisbt pvt_braindead raretalent activefizz jadcart costello2 loiran00b itsdragongirl xx_m4ge_xx x6er fassooly88 digitaldragon08 life233 fredix112 cookieswirlc1 i3ick frandle60225 i_am_dirtbag cainho0909 a7md_x4z galactic_reaper _alycat omgdimez wolfbitez baiyu13 ruuruux3 yolostyck sicsen kevin189102 chaoticwaffles scrimivory em_aru smooth8 mike79953 z0mbieslayer2013 16dbaxter ivory atomicbeast101 pizzaaper2 totallynotmike commandosubzero luciferknows eminemshamster halogirl30 rocket1356 ktown13 geritol s4nds sprite990 ilovecars333
  13. AwakenedRage

    Webhost Calamaties explained

    Last Monday night the forums started having resource issues that would result in the website throwing a 508 error. As a result of the resource issue many functions were limited and as a result we moved to InMotionHosting. This host ran its shared hosting environments much differently in terms of resource allocation. We quickly realized that the homepage, not being optimized for this environment resulted in long loading times. This was due to the abundance of nonstatic content that was not optimized and made accessing the site different depending on location. I did not fix the static content issue until this Monday. When i noticed these issues the webhost worked quickly with me and explained that the way IPB works for production environment is to use UPC caching methods. normally used in a VPS setting. None of the caching methods were used besides the mandatory caching. I enabled temporary cahcing that saves to the disk to solve this issue. However, now that caching is working a new threat to the webhost emerged, website crawlers. The website had very few measures to limit crawlers because the old host either blocked them automatically, or had put them to a mandatory delay serverwide. The first day of the site being deployed was plagued with issues caused by Crawlers, to which I had to create measures to prevent them from consuming too much resources. This, in combination with compressing most of the sites sent content made the website run smoothly. I also had to change the PHP versions used in IPB to create a boosted forum with better processing speeds. Yesterday, the forums along with many other services, were having issues. it was at this point that I applied CloudFlare to send content statically. This allowe dpage content to be grabbed by mirrored cache from a server closer to the user for better latency. After I installecd Cloudflare there was one error that I made personally, I accidently added an A DNS record for chaotic united that pointed towards the ark subdomain. So half of the time it would go to the wrong server. After I installed everything last night everything was running smoothly and quickly identified the dilemas that we previous faced that we were unable to identify. With 24 hours, more then 1000 unique vistors were on the site along with 3 malicious bots. Our tools were only able to give us the top connections using resources along with other relevant info to the connection. It is no wonder why we were having issues without cloudflare and that is because of these bots and large amount of connections. The traffic was legitmate traffic in large volumes and the DDoS protection measures in place had a tough time filtering it. But now with Cloudflare in place, everything is set (EXEPT FOR SSL WHICH WILL TAKE ANOTHER 24 HOURS). This has been one wild ride and I want to make it clear that going to IMH, they had assisted in everyway they could. The issues we were xperiencing were configuration setting on our side that we had to take care of. IMH had fufilled the SLA (Service Level Agreement) They responded to all the incidents and assisted me in anyway possible, even by just telling me what the issue was and linking me to their helpful documentation. All the negative experiences was outside of their power. Host1Plus on the otherhand violated the SLA several times. Most of the errors the past two days were misconfigurations by me. Halo thinks and has said that he is fed up with IMH, but there is no reason to. I hope that everyone who may also hold the same opinion to listen to this. IMH is not to blame and certainly H1P is not a reliable alternative to this. Configuration changes will be less impactful for now on, most configuration chagnes are small and will not be noticable or impact uptime. Apologies for all the issues caused. \ Stupid A Records :3 ~ Michael/AwakenedRage
  14. Man ARK is such a great game