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  1. *The lore behind why I chose my own username. I have quite the overactive imagination as you can tell*

    A young girl who stumbles upon an End Portal decides to enter it despite warnings from her childhood to stay away. After somebody destroying the portal in the overworld, not realizing she was on the other side, she finds herself trapped. She soon learns the tall strange beings that roamed the floating platforms did not acknowledge her if she didn’t look at them, so she spent months not being able to look up and around at her surroundings. This soon begins to take a toll on her mind, as if the realm itself was corrupting her. She couldn’t take it, the strange noises of the beings, the silence around her, all she wanted was to return home and she couldn’t. Her mind shatters like shards of a broken mirror and the silent realm takes over. She suddenly gained characteristics of the beings that surrounded her. Her eyes glowed purple, her skin darkened with a slight purple hue, her hair a dark purple. She became one with the silence that surrounded her. She looked up and around at the beings who stared at her. They didn’t attack, as if they acknowledged her as one of their own. She felt their anguish from being controlled by the dragon that inhabited the main island and knew she had to free them and herself. The battle was hard, and it nearly costed her her life, but she slayed the beast and before her eyes, a portal opened before her. This was it, she was free, and she was able to see her family once more. She entered through the portal and returned home, only to find it not there anymore. Years have gone and passed and everyone she once knew had passed on. She was the only one of her family left, and she was doomed to roam the world in anger and anguish as she was now a monster. She frightened everyone around her and pushed them away as she exhibited her ender characteristics, being able to teleport and manipulate the land around her with ease. She also had a sadistic streak when someone accidentally makes eye contact, killing them on spot without hesitation. 


    *I hope you like the lore of my emo little persona I created years ago when I was just a child. I think I can make it into quite an interesting story if I really wanted to*