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  1. Do you all want to know what time you’re coming to chili’s tonight or do you want me here by the time I can come in and get it to chili’s and I will be home by the end of the week if I need anything for dinner I will let you know if you want me here or you do me know what you do and I’ll do that 

  2. Y’all ever just ate a little fish fish in a bag and a fish fry with the cheese on it so you know what you mean you don’t want it lol 

    1. haloman30


      i had a stroke trying to read this

  3. I first joined Chaotic United nearly 10 years ago now. I still can’t wrap my brain around it.

  4. Did you know there is no such thing as tomorrow or yesterday? 

    you call the day before yesterday

    but yesterday you called it today 

    you call the day after tomorrow 

    but tomorrow you will call it today 


    Don’t dwell in the past 

    Don’t worry about the future 

    Live for today cause today is all you have. 

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    2. haloman30
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      Another deep thought is we are big to most creatures. A partical is too small for our naked eye to comprehend but still exists.  The earths a partical in comparison to the sun which is tiny in comparison to other stars. The idea id the earth iz the lifes molecule.

    4. Windwhistle