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  1. Hey, my Minecraft username is iamthebeautyx, but people call me beauty I was once a member of old CU (2011-2014) under the old username of jiggyjiggypoo5 (ew). One day I wondered if this community was still alive so I decided to readd the server to my list and join. From there halo filled me in on everything that happened after I left. I would love to see a once great and prosperous community rise from the ashes again, and this time I’m not going anywhere anytime soon!
  2. What is your Minecraft Username?: iamthebeautyx What can you do to help our community?: know...exist. How did you find out about Chaotic United?: Childhood memories Were you a member of the old Chaotic United, Nuclear District, or other branch/affiliated community?: Old Chaotic United (2011-2014) If you selected 'Other' to the above question, what community were you a part of?: