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  1. For those who somehow haven't heard by now, last week I lost my father to a drug-induced suicide.


    It's been a crazy week, and will likely be a crazy few weeks going forward as we continue to work and get things sold and get the finances caught up. I've spent most of the past week trying to process everything, work on my home, and most of all - figure out exactly how and why this happened.

    How and Why


    My father has been in a rough spot for a long time - and the events that led to my father's passing are numerous and go back many years. First and foremost, his disability. He used to be active and fit - but in his 30s became disabled with a bad back and knees, unable to be active whatsoever. This wasn't a nail in the coffin, but becomes a key component of future problems. In my early childhood, my parents divorced - and for a few years, I lived with my mother and saw dad on the weekends.


    Despite the divorce being less than peaceful to say the least, it was something dad never fully got over. As we've been cleaning stuff around the house, there are things - especially in the garage - where items have been virtually untouched and undisturbed since mom last lived here nearly 15 years ago.


    The first nail in the coffin was the loss of my grandmother, his mother, in 2014. She was a literal saint of a woman, and is who I attribute more of my personality traits towards in a lot of ways. I was still young and was able to recover relatively quickly from her loss, but obviously dad was less able to do so - and was crushed by her loss. A few years later, in 2017, we lost grandpa - his father. This of course also worsened things and was another nail in the coffin.


    At some point after this, before he moved over to the property that grandma and grandpa used to live in, he started using illicit substances - more specifically, one known as K2 or Spice. Perhaps as a way to cope with their loss, or perhaps as a means of escaping his other problems, or both - he started on these substances and this would be the real start of his downward spiral.


    As time went on, he began to change. He began involving himself with questionable women, and later became susceptible to romance scams. The money left behind by my grandparents was around 100k and by the start of this year, the entire account was drained to zero. We burned through it all within 3 years. Due to his drug use (and perhaps some other health issues), he also began wrecking vehicles. One by one, each vehicle became undriveable in one way or another. All this while he continues to send out money to fake women online, purchasing miscellaneous junk items, and as he struggles to find a purpose in life.


    Eventually, we reached a point where he wrecked the van - a sort of family heirloom of a vehicle, purchased by his grandmother - a Red/Maroon Chevrolet Astro Van from 1989. We were down to zero working vehicles, and when he looked outside, all he saw was reminders of his failures. I know he was haunted by this, as he's told me about nightmares he's had where grandma and grandpa came back to visit and saw the property in a state of disrepair, the money gone, and most of the vehicles wrecked - and this was before the van was wrecked.


    He had no transport. He was stuck in his home, alone except for his pets, his thoughts, and his addiction. At some point, he switched from K2 to compressed air, the kind you'd buy to dust out your computer. He would huff the chemicals within - and this is likely what increased his tendency to have wrecks and go unconscious at random times. He ultimately finally decided that these issues, his addiction, and the worsening finances and guilt were too much to bear - and so he stocked up on cans, and had one final conversation with me on August 20th. His security camera footage shows him coming outside to grab a delivery of 16 cans of compressed air on the 21st, and heading back inside - never to be seen alive again.


    He likely passed away on the 23rd. I found him a day later, on the 24th - after calling his phone and having it go straight to voicemail. I got an Uber to his house, walked in, and saw a pile of empty compressed air cans, empty cigarette boxes, and my dead father with a can still in his hand.




    I mentioned earlier about his disability. I think one of the key pitfalls that he ran into was a lack of purpose. He's told me about this in passing once or twice over the years, though he phrased it to make it seem as if it wasn't really serious. However, in retrospect, it's clear that he felt purposeless for a long time. What I knew beforehand and have only heard reinforced from everyone I've talked to was that I was pretty much the one thing he had going for him. When everything and everyone else failed him, he at least always had me.


    However, by the time I graduated High School and he moved over there, things were a bit different. I was still reliant on him financially, but I was able to otherwise live independently, especially with a remote job that I got earlier this year. He only ever had to come over to bring groceries and check the mail. But as this year went on, things changed. He continued to make poor financial decisions, and the money continued to get worse as a result. Things kept getting worse instead of better. I think that while he was contemplating taking himself out for a while, I think it was only when he finally concluded that I'd be able to manage without him that he finally made the final decision and didn't look back.


    When he wrecked the van, I took it upon myself to try and figure out how to proceed. With the help of Michael, I developed a plan to keep us going without him driving - both out of necessity, and to keep him off the road before he got himself killed. As he continued to lose giant chunks of money, he told me about it - and I got onto him about it and told him to get stuff sold to get the money back so we'd be caught up. I think he realized, either before or after those conversations, that he was beginning to financially harm me rather than help me. And I think towards the end, he realized that I was able to take care of myself and figure things out quickly. I think at that point, he realized that he could leave - and while I would of course be in pain, I'd be alright in the end. And I think that's what allowed him to finally decide to leave.

    What This Means for Me (and Chaotic United)


    As we continue on this process of selling stuff, cleaning up my place, and so on, I likely won't be doing much of anything with the server for a number of months. There's a lot to do, and once it's all done - I'll likely need time to properly grieve. That being said, you'll still see me in Discord - probably more often than before, as during this time the last thing I want is to be sitting around alone with my thoughts.


    As for me, this whole ordeal has given me new perspectives and reinforced old ones. It's reinforced my existing desire to avoid any and all drugs, alcohol, and other mind-altering and addictive substances. It's also reinforced and better contextualized a belief I've been hearing about lately in regards to aging and purpose.


    You see, I'm terrified of death. As are most people - not much news there. But for me, I'm genuinely looking into having myself placed into cryonics upon my death - with the hopes of being reanimated in the future and brought back to life. However, part of that has also brought me to another discovery - having purpose in your life is key. The most common age of death is shortly after retirement. Too often, people get old, retire, and then a few years later - die, after doing a whole bunch of nothing. In areas where people often life near, to, or past 100 years old, they all still work in some capacity doing something.


    Dad hasn't had a job since I was a few years old. Sure, he had me - but once I graduated and he moved out, when you look at it through that time frame - it matches up surprisingly well. He left, didn't do a whole lot, and then passed - albeit from unnatural causes, but still.


    In the past, I've been angry and upset that I've had a self-motivation to create and develop projects of my own. Every time I've held a retail job, I've been miserable - as the whole time I can't think of anything else besides how much of my life I'm just wasting on meaningless garbage, and how awful it'd be to keep doing this for another 40 years. I've been angry because I'd hear other people say things like "yeah, I don't mind it because it gives me something to do" - meanwhile I've got no shortage of things to do. Even with no job whatsoever, I'd never get half of it done. However, seeing now what happens when you lack that purpose - I feel as if I should be more grateful that I have this gift. Because it really is just that - a gift. It's a gift that, providing I still keep it through the rest of my life, will allow me to maintain that sense of purpose into old age - and potentially add decades to my life.


    This whole situation has also given me two new purposes as well. One, to do everything I can to understand how this happened - and avoid it. To ensure that when I have a wife and kids, that I don't end up in the same boat - I don't want my kids to find me dead at 50 from cigarettes and huffing canned air. I want to help ensure that my own kids also avoid the same mistakes and learn the same lessons. I want to avoid the disability, avoid the drugs, and maintain my sense of purpose - and be there for my kids and grandkids as long as possible.


    The other purpose is to undo the mistakes my father made, and honor the legacy left by both him and my grandparents. I want to do everything in my power to ensure that the things they taught me, the things they knew, and the good will and joy they brought to the world doesn't end with their absences. I want to go out there and do the things dad did, to be there for people in the way dad was. I might even learn to drive grandpa's old Jeep, put on dad's old coat, grow out the beard - and drive around town paying a visit to his old buddies in the restored Jeep.


    I want to not only make my father proud, but make my grandmother and grandfather proud - so that when I do finally die, I can go up there and tell them all about my success story and see the looks of pride on their faces.

    In Memoriam


    One thing I've gone ahead and done, and will continue to expand upon once things settle down - is I've set up a memorial page for dad here on the website. It includes a slightly altered version of the official obituary, including some additional details that I was unable to include in the original, and fixing a couple typos I didn't notice until later. It also includes details on what his involvement in Chaotic United was, as well as a list of all the people who contributed to the GoFundMe or donated directly via PayPal.


    Additionally, anyone here on the forums who has an account and contributed money will also receive the Bearded Legend award. Eventually, I plan to get a sort of gallery set up containing some images of dad from over the years, and set up similar pages/galleries for grandma and grandpa.


    Until then, you can check out the current memorial page here:


    Most likely, the burial will happen this Saturday - but we won't know for sure until tomorrow. Even after the burial, there's still a lot of work to be done - so don't expect me to be doing much work on the server for a while. However as I said - I'll likely be in voice chat very often. If you ever want to chat, just ping me. Odds are, unless I'm on the phone or busy somewhere, I'll jump right in.


    I thank all of you for your kind words and contributions during this time.


    Rest easy, dad - after the hell you were in, you deserve to finally have some fun up in heaven. Enjoy the reunion with grandma and grandpa, take care of Chico for me - and someday, I'll come up there to join you and we can all reunite together as one big happy family.

  2. I'm feeling particularly kind - and I know you have a friend on the server - so just this once, I'll be lifting the ban.


    Don't break other people's stuff again, this isn't an anarchy server.

  3. So, last night the forums and main website went offline for a little while. The reason? It wasn't just some typical maintenance this time - rather, it was a frantic effort to try and restore corrupted SQL data.


    What happened is that last night, my power flickered for just a mere second - and this would end up creating a nightmare scenario that I'd have to untangle. The webserver runs out of my house of course, and the power flicker caused it to briefly shut off. As a result of this power flicker, the SQL server used by the cPanel/WHM VM that hosts the websites themselves became corrupted - and I was initially unsure if I'd be able to get anything back.


    Luckily, it turns out that we had an automatic backup from just a couple months ago. Along with that, I was able to drag and drop the current databases into a clean mysql folder - and most of them turned out to be undamaged. A handful of tables were refusing to load - as part of the restoration process required a file called ibdata1 from the backup, and several new tables have been created since then that didn't exist before. These tables were the ones that failed to load.


    Chaotic United's forums didn't suffer from those tables much. Only one table was in that state, and it was just a table for basic caching - nothing important. Elaztek's website however had tables for Stratagem that were added - which is what we use over there (and in CU as well) to track various bugs, features, and overall progress for various projects.

    Thankfully, I was able to start up the old, damaged mysql folder with innodb_force_recovery set to 5 - and was able to then dump the stratagem tables for Elaztek, start up the clean and good mysql folder, and reimport them - and it worked. At that point, all tables in all databases were found to be clean with no obvious errors, and I could breathe a sigh of relief.


    We were extremely lucky to escape this situation unharmed, however it's still partially my fault. Not the power outage, of course - but the fact that the most recent backup was still two months old.


    You see, WHM (the software under which Chaotic United and Elaztek's websites run within, and used within virtually any webhost plan out there) can (and is) configured to run automatic backups. It was previously set to run backups every other day, once a week, and once a month together. The idea is that we'd have numerous backups available, going back up to 6 months. Then, in the event that a situation like this were to happen - no sweat, just restore the backup from yesterday or the day before.


    The issue is that there are perpetual disk space issues that I've continued to struggle with, and as such the machine that hosts the webserver is critically low on disk space just like everything else. Backups don't get created if there's less than 5% available - which, as of right now, there isn't.


    The good news is that Michael is going to help me solve this in the short term - since my long term solution is still nearly a year away. He's going to help me get a UPS for the machine in order to avoid any future power failures, as well as get me a spare 6TB hard disk that I can use to free up some breathing room on both my main PC as well as the webserver. This ought to ensure that this wont be an issue going forward, rather than having this be a potential risk for the next 12 months or so.


    The other good news is that, once again - we managed to come out the other side effectively unscathed. All data is intact, including the data for Elaztek's stratagem. All databases have been checked over and everything seems to be in order. But of course - in the offchance that you find something that seems as if it could be a sign of database corruption, let me know immediately.


    Other than that, well - I'm sorry. I apologize for putting us in this situation to begin with, and I'm going to do everything I can to ensure that it never happens again.

  4. These are the old Rank icons from the DonationStore/Nexus, used from 2014 until 2021. It was a good run, but these things are fucking awful and needed an update badly. The original icons can be found here for archival purposes.


    Additionally, you can find icons for in-game currency packs (which are no longer offered because of Mojang's EULA) which were made at the same time as the other 2014 icons. These icons were designed to mimic the style of the Old CU's store icons, though no original reference was available at the time.


    You can also find several unused rank icons for other, non-purchasable ranks. These were made mostly as a joke, since it was as simple as changing a color and some text. These were never used in the store, and were never going to be legitimately sold.

    Rank Icons


    nexus_icon_donator.png        nexus_icon_vip.png        nexus_icon_platinum.png        nexus_icon_creator.png        nexus_icon_sponsor.png


    nexus_icon_benefactor.png        nexus_icon_supporter.png        nexus_icon_chaotic.png


    Currency Pack Icons


    nexus_icon_500.png        nexus_icon_1000.png        nexus_icon_2500.png        nexus_icon_5000.png        nexus_icon_10000.png


    Unused Rank Icons


    nexus_icon_veteran.png        nexus_icon_commander.png        nexus_icon_helper.png        nexus_icon_moderator.png

    nexus_icon_manager.png        nexus_icon_uacowner.png        nexus_icon_owner.png


  5. That isn't why you were banned, at least not entirely.


    It was primarily because you were spamming the gif/video that caused people's Discord clients to instantaneously crash upon so much as viewing the channel - including sending those out to many members of the Discord and generally being kind of a dick to at least myself in direct messages (as well as continued crash gif spam).


    Please re-submit your appeal with this information accounted for, as you haven't really appealed for the thing that got you banned in the first place.

  6. Hey, everyone! A whole ton of stuff has been going on over the past few days. For the most part, it's just technical stuff - but there's still some genuine new features in some cases as well.


    Dedicated Server 2: The Unexpected Sequel

    First and foremost, the biggest technical change that's gonna enable a lot of stuff going forward is the migration to a new dedicated server. A little over a year ago, you may remember a post where I announced the migration to a brand new 32GB dedicated server that I was paying for myself. At the time, this was more than enough to handle all of our services with plenty of breathing room. However, as time went on, things started expanding.


    First, we actually started hosting the MC server for another community called Ruin Community. For those unfamiliar with them, it's one of a few MC servers that I played on back in 2012 while browsing to try and find a good server to make my home - which eventually ended up being Chaotic United. The other two being Ruin Community and Legendary Island of the Lost Treasures. Ruin had closed well before the old CU did, but Legendary Island actually persisted into 2015 before it eventually closed.


    However, as you all are most likely aware - I've got a compulsive attachment to things, and to the preservation of history. As they became available, I've been purchasing the domains associated with both Ruin and Legendary Island. In the offchance that some of the old members (or staff) wanted to try and check things out, I left a message with contact details on the homepage of Ruin's website. One day, I was contacted that the Ruin Community folk were attempting to re-unite and have a sort of reunion server to get everyone together again. Part of that effort was to host a private, whitelist-only MC server for the old Ruin folk - and I, being the one holding their original domain, happily offered to not only point the domain to their website, but also to point their Minecraft IP to their server as well as host it for them - no strings attached. I normally have a hard, unwavering rule about advertising other MC servers - as well as staff helping to host other servers - however, seeing as this was a server from my own childhood, it was a domain that I'd already owned for years prior, and that the server wasn't even a public server - I figured that this was a reasonable approach. If you do happen to be a member of the old Ruin Community and want to find them again, check our Partners page to join their Discord. Note that their server is NOT for any casual folk - it's intended for members of the original Ruin Community and nobody else.


    Anyway, with that history lesson out of the way - the other, more significant expansion was the recent move to BungeeCord. I had far underestimated the resource requirements of moving to BungeeCord - and it was at this point that Modded MC had to actually be briefly shut down, as the 32GB dedicated server wasn't enough to handle Ruin, Modded, and all the Bungee servers. However, with Modded offline, everything else was able to run without issue.


    That was, at least, until 1.17 - where for whatever reason, the server went from having 4-6GB free with all gamemodes online, to having 3-4 free with Minigames and the Waiting Room offline. Having modded shut off was one thing - as it never got a ton of attention. But having some of our gamemodes offline is a nonstarter. Theoretically I could tell Ruin to host their own server, but even then we'd still be at our limit - assuming that'd even do it. Plus, who else is going to be willing to either host a server with full access free of charge, or be willing to pay a monthly bill to keep a barely-played MC server up?


    So, instead - we made the decision to upgrade. Our old server was a SoYouStart dedicated server with 32GB of memory. Our new one is a proper OVH server - with all the modern bells and whistles. Automatic bill renewal so I can't accidentally forget to pay the bill, newer and more modern features, and in our case - an upgrade to 64GB of memory. As of now, our MC server, Ruin's server, and the donation store have been fully moved over. And of course, with this newfound freedom, we've got some new things we can do - such as...


    Return of Modded MC

    Such as turning Age of Rebirth back online! Finally! Not much has changed since the last time it was started - however, since some users had previously destroyed any hope of normal progression through more EMC generation exploits, as well as the fact that it's been down since last year - we've opted to do a world reset. The previous world is currently in the process of being archived and uploaded to the download center, and once it is you'll be able to revisit the old world anytime.


    Beta 1.7.3 Upgrades

    In addition to bringing Modded MC back online, we've also done some upgrades and updates to our Beta 1.7.3 server. Up until now, the Beta server has been kind of the forgotten child of Chaotic United. It had no real integration with the rest of the community, and barely anyone ever played on it. Even features that have been standard on our main MC server either took far too long to come to Beta (land claiming), or simply never arrived at all (dynmap).


    Well, thankfully, all that has finally changed.


    A few days ago, a user who goes by leow showed up and, initially, abused a duplication glitch and spammed diamond blocks all over the place. However, rather than stopping there and calling it a day, he reached out to me and offered to point me on how to fix it.


    Turns out there's a whole other world of Beta 1.7.3 servers that has been quietly brewing just out of my sight. There's a modern fork of CraftBukkit 1060 called Project Poseidon - which includes several feature enhancements, bugfixes, and optimizations. He also pointed me to a Discord centered around development for classic Minecraft - where I was able to track down and locate something I've been wanting to add to Beta for ages. Discord integration. Yes - as of now, we have a #b173-chatlogs channel on Discord, which works just like #mc-chatlogs and #rebirth-chatlogs - you can see when users join and leave, and you can see their chat messages and chat with them through that channel.


    But that's not all. Since Poseidon is based on CB1060 instead of our previous CB1000 build, we were able to finally introduce dynmap to Beta 1.7.3. It works just like it does on the main server - where you can see different perspectives as well as see outlines of land claims and worldguards.


    Another thing that we've done to hopefully ensure Beta runs as smooth as possible (as well as to allow for enough disk space for dynmap to work), is that we've moved it onto the new 64GB dedicated server. The old version of dynmap has no support for MySQL tile storage - and the VPS it was hosted on (which, fun fact - is the same VPS which hosted our own MC server for a while back during the Nuclear District days) only had 40GB of disk space - not enough for all those livemap tiles. Our dedicated server on the other hand has 2TB - which is more than enough to handle some livemap tiles.


    With all these changes, we've also decided to perform a world reset for Beta as well. The last reset was in 2019, so it was well past time for a reset anyways. Along with that, we wanted to introduce a world border to help keep the filesize down (and to prevent people from going to the Far Lands and crashing the whole server) - and doing this on an existing world could have made existing builds inaccessible.


    We plan to do a handful of other minor improvements over the coming days, most notably fixing the persistent crashing issue that happens after a while by having the server restart every 24 hours.


    Valheim Migration

    Lastly, and least notably, our Valheim server has been moved away from the old Microsoft Azure VPS and onto a new server. The IP address listed on the website and Discord has been updated, though no other significant changes have been made outside of that.



    With all this stuff going on, we hope that all of this will be just the start of a new beginning for Chaotic United. Whether or not it'll end up being one is yet to be seen (history unfortunately doesn't bode well for that prediction) - but for now, expect this to be the first step of many yet to come.


    Stay tuned.2

  7. Hey, everyone!


    Our MC server has just been updated to 1.17! Surprisingly, it didn't take too long compared to past updates - only a couple weeks from the initial release. For the most part, the server is unchanged from 1.16 - however, there are a few key changes to go over.


    Website Updates


    This is a fairly minor bit, but still worth mentioning. A couple days ago we quietly updated our forums theme. Not much within the theme itself has changed, however we've done some adjustments to the logo design (for the first time since 2016). Compare these two icons - the left one being our previous Discord icon, and the right being its updated replacement.


    cu_discord_icon_darkbg.png cu_discord_icon_2021.png



    One thing we wanted to do was make a more cleaned-up version of the HD logo. You see, this specific recreation of the logo came all the way back from 2016, when I was only just learning how to do graphic design. It wasn't bad per se, but it wasn't fully faithful to the original logo either. It had a little more curvature than made sense and if you looked closely, you'd be able to see some imperfections.


    Since 2016, I've gotten a fair bit better at graphic design, and so I wanted to go back in and make a more faithful recreation of the logo - and at the same time, make it look just a little more fresh and line up with the current visual design by turning what used to be 2 flat colors into subtle gradients based off of those original colors. Top it all off with a drop shadow, and you've got an update that - in my opinion - manages to be both a more faithful recreation of the original logo, while still feeling fresh enough to not feel like some kind of crufty carryover.


    For those who might be unaware of this original logo, the only remaining image of that logo is this:



    If you can't tell, it's almost laughably low-resolution, and was pulled from the old CU forums in 2013. From 2014 to 2016, this is as good as we had to work with. It wasn't until 2016 - where I was finally able to both recreate the icon as a vector graphic and track down the original font used - that I was able to finally utilize a higher resolution version of that logo. There almost certainly was a higher resolution out there - but the only person likely to have it is the original designer - MikeStardust. He's not around anymore, but hey - he made that original logo all the way back then, and we're still more or less using it now - so he ought to get some credit.


    SkyBlock Reset


    Now, first up in regards to the server itself, we've ended up having to make a fairly significant change to SkyBlock. Our original plan was to keep all the worlds left unchanged until 1.18, and then perform all the fresh resets at the same time as the big world overhauls.


    Unfortunately, our old SkyBlock plugin, uSkyBlock, has no update to 1.17 as of yet - along with that, there's been several issues that have been persistent with that SkyBlock plugin for a while - most immediately the issue with Nether Portals not taking players to the right locations. So, we've decided to switch to a brand new SkyBlock plugin - one that seems to have a lot more active development, and which is already updated for 1.17. There's no way to migrate data from the old plugin to the new one, so this will require a world reset. The silver lining is that we won't need to reset SkyBlock come 1.18 - this new world will be retained through that update.


    We hope that this new plugin won't be too difficult to adjust to. Please bear with us as we all explore and learn this new SkyBlock plugin - there might be some issues here or there that crop up. If there are any, feel free to report them on our Bug Tracker.


    Cracked Support


    We have to talk about cracked support going forward. Despite my own personal belief that people really should have bought Minecraft at some point during the 10 years that CU has been around, I've made it a point to maintain CU's cracked support on the MC server - primarily because, well, we've always been cracked. Chaotic United's MC server began life as a cracked server, and that support persisted even through Nuclear District. We haven't advertised it as a feature, and premium players (people who own a copy of MC) don't have to /login or /register, but it's been left in for the few cracked users we may still have from time to time.


    This is something that could potentially change going forward.


    Early on, cracked support wasn't really too difficult to maintain. It never got in the way. AutoIn helped ensure that skins were forwarded and that premium users never had to mess around with login commands. However, over time, things have somewhat degraded a bit and cracked support isn't nearly as seamless as we'd like.


    In terms of minor surface-level bugs, there will sometimes be cases where the "Please /login with /login <password>" message is shown after the automatic login confirmation - which has resulted in some confusion for existing and new users, causing them to think they had to log in. Not a big deal really, but still a source of confusion. There are, however, more serious bugs which sometimes show up (and sometimes don't). There have been several cases where username changes have resulted in someone being unable to play - as FastLogin will treat them as a cracked player. Now, this issue has seemingly been nonexistent since 1.16 - but still, it's an indicator that sometimes these kinds of critical issues can crop up.


    Along with that, cracked severs generally get treated less than favorably by both the Minecraft community as well as server lists. This is why we haven't advertised CU as a cracked server in many years.


    These issues alone aren't enough for me to drop cracked support, however. Most of these issues are minor, uncommon, and when major issues crop up, they often get fixed. However, those issues combine with something else that make me willing to consider it.


    There's been a thought floating around within the staff team for a while now that this cracked support may be holding us back further than we realize. It's possible that players join, realize we're cracked, and then dip as a result. It's also possible that server lists are able to identify us as cracked due to AuthMe and FastLogin and are quietly burying us in the deepest pages of the list. And, of course, it's also possible that neither of these are happening and that cracked support has nothing to do with our lack of player retention.


    So, starting sometime soon, cracked support will be temporarily dropped. The current plan is to start this with 1.17.1, though it may be sooner or later depending on how things go. We had originally planned to include this as part of the 1.17 update, but for a number of reasons we've opted to postpone it for just a bit longer.


     We aren't ready to commit to ditching cracked support permanently just yet, but we want to experiment and see if dropping this support happens to fix some of these issues - most likely, this will remain the case until the end of the year. The good news is that in early testing, AuthMe and FastLogin both work without issue on 1.17 - so there won't be any technical barrier to keeping cracked support. The bad news for you cracked folk out there is that if dropping this cracked support happens to turn around our population problems, then this will likely be a permanent change. Only time will tell.


    The Future


    To wrap things up, something I plan to do starting with 1.17 is properly get back into Minecraft server stuff again. I've been doing some reflection a bit to try and figure out why it is I haven't felt the desire to do anything on CU outside of the bare minimum maintenance here and there - and I think I've figured out why.


    The answer is in that very question - I haven't wanted to do much CU stuff for a while because for a while, it's largely just been maintenance and bugfixing and reimplementing old features again. I haven't been getting on and working on cool things because I want to make something cool, it's because there's some big problem that I have to solve in order to maintain a baseline.


    What I want to do starting with 1.17 is knock the two big looming clouds out of the way. Cross-server /tp and /warp functionality. I've been putting these off for a long time - and I think the time has come to finally fix this. Once that's done, I've got a comically long list of possible features that I want to work on - and I think that's the key. I need to make new things - even if those new things are small. I need to stop sitting around and working on features that already exist and fixing bugs - I need to get in and start doing what I used to do with the server - creating new things.


    I've devoted a long period of time lately towards Elaztek Studios and the Blamite Game Engine - it's been over a year since I last did a hard focus on Chaotic United. And while I don't plan to spend the entirety of the next year focused solely on Chaotic United, I think it's time for the pendulum to swing in the other direction for a bit.


    Stay tuned.

  8. On 6/14/2021 at 1:13 AM, DontBeSoHotty said:

    But that was years ago, give me another chance man. I’ve grown up.


    You're persistent - I'll give you that.


    I'll admit - originally I wasn't going to lift the ban. However, I've thought on it a bit further and I've decided that I will give you another chance.


    I looked back on message history and found out that it was actually longer ago than I had originally thought. That time duration combined with the wide-scale messaging of seemingly everyone who is or was formerly part of the community in an effort to rejoin demonstrates at least some level of commitment. That commitment isn't something we see very often - and combined with the fairly lengthy time since the ban suggests you may indeed have changed since those times before.


    Your ban has been lifted and you are free to rejoin the Discord at 

  9. Man.


    What a wild thought - to think that it's been 10 years since Chaotic United first launched itself into the world, and to think that we've still kept it going all this time later.


    There's been a lot of people in the past who never thought CU would make it this long - some of which who may even prefer that it didn't, rather than carry on in our relatively quiet corner of the internet as we've since done. In previous anniversary posts, the tone has always been the same old tired ramblings along the lines of "we're gonna make this year the best one ever guys". I'll save those words this time around - as I've already said them enough before. What I'll do instead is give some insight on what our future plans are - even if those plans are still quite loose at the moment. I'll also give some proper credit to a few people towards the end of the post - people who, had they not showed up and stuck around, likely would've ensured that we didn't make it to our 10th year.


    History Lessons


    First and foremost, I want to share what will likely come off as "well, duh" for most of you - but is something that I've only come to fully understand over the past year or so. As many of you know, I have a borderline obsession with history. More specifically, the history of CU and any of its siblings, cousins, and other distant relatives. I've put in countless hours and a lot more money than is reasonable in an effort to preserve as much of that history as possible. The most expensive single purchase I've ever made for Chaotic United was the acquisition of the domain name. Now, you may be wondering - what's so important about the .com domain? After all, we're still on .net - so clearly it must not be that important, right?


    Well, you see, there's two major "eras" of Chaotic United. There's the "Old" Chaotic United, which refers to the original CU server and staff team from 2011 to early 2014. Then, there's the "New" Chaotic United, which refers to the re-established CU that we've been running here on from late 2014 through to the present day. The old CU operated out of, and we initially were hoping to launch under that domain as well - but at the time it was held by either Josh or Killerteddy, we never really found out for sure. So, instead, we started up on and never really left.


    After many years of it being consistently unavailable, the domain finally became available in June 2017. Sort of. Normally, domains are relatively cheap - usually 12-14 bucks a year per domain name. However, there are also such things as "premium domains". These are often older domain names that either once carried a lot of traffic, or names that are considered desirable. When one of those older, traffic-heavy names nears expiration, a premium domain reseller will often make a deal with the registrar (the site/company that the owner registered the domain with) and buy it off of them before it ever fully expires. From there, they'll make it available through them for a massive markup in price. In most cases, I'd never deal with them. In fact, several years prior, one of them got ahold of and tried to sell it for over a thousand dollars. After a few years, though, nobody bought it and it did eventually expire - at which point I snatched it back up for the standard 12 bucks for a year.


    However, was different. This was, to me, an opportunity that could not be missed. It may never become available again - some other random person or company could grab it, and any hope I'd have had for ever obtaining it would be crushed for good. On top of that, the domain was also the key to unlocking all of the preserved content on's Wayback Machine - which at this point is likely all that remains of the old CU's forums and website. I was not missing that domain. So, $800 later, I was the new owner of - and it's been that way ever since. Luckily, the high price tag was a one-time fee, and all later renewals have just been the standard rate.


    I imagine that for virtually everyone reading, that kind of money sounds absolutely batshit insane for what amounts to 3 changed letters in an address bar and URL. And for most people, yeah - it's not worth it. My point is that for me, these are reasonable and acceptable lengths to go to when it comes to preserving the history of this community. When Nuclear District shut down, the admins at ND agreed to send me a copy of their forum topics and posts, which I then was able to merge into CU's own forums - and you can see them all to this day. I've ported and re-ported old forum themes from the past and brought them into the modern day. The MC server, while certainly not identical to the old CU's server, still has all the hallmarks of the original server. You've got the same ranks, with the same perks, at the same prices. The hub is still a big biosphere, and the survival spawn even has those CU letters in the sky pulled straight from a classic CU spawn.


    However, all of this focus and emphasis on the past has, for many years, left me somewhat blind to something. Something that should have been obvious - and sometimes I even seemed to sort of get it, only for nothing to come of it. For new players, the history doesn't matter. As much as I may wish it to be different, the reality is that someone coming into CU for the first time in 2021 doesn't really have much reason to stay. The MC server certainly has a large number of features, including two dungeons and a custom ore. There's a wide variety of gamemodes, ranging from minigames to creative, from skyblock to a more purist form of survival.


    But for someone new, it's not enough. Why build in creative when there's seemingly nobody to show your creations to? Why set up shops in survival when there's no customers? Why strive to have the biggest, baddest island in skyblock when there's no obvious competition? Oh, and the minigames? Well, most of them require 2 or more players - and if you're online by yourself, that kinda limits your options. And most importantly, why stay here whenever virtually all of those gamemodes can be found elsewhere, in more populated servers?


    The uncomfortable realization I'm coming to is that, outside of some brief nostalgia for old CU veterans, or at best maybe joining the Discord which is comparatively quite lively, there isn't. For someone who is joining Chaotic United's MC server in 2021, there is virtually no reason for them to stay. We have a community, of course - CU isn't dead. But most of it lives exclusively on Discord. And if you're joining the MC server, you see a server with 0 players on, and likely decide to move on elsewhere. It's quite the sad realization, really - and certainly not the kind of thing you want to read (or write) on the 10 year anniversary post.


    The Future


    But, there's a silver lining in that realization. It is that realization that will allow us to move forward. Now, make no mistake - my fetish passion for CU's history isn't going anywhere. I don't believe that anything I've been doing in terms of preservation has been the problem. Rather, the problem is that there hasn't been much besides that. There's no reason why CU can't act as both a time capsule of its own past, and also act as an enjoyable experience in the present. After all, hasn't that been the point the entire time?


    So, the plan going forward. What is it? What does it entail? Well, we recently did a poll on Discord asking about the idea of introducing RPG elements into our survival mode - which the votes were heavily in favor of. The idea behind RPG as well as other ideas is this: to get people in the door, we need two things. One, we need something that is unique. We need a reason for people to be here and not on some other server. This concept isn't alien to us, as it's what led to the Teddy dungeon, the Magic plugin, and Durite. However, I feel that these features, while fun, aren't impactful enough to get new players hooked. Clearly they aren't - or else we'd have a bunch of people by now. The other thing we need is content that can be enjoyed alone. While it may seem counter-intuitive to join a server only to be playing a solo experience, at the end of the day - we have no real choice at the moment. If there's nobody on the server, we pretty much have to design around that. This is one of the ideas behind RPG elements, and potentially later down the line, a full-fledged RPG gamemode. These features are going to be built with both solo players and groups of friends in mind. The content should be fun alone, and it should be fun with friends. We've also got a few ideas for minigames that also follow this philosophy, though those are still in the early drafts at the moment.


    And... yeah. In terms of plans, that's all we've got at the moment. Nothing is super fleshed out yet, but this is the direction we plan to move towards going forward. Our history is, and will continue to be an important part of CU. However, we have to be more than just a large museum of our own past. We can have the museum, sure - but that museum needs to be a part of something more.


    Special Thanks


    Lastly, I feel that it's only appropriate that we list off a few key people that have helped ensure that CU made it to its 10th birthday. I won't be naming every key figure of CU, but you can find a (mostly) comprehensive list over on the Credits page.


    First up, a guy known as ntx2 - he was a former Manager/Admin of the old CU, and even hung around Nuclear District in its early days. He did a great deal of work for the old CU, many late nights staying up to fix issues and iron out bugs. Even made a couple of the old spawns, too. Without his presence, the old CU server likely would've had its playerbase drop off much faster than it did - potentially leading to an early demise. He was even the one to find me on HurricaneCraft and introduce me to Nuclear District - had he not done that, it's entirely possible that I would've never known about ND at all.


    Next up, Stoneharry - the primary developer of old CU's World of Warcraft server. While this isn't something that I ever really played on, it was still a key service of CU for many years, and one that from what I heard had quite a great deal of custom content.


    After him, Atomicbeast101 - another former Manager of old CU and the Founder of Nuclear District. He footed the bill of old CU's server in Teddy's absence, and later left to pave the road for ND to rise up and carry the torch forward - free from Teddy's attitudes and mismanagement.


    The last person I'll name here is none other than Michael, who has gone by many names over the years - LetsplaymasterDR, AwakenedRage, MysticaWare, and EpticRikez just to name a few. From 2014 to 2015, he hosted our MC server out of his own hardware - free of charge. Back then, my only other alternative would've been my Acer laptop or some weak PC - which needless to say wouldn't have made for a very fun server experience. Not only that, but he's continued to serve as a more technically-knowledge admin over the years, and for a few years up until early last year, once again paid for a dedicated server for CU - out of pocket. And if that wasn't enough, he's done something that may end up being even more significant than that just recently.


    After my continued struggles for employment, bouncing from retail job to retail job, he was able to offer me a job - creating content for a game that his studio is working on at the moment. It's a small team of only a few people, but even so he was willing to hire me on as an employee. I don't have to keep sifting job boards and hoping to find something that's tolerable at best. He's given me an opportunity to do something creative and exciting - and get paid doing it. A job that I can take pride in, and an opportunity that I feel as though I hardly deserve - an opportunity that I absolutely must not let go to waste.


    Along with those 4, I do encourage all of you to take a visit to the Credits page, the Veterans page, and the CU Timeline page - as they each have a walk-through of CU's history, naming important members of CU's past and present.


    Lastly, but most certainly not least - as cheesy as it sounds - is you. Yes, you. Each and every one of you who have stuck through, whether that be for a few weeks, months, or even years. You are the reason we have a community, the reason why despite everything that's happened, CU continues to keep on going year after year. Without you, there is no Chaotic United.


    Wrapping Up


    And with that, I suppose it's time to wrap this thing up. 10 years of Chaotic United - and hopefully at least another 10 yet to come. Whether or not we reach our goals of bringing CU back to it's former glory is something that will only be told with time. I can't (and won't) promise that this year will somehow be different than the last, but I can say that I think we're slowly but surely moving onto the right track. It may take a long while yet, but I'm not one to give up so easily. I think that, with all of us united together, anything is possible.


    Here's to the next 10 years.

  10. Hey, everyone! A fair bit of stuff has happened since the last update!




    First and foremost - we've introduced a Valheim server! This is the first real non-MC server we've had in quite some time, the last one being our ElDewrito servers. You can grab Valheim on Steam for a cozy 20 bucks - and trust me, it's worth it. The majority of those active on our Discord have been playing it a fair bit since release. It's a survival/RPG type of game, and just like Minecraft, you can build all kinds of cool stuff.


    Make no mistake, however - this game isn't a cakewalk like Minecraft. Enemies are tougher, and you won't get the best-of-the-best gear in just a few hours. Fear not, however - it isn't quite as punishing as something like Ark for instance - it manages to strike a comfortable and enjoyable balance.


    Tl;dr - it's fun, go play it and join the server! You can connect to the server with the following IP:


    In order to join, however, you'll need a password. Since there's nothing similar to Bukkit for Valheim as of yet, there's no real grief protection. In order to limit any potential for grief, the password can be found only by joining the Discord and checking the pinned messages in #valheim.


    BungeeCord Migration


    Not too long ago, we started migrating our gamemodes away from a single-server setup and into separated servers, linked together with BungeeCord. As of today, that migration is, essentially, complete. Survival and Skyblock inventories and ender chest contents were lost as we moved off from Multiverse-Inventories - something we also detailed in the last announcement and on Disord. Going forward, this will have a few nifty perks over the old setup:

    • Bugs will be easier to track down and fix
    • Lag should be reduced across the board
    • Adding new features (and new gamemodes) will be easier and more possible
    • World archives that are released after resets will be more complete, as inventories will be saved as part of the world


    Of course, we aren't done as of yet. We've still got a lot of work to do, and there's liable to be some bugs that pop up here and there. If you find them, let us know by submitting a bug report.


    Old World Archives


    We've recently released a whole bunch of old world archives that were previously just laying around on my PC. Something one of our members, @LKComputes said one night during a Discord call really stuck with me and kind of prompted this whole thing - "a private archive isn't really much of an archive".


    So, let's run through what's new on the download center!


    First and foremost, several old downloads were replaced with shiny new ones. Unlike the original uploads, these have a series of screenshots available on the download page - all taken with a lovely shader pack for maximum beauty. Additionally, something we used to do in the past was remove spawns from the Survival worlds prior to upload. We stopped doing that from 1.12 onwards, but the old worlds were still left fragmented. Well, that's no longer the case - all old worlds that had spawns removed have been restored and have their spawns fully intact. This includes both Nuclear District's 2015 survival world, as well as our own Survival worlds prior to 1.12. The only exception to this at the moment are the older worlds from Brink of Chaos - as it turns out my PC is horrendously disorganized. Once everything is gathered back up again, those will be released and restored as well. If you for whatever reason wish to download the original, spawn-less worlds, you can find them under a new "Legacy" category.


    In addition to restoring old worlds, we actually found a handful of new worlds that weren't released. This includes all previous Factions worlds, as well as the very first survival world we had from when we first started the new Chaotic United. These have all now been released and added to the collection for your enjoyment.


    During the hunt for old worlds, we also ran across some old worlds from a server you probably haven't heard of - KaizerCraft. In the early days of the Chaotic United revival, we (very briefly) merged with a server called KaizerCraft - also known as CyberCraft in the past. That server was affiliated with United AlyCraft, and we merged briefly in order to have the server run on something better than just my laptop - for context, this happened before Michael was in the picture and hosting our server. The merge didn't last long, however, due to a variety of communication issues - and we fairly quickly got out.


    Turns out, however, that when I was downloading my own stuff back to host it myself again, I'd also grabbed a bunch of worlds and server files from KaizerCraft's own server. And while that merge was brief, we've actually worked to collect a bit of its history too. The original IPs they used (,, and all point to our MC server. And hey, if I've got them, why not release them instead of sitting on them?


    The worlds were all taken on November 1st, 2014. Any changes made to the worlds after the fact won't be present, of course - and likely are long gone at this point, since most people don't obsessively hoard data like I do :lmao:


    Lastly, and certainly not least, we've released all 4 worlds from Nuclear District's first MC server, taken as of May 14th, 2014. This is currently the only known backup of those worlds - and any changes made to them after that date won't be present. This doesn't include any of the post-reset worlds - these are the first public and official worlds from ND's server. Baxter sent me these worlds back in 2015, and of course I held them close since then. Last year we hosted the server briefly and did a livestream showing everything off - even Falkerz and Alex showed up to the party. Now, you can download them and play them at your leisure.


    Wrapping Up


    Whew! Quite a bit of stuff that's been going on - and plenty more to come. As always, stay tuned - and we'll see you in the next one.

  11. What is Valheim?


    Valheim is a viking-themed survival/sandbox/RPG game that (as of writing) is still extremely new. Despite being in early access, we've gone ahead and set up an official server for it!


    If you're looking to grab Valheim, you can get it for $20 on Steam:


    Server Information


    At this time, Valheim doesn't play nicely with DNS IP addresses. When it does, you'll be able to connect using Until then, the server IP can be seen below.

    Server IP:

    Server Password: <join discord to obtain>


    Currently, the server is password protected - in order to ensure that random folk can't join and start obliterating everyone's stuff - or join in and start cheating aggressively. Normally, we'd have some kind of plugin or server feature to allow for land claiming - but since the game is so new, there's no real custom server software like Bukkit for Valheim as of yet - and there may not be for some time. You can find the password by checking the pinned messages on Discord in the #valheim channel.


    Server Rules

    Server rules can be found under "Valheim Server Rules" on our rules page:

    • Do not grief or otherwise destroy/alter other player's builds without permission
    • Do not bring cheated or otherwise illegitimate items into the server
    • Do not join the server with an inappropriate, profane, or racist character name
  12. Important Update - 2/12/2021


    On our Discord server, a poll was hosted to determine how we approach SkyBlock and Survival inventories. The original plan (as reflected in the topic) was to postpone migrating either of those gammeodes until 1.17 - at which point both would be reset.


    The community poll voted instead for a 14-day grace period to allow players to store their inventories in chests in order for their contents to be safe. We'll be going forward with this approach with the 14 day clock starting now.


    On February 26th (or the most recent time after that date where I have time to perform the migration), Survival and SkyBlock inventories will be reset, with the worlds remaining unaltered. Survival is still most likely going to reset with 1.17 due to worldgen changes, but SkyBlock will NOT be reset with 1.17.


    The gamemodes will be broken away into their own self-contained servers, much like how Creative and Minigames work as of today - at which the main server as it is currently known will act primarily as the default hub.


    The following data will be PERMANENTLY LOST after the reset:

    • Inventory and Armor contents
    • XP Levels (take a screenshot of your XP at the moment and we'll restore it manually afterwards)
    • Ender Chest contents
  13. Important Update - 2/12/2021


    On our Discord server, a poll was hosted to determine how we approach SkyBlock and Survival inventories. The original plan (as reflected in the topic) was to postpone migrating either of those gammeodes until 1.17 - at which point both would be reset.


    The community poll voted instead for a 14-day grace period to allow players to store their inventories in chests in order for their contents to be safe. We'll be going forward with this approach with the 14 day clock starting now.


    On February 26th (or the most recent time after that date where I have time to perform the migration), Survival and SkyBlock inventories will be reset, with the worlds remaining unaltered. Survival is still most likely going to reset with 1.17 due to worldgen changes, but SkyBlock will NOT be reset with 1.17.


    The gamemodes will be broken away into their own self-contained servers, much like how Creative and Minigames work as of today - at which the main server as it is currently known will act primarily as the default hub.


    The following data will be PERMANENTLY LOST after the reset:

    • Inventory and Armor contents
    • XP Levels (take a screenshot of your XP at the moment and we'll restore it manually afterwards)
    • Ender Chest contents


    Hey, everyone! Got some updates for you folks regarding BungeeCord!


    As of today, Minigames and Creative have been broken off into their own separate servers. The original plan was to get CUWarps rewritten (and working inter-server), as well as getting cross-server /tp and /tpa working before doing this. However, in the interest of bringing optimizations and improvements sooner rather than later, we've gone ahead and done this early.


    What does this mean?


    Let's start with the good news. Any potential lag should be much less noticeable and less frequent. Anytime someone is doing a big WorldEdit (which can sometimes briefly freeze the server), the effects of that will only be felt within the server it was done in. So, if someone does a big WorldEdit in Creative, people in other gamemodes won't be affected whatsoever. And the major one - bugs should both be less common, and be easier to diagnose/fix.


    However, a few things are still in the works that leave things in a sort of limbo state at the moment. The most immediate one being warps. As of right now, warps for Minigames and Creative will only work if you are already in the appropriate server. This will only be a temporary issue, as the end goal is to rewrite CUWarps entirely and fully replace Essentials' warp system in favor of something based around MySQL instead of a bunch of .yml files - and in doing so, make warps work between servers.


    Additionally, mail is also not yet available between servers. This, too, will be fixed in due time. It isn't a super high priority as it seems as if mail isn't used that often, but y'know - just in case.


    Lastly, you'll notice that the Play menu (compass) and Donation Store items that you previously had within the Hub are now replaced with 'Unavailable' items. The donation store item referred to the old CraftingStore shop - which isn't in active use anymore, and the Play menu won't work with any BungeeCord commands. We'll be getting that entire plugin replaced with something a bit better, though regrettably it's quite likely that the menus won't have the same level of depth as before.


    However, there is one major part of this migration that has yet to be completed - and one that depends on your immediate action.


    Survival & SkyBlock


    Previously, we've relied on Multiverse to allow for multiple gamemodes within a single server. This generally worked fine, however as time has gone on, things have degraded enough to where it's begun to negatively impact the player experience. The two main issues are with Nether Portals within Survival and SkyBlock, and a rare (but yet still has happened twice since 1.13) issue that would wipe a single player's inventory contents.


    The Nether Portal issue has been the most extreme in SkyBlock, where players for whatever reason just would not spawn in the right portal. They would often spawn either on the wrong island, or on a random portal attached to the Nether roof. This may come as a shock, but this isn't intentional at all (/s). Wind tried to fix the issue with a custom plugin called CUNetherPortalPatch, and while it seemed to help in Survival, it hasn't worked so well in SkyBlock.


    But like before, this has both a good side and a bad side.


    The good news is that, since these gamemodes now live within their own, isolated servers, Multiverse is no longer required for those gamemodes. Which means that once it is removed, the issues above should be virtually nonexistent (excluding any other plugin or MC bugs).


    The bad news is that there is no way to migrate existing inventory data out of Multiverse. This means that, in order to leave Multiverse behind, an inventory reset will be required. As such, SkyBlock and Survival still use Multiverse and continue to live within the Main MC server - and will continue doing so until 1.17. This does mean that that the above issues will persist until the next world reset - and that both worlds will in fact reset with 1.17. The original plan was to avoid resetting SkyBlock, but this move has more or less mandated it. Don't worry, as with all past resets the old worlds will be preserved and made available for download - and we'll try to not reset SkyBlock for a while after this. See notice at top of topic for information.


    Closing Thoughts


    It's been an interesting process to finally migrate things over to BungeeCord - and we aren't fully done yet. But this marks a significant step forward in making sure the server will be more reliable, stable and just overall better in the future. As with any major change - if you find any bugs, let us know by submitting a bug reportDon't just tell me - I've always got at least 47 things going on, and if you expect me to remember a bug you happen to toss my way casually, chances are I'll forget about it entirely after 20 minutes. So, please - use the bug tracker. It makes life easier for both of us, and helps ensure that the bugs can actually be tracked - and thus actually get fixed. It may seem like a bit of extra and unnecessary work on your part, but having proper bug reports make it much easier for me to diagnose and fix issues - as well as not have to rely on my seemingly shoddy memory to remember each and every one.


    Oh, and if you happen to recall any old bugs that you want to submit - try and reproduce it again now that we've migrated. Some of the older issues just might be fixed as a result of all this. If they still happen, then by all means - submit it!


    That's all we've got for now, folks! Stay tuned for additional updates as some of the kinks get ironed out and we work through the growing pains.

  14. Here, you can find a list of any old pages which have been replaced, removed, or are otherwise no longer being updated.
    It is entirely possible that these links will break over time. If any of the links below fail to work for any reason, you are encouraged to submit a bug report. Chances are, the page still exists somewhere - we just moved it during some mass organization effort.


    Please keep in mind that these pages are NOT being updated. Many of them WILL contain outdated or inaccurate information. They were removed/replaced for a reason.


    The pages listed below are limited to pages that are contained within the Forums system. See the other Archived Page Indexes for more archived pages:

    • Main Site Archives: <TBA>
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    Error Pages


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    Informational Pages




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    Miscellaneous Pages

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  15. Howdy, folks! Nothing too crazy or significant, but for those of you who are at all interested in old topics and posts (both from the modern day CU and ND), we've just made a large portion of our archives public.


    ND and CU have pretty much always had an Archive subforum, but up until now it was strictly for Managers and above. However, after further consideration, I decided that doesn't really make sense for the vast majority of the content contained within.


    Some content (content that would've otherwise been deleted from the public for one reason or another) is still private, but other content (such as discussion of old servers which don't exist anymore) is now entirely public.


    You can view the newly public archives at Enjoy!

  16. Hey, everyone!


    As you've probably guessed by the title - Semi-Vanilla has returned! Unlike the original iteration of Semi-Vanilla (which, if you weren't around then, was more geared as an experiment), this time Semi-Vanilla will be remaining as a permanent feature of CU's server going forward.


    As with the original server, most of the cheat-y perks from the various ranks are disabled here. The only perks you'll get are cosmetic perks (things like /nick, /me, etc), with the only exception being that all Donation ranks will have access to /craft. The goal is to create something that's relatively close to vanilla survival, with a few comforts added in. You'll be able to claim land and create shops - as well as earn money from mining and killing mobs.


    Additionally, we've introduced a brand new hub to the server as well to go along with this change. Feel free to explore the hub and spawn - they're some of the best spawns we've brought forward in a while, as they were built by our build team - the same team that brought you most of the newer minigame maps as well as the Teddy Dungeon.

    That's all we've got for now - I won't keep you waiting. Go check out Semi-Vanilla! As usual, if any issues come up, let us know or submit a bug report. Otherwise, have fun!

  17. Hey, everyone! Just within the past day, we've taken the first step on migrating CU's server to a BungeeCord setup. There's a lot of technical talk about that in here, what it will entail, and how our plan has changed from the original goal.


    Additionally, we've got some details on my break as well as the current status of my job. If any of that interests you, keep on reading.


    My Break


    As most of you also know, I took a fairly long break from working on CU stuff due to some drama and other nonsense that transpired towards the end of summer. Those events, combined with me already growing stressed and tired due to the seemingly insurmountable pile of bugs, as well as a desire to go back to working on Blamite, led me to finally retreat into Elaztek. Unfortunately, it seems that while I was gone, player counts have begun to drop back down again. They haven't plummeted to 0, but they've gotten uncomfortably close. Granted, I don't think this is entirely my fault, but there's no doubt that my departure contributed to this.


    Now, for those of you who have been around for years, you likely have seen me do similar things before - and me taking a few months off here and there tends to be somewhat ordinary at this point. However, there's a lot of new faces around this year - and to them, the thought of me taking multiple months off seems absurd. I want to try and explain my thought process on this. Let me start by saying that yes, I am well aware that these breaks are not ideal. Ideally, I'd have things set up in such a way that, when I feel the need to take these breaks, the server doesn't have to come to a grinding halt. I know this - but I don't know of any way to solve it in the immediate future.


    My primary reason for taking these breaks is to avoid the same trap that the staff of old CU and ND fell into. People like Alex, Nik, Kendev, ntx2, and many more all devoted everything to CU for a few years. Whether they loved it or hated it, they gave it their all pretty much nonstop for years. But after those few years, they were done - and they never came back. The only significant figure of old CU/ND staff who's really still around is Nuke (aka, Atomicbeast101) - but even he isn't exactly considered active. He's still largely moved on with his life - only coming in when he feels the urge to do so, or if his advice in particular is being sought after. But everyone else? They're pretty much gone. The most I've seen from the others is a single drop-in after a few years, followed by departure.


    I don't mean to say it's a bad thing per se. People move on with their lives - that's a given. But me? I genuinely don't see myself ever truly wanting to leave. Maybe I'll change my mind someday, but I easily see myself still doing something here in another 10 years. What I fear is going too hard too fast and burning myself out - to such a point where I too want to wash my hands of CU and move on with my life.


    I don't want to do that. I never want to do that. While I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who would love to keep CU going, and even people who may do it better than I did - I don't know of anyone who would be willing to commit to it this long term. I've been doing this more or less consistently since 2014. I've taken breaks during that time, yes - but I'm still here. I still do my best to ensure the continued growth and survival of Chaotic United. I may not be the best when it comes to carrying this torch, but I sure as hell won't ever let go of it. I don't know if anyone else out there would be willing to do something for 6 years - all while seeing such limited success. I'd imagine most people would call it quits a year in if their server only brought in 4-5 people.


    But even if someone else out there could and would do what I do - I love this community. As small as it may be, Chaotic United has been a part of my life for nearly half of it. I first joined in January 2012, and almost 9 years later I'm still here, still playing on CU. I don't want to let it go, and I don't want to burn myself out to such a degree where I can't bring myself to even touch it again. And this isn't just me either - the advice "remember, this isn't a job" has been given to me pretty regularly since I began, often from those same people who have since moved on from it. And it's that approach that leads to these extended breaks.


    I haven't, and likely never will treat CU as a job. When it begins to feel like one, I know that means it's time to step away for a little while. Ideally, I'd have things in place so that when those times come, it doesn't inevitably lead to the server suffering. This is a problem that likely won't go away anytime soon - but one that I eventually hope to nail down and resolve. But it's something that can only happen with time.


    If you're upset at that fact, I'm sorry. I understand if some of you are irritated that I don't commit 150% into CU like those who came before me - but I try to look at it from the broader scheme of things. Is it better if I burn myself out and end up deciding to close CU after a year or two of that? Or is it better if, while I may take long breaks here and there, I am able to stick around and keep pushing forward for potentially another decade, if not more? I lean towards the latter, but hey - that's just me.


    The good news is that this topic also marks the formal conclusion to my previous break. I am officially back to working on CU stuff again. I've got a lot of stuff planned (as always), and for those who read my previous announcement, this may come as quite a surprise. What happened to that job where I was working 60 hours a week? Well...


    My New Job 2.0


    If you're active on Discord, you likely have heard the news. I quit USPS after just a week. Yeah, I know. It's kind of pathetic, but not without justification.


    The job at USPS was not only physically demanding, but also mentally taxing as well. In addition to effectively lifting weights for 8 hours a day (at least), you also had to keep your mind on about 8 things at once. That detail, combined with something I should've known from the very beginning, led to me taking a rapid exit before things got too crazy. What was that other thing I should've known? The fact that I am not willing to work 48-60+ hours a week. I imagine that for many people out there who don't have a ton of other stuff going on in their lives, they can afford to devote hours upon hours to work. But me? I've got enough on my plate to stay busy without any job at all - so in retrospect, accepting a job that would demand more than 40 hours a week was a fairly dumb decision on my part.


    So, if I knew that going in, why did I go through with it? Why accept it only to quit after a week?


    Two reasons: One, I had the idea that as a PSE, aka a Mail Processing Clerk, that the job would be largely non-physical. Maybe it's just me, but when I think of the term "clerk", I think of an office clerk or something similar to that. I don't imagine lifting these heavy things nonstop for 8-12 hours a day. I expected that I'd be doing occasional lifting, with the bulk of the job being standing or sitting somewhere, sorting letters into slots. What's worse is that I didn't have anything to go against that until my 4th day at the job. The first two days were orientation, the third was supposed to be training but we ended up being shoved into doing work for a whole different position, and the 4th day was the first day doing our actual training.


    The second reason was largely more to do with it - the pay. I would be making $18.15/hr, and that detail alone had me distracted and justifying anything else to myself and to those around me. I was so fixated on that hourly rate that I forgot my own personal beliefs and values. I've always been of the mindset that time is infinitely more valuable than money. I'd rather make enough to get by and be able to enjoy my time out of work, rather than dedicate 20-30 years of my life to work and do little else. I want to enjoy my youth as best as I can, I don't want to wait until my body is falling apart after decades of abuse to finally enjoy myself.


    But fear not - for I've already landed a new job: I'll be a cart attendant at Walmart. Yes, I'm going back to Walmart ladies and gentlemen. And yes, this will still be a very physical job - but the difference is that it will only be physical. Mentally, I can essentially tune out aside from ensuring I don't get run over or shove a bunch of carts into a vehicle. Along with that, you're largely left alone as long as you're doing your job well. It doesn't pay as great as USPS, but it starts at $11/hr, which is fairly decent all things considered - and assuming my hours are decent, will still leave me doing pretty okay once things stabilize. Not only that, but I'll have a much better work/life balance that I wouldn't have had at USPS.


    Most of all, however, the job itself is something that I not only have experience with, but is something that I could honestly see myself growing to enjoy. I did it for an hour at a time twice a day back at Schnucks, and out of everything I did there - I enjoyed pushing carts the most. I liked the freedom and peace you had when you were out there just left alone. And that was during the winter, too - the weather I enjoy being out in the least. For those unaware, I'm a bit weird in the sense that I really like being in hot weather. I've routinely gone on walks in over 100 degree heat, and while I finish those hour long walks drenched in sweat, I always felt good during and after them. I don't know why, but for me - sweating genuinely feels good. Maybe it's just the feeling of accomplishment from having done something to make me sweat rather than the sweat itself - who knows. I enjoy the heat, sun, and rain - and I can tolerate cold and snow. All of that combined makes me think that, after the initial adjustment phase of getting used to being on my feet that many hours a day, I'll actually like the job. I find myself honestly looking forward to that first day pushing carts in the heat - as weird as that sounds.


    The point of all of this is that I've switched jobs, and with this job, I'll still have time to dedicate to CU and/or Elaztek. In other words, everything in that previous topic about me not being around to do stuff? Forget about it - that's all null and void as of now.


    But enough job talk - let's get technical and talk about this renewed plan for BungeeCord!




    In the past, I've been both gung-ho and also extremely hesitant to start jumping ship to BungeeCord. I always knew in the back of my head that it'd become a requirement for continued feature and player growth, but for a while I figured we'd be fine up to 60 or more players. However, there were a couple brief times earlier this year where we hit 15 players - and the TPS dropped from 20 to 17. TPS, aka Ticks Per Second, is used to measure how fast or slow the server is running. Minecraft natively runs at 20 ticks per second, so 19-20 TPS is considered perfect. 17 is playable, but lag is noticeable. 15 and below starts to become very frustrating, and anything below 10 is usually considered unplayable by most.


    You may recall some of the issues with BungeeCord - namely that things begin to feel more sparse and separated. Things that people take for granted just don't work between servers, so for me that was a deal-breaker. Not only that, but getting those features introduced would take months... so why is BungeeCord already here?


    Well, upon reflection, I've decided to adjust how these changes will come into the server. The original plan was to get everything accounted for, then split off all the gamemodes at once and shove the entire transformed server out at once. I think that grouping everything into this umbrella made me feel more hesitant to start to tackle it, due to just how much work was attached to this - which in turn sapped my motivation to even do it. This is what led me to shelf it repeatedly.


    The new plan is to, instead, introduce these changes gradually over time. As of today - Chat, Ranks, Announcements, WorldEdit schematics, and the tab menu are cross-server. As time goes on, things like Mail, Player-to-Player Teleportation, Warps, and CUEmotes will become cross-server as well. These will be developed and rolled out as time goes on. Once these core features are made to work between servers, gamemodes will be broken away from the main server, until eventually every gamemode has been sectioned off into its own server. Make no mistake - this will all take a while still. However, doing it as a gradual rollout means that you'll see these changes gradually come into effect, and it means that new gamemodes (like Semi-Vanilla) will be available sooner, rather than having them held back until the surrounding components are ready.


    As of now, there are three servers available, currently accessible using /server:


    Hub/Waiting Room (hub)


    This server will act as a fallback in the event that one of the other servers is restarted or crashes. At the moment, restarts will unfortunately still kick users outright, but at some point we plan to get this solved. Here, you'll find a modified version of the hub that we used when we were merged with Nuclear District, and they still had their own server. It's kind of been a tradition that every time we've had BungeeCord setup that we end up bringing this old hub back - so why should this be any different?


    Semi-Vanilla (sv)


    Once everything is ready, this is where you'll go to play Semi-Vanilla. Much like when we had it before, it's server name is simply sv. It will be largely comparable to the original Semi-Vanilla server - no advantageous perks for donating, no crazy custom items, just a vanilla survival experience with economy and grief protection. You know - the basics. The only significant change is that unlike before, you'll still have your same rank on this server - as ranks are synchronized between servers. You'll have the basic cosmetic perks (like /me, chat colors, etc), but all of the real perks will remain locked to Survival.


    As of right now, you won't be able to do anything here. We've still got some work to do before Semi-Vanilla is ready. When that day comes, expect an announcement all about that.


    Main Server (cu)


    This is the main server, and it's largely unchanged from before. As of right now, all the gamemodes are currently within this server. Over time, however, gamemodes will be broken off into their own separate servers - at which point this server will likely act as a true hub server, and might contain some of the other miscellaneous stuff (such as builder world for instance).


    Also in keeping with tradition, the server name was kept as cu - since back when we were merged with Nuclear District, this was the name that our server got. This is one of those other things that has largely remained unchanged every time we've messed with BungeeCord before.


    Other Changes


    A few other smaller changes have been made that are notable, but don't really warrant a full section of their own. So, let's go through them here.




    First off, you'll likely notice that some branding has been updated within MC. Since 2013, CU has rocked a Cyan and White color scheme within in-game messages. Outside of this, however, we've mostly stuck to a regular blue color. As of 1.16, Minecraft now supports hexadecimal color codes. What this means is that we are no longer limited to the 16 colors available, but that we can now use any color we could possibly want - including the exact shade of Blue that we use on CU's forums. After holding a poll, the overwhelming majority of the community voted to use this Blue color instead of Cyan - so you'll start seeing more and more Blue instead of Cyan. This won't be a universal change starting out, as some plugins don't yet support these color codes. Along with that, all of our custom plugins have the CU branding hard-coded in, and many of them will keep their existing Cyan branding for the time being. As time goes on (most likely when each of these plugins receives an unrelated update), the branding will be changed to the new Blue color scheme.






    Since dynmap doesn't have any native support for BungeeCord either, we have to have separate dynmap instances for each server which uses it. In order to ensure the livemap continues to be easy to use, you'll now see a navigation bar when viewing the map on Desktop, which lets you switch between the different dynmap pages for each server, as well as return to the Forums or Homepage. Right now, the only options are the Main server and Semi-Vanilla, but this will expand as gamemodes get broken off into separate servers.


    Announcement Plugin Port


    Since 2014, we've been using the same Announcement plugin that I found on BukkitDev one day. It hasn't been maintained past 1.8, so I've been keeping it updated myself since then. Since it's such a simple plugin, I tried to see if it was possible to port the entire plugin to BungeeCord - that way, announcements would display cross-server (and that way the same message would be broadcast). Turns out, yes! With the only major changes being how configuration files are written/read, the old plugin never did anything that depended on Bukkit APIs that didn't also have an equivalent in BungeeCord (since it was just chat). This doesn't mean a whole lot to you guys, but I thought it was neat that this old Bukkit plugin was able to be completely ported to an entirely different API.


    Redesigned Tab Menu


    Since our old tab menu plugin lacked BungeeCord support, we needed to find a new plugin. And boy, did we find one. This new tab menu is everything I wanted the tab menu to be back in the day. Have a look for yourself:


    Old Menu




    New Menu




    The old animations were easy to migrate over, it has support for the new hex colors, and you can do a lot more with it than you could with the old plugin. Not only does it group players depending on what server they're in, but a few useful stats will always show at the top and bottom of the list. Additionally, you'll notice that usernames display differently as well. Each username will display in a different color depending on what rank they are - a feature that has been absent since Nuclear District's original MC server in 2014. Along with that, staff members will have a gold star (yes i know it looks like a snowflake, its an 8-spoke star) next to their name, and AFK users will have a gray hourglass next to their name. They're small additions, but ones that I think are pretty neat.


    Contextual Information in Chat


    Try hovering over a player's rank prefix or username in chat - you'll find something new! If you hover over someone's username, you'll see a few stats (as of their message) and you can click their name to start sending a message. If you hover over their rank prefix, you can get some information about that rank - be it what they do, or how to earn it.


    User Tooltip




    Rank Tooltip





    Wrapping Up


    Whew - another nice and lengthy announcement update in the bag! A few other minor changes were made here and there, but if you're interested in those you'll need to check the full changelog. Otherwise, that's all we've got for now. Hopefully, we'll have another one of these coming sooner rather than later.

  18. From 2013 to 2014, haloman30 (CU's primary owner/maintainer) operated several older sites on another platform that predate the current site and forums. Most of these were more related to Elaztek Studios' origins, but several sites for United AlyCraft and Chaotic United, as well as an early site for HurricaneCraft (then known as HurricaneGaming) - though this wasn't owned by haloman30 but was instead likely run by Jamplifier (HurricaneCraft's founder).


    Unlike Elaztek or Chaotic United's modern websites, which are more or less custom built - that is, run on a proper webserver with full control over site content and applications - these older websites were created using Webs (, which is an easy-to-use site builder service. They offer very limited control over what you can do, but are intended to make it so that those without the knowledge or experience to operate their own webserver were able to create a basic website.


    Those websites got very little development and were officially retired once Elaztek Studios was launched. The websites have since only been maintained enough to ensure they continue to exist (in other words, periodically logging into the Webs account to ensure they weren't automatically removed).


    However, on November 11, 2020, Webs announced that they would be shutting their doors and migrating all content over to Vistaprint - the parent company of Webs. However, only Premium Webs customers would have their content migrated over. Those who didn't have premium websites were told that their site would no longer be viewable or editable:



    As of March 31, 2021, you will no longer be able to edit or view the published version of your free website hosted with Webs. We are so sorry for the inconvenience to you and would love to continue serving you as our customer under the Vistaprint brand,where our packages start at just $5 per month. We also offer design services to move your site to Vistaprint or create a brand new site for you.


    In order to preserve the old websites (as awful as they are, seeing as they were made by a 13 year old), the websites were mirrored using WinHTTrack and will be hosted on our own webserver going forward. You can find all 6 Webs sites that were previously operated by haloman30 below, though not all of them were related to CU.


    Please keep in mind that, again, the quality of the websites are terrible. They were made by a 13 year old and, as such, contain some pretty dumb stuff and weird claims - and have been unaltered from those early iterations. Additionally, keep in mind that these websites are read-only. Several of them used to contain account and forum functionality, but these are dependent on Webs' backend systems - which are not available for these archives. As such, logging in, registering, or any other user content will simply do nothing. Think Wayback Machine.


    Enjoy - if you can.


    Elaztek Studios


    Haloman Development




    Project: Infinity


    Chaotic United


    Chaotic United


    United Alycraft


    Hurricane Gaming (HurricaneCraft) (not owned by haloman30)





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