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Status Updates posted by haloman30

  1. Error 522: Connection timed out

  2. profile picture is 11/10

    1. Ace_McCloud


      Thanks! Mister Chief is usually my go to for gaming profiles.

    2. haloman30


      an excellent choice

  3. Well, the year is almost over. In fact, the entire decade is nearly over.


    Let's make 2020 not just the start of a new year, or even a new decade - but the start of new era for Chaotic United.

  4. boy this enhanced status updates plugin reminds me of something


    but i just cant put my finger on it




  5. tfw you go from dripping sweat one day to being cold on the next


    thanks weather and thanks house for absorbing heat like nobody's business

  6. oh and also status updates (and replies) show on discord now :^)

    1. haloman30



      hell ye brother


      also heres a weird status i posted yesterday :lmao:

    2. alycat


      whaaa wild


  7. is it weird that i shampoo my armpit hair

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    2. haloman30


      i shampoo down there too, maybe i should try condition on my armpit hair and the hair down there too 🤔


      but yea idk it doesn't feel that humid, ive heard other people who live in humid areas say its awful and unbearable, but i dont feel miserable or otherwise stuffy when i go outside


      then again i like to sweat so maybe that has something to do with it too 

    3. alycat


      I didnt feel stuffy or miserable or sweatty or the humidity in ky where Im from till I left for a long time.

    4. haloman30


      yea i've basically never left the state so that's probably why i don't notice it - i've never not been in humidity



    i fixed my link embedding issue, turns out it was just fuckING COOKIES

  9. beat saber is p good

  10. i have linked your account to your old ND posts and such, enjoy your 367 content count 👏

    1. Alex


      Oshit, the nostalgia 🎉

  11. wow this shit finally works properly again

  12. if you jingle my bells i'll show you a white christmas

    1. esponshadow1


      that's gay though

    2. GuitarXpress


      Not gonna lie, took me 6 days to get the joke

    3. haloman30


      @esponshadow1 its not gay if a girl does it ;D


      @HeyImJ0hn top kek


  14. A new year has arrived! And with it, a new year for Chaotic United!

  15. Your cover photo is just the eyes of a girl staring into my soul

    idk how to feel

    1. Blizz


      A ♥♥♥♥ing sexy girl

    2. haloman30


      A fucking sexy not-so-high-resolution girl

    3. Blizz
  16. Welcome back to Chaotic United everyone!

  17. horray now basically everyone can get ranks on MC c:

  18. Next up: Paid advertising? GUIS DON8 I CANT BUY ADS WITHOUT U ;_;

    1. Mikey


      I'll donate for that :D

    2. Baxman
  19. Dem feels when someone was a fake girl for 2 years o.o

  20. /emoticons/Installed_smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="/emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20">

  21. I think everyone i've spoken to within the past few days can agree it's been a rough ride the last few days. If you are still troubled now by the weekend's events, you are not alone. ;-;

    1. esponshadow1


      Yes, it has been. ;-;