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  1. + Added an informational page to for any future visitors * Restored a portion of the old Legendary Island website to - Removed Killerteddy
  2. + Added the following blocks to Durite Pickaxe extra-break: Calcite, Tuff, Deepslate, Cobbled Deepslate, Dripstone Block * Updated CUCraftingPlus to 1.3.3 * Fixed a very overpowered bug that could result in massive item duplication when crafting custom items * Fixed a bug where players could not shift-click custom items out of crafting tables if they had an item on their cursor - Removed Killerteddy
  3. * Fixed mob spawning not being enabled in Benefactor * Fixed spectators being able to teleport to players, regardless of whether tptoggle is enabled * Fixed Ravagers being able to destroy blocks in Survival - Removed Killerteddy
  4. * Updated CUCraftingPlus 1.3.2 * Fixed a bug where breakable items would not break when their durability reached 0 - Removed Killerteddy
  5. * Updated CUCraftingPlus to 1.3.1 * Fixed Longshot and Durashot not being repairable in an Anvil * Fixed Hookshot upgrades not being applicable to the Longshot and Durashot * Increased Hookshot stuck timeout from 10 ticks to 20 ticks (0.5 seconds to 1 seconds) * Fixed Upgrade Station not returning Amethyst Shards when closing the UI * Fixed Anvil not being able to repair custom items properly * Fixed Anvil not having any Experience costs for repairing custom items - Removed Killerteddy
  6. Below are the recipes for the Hookshot, Longshot, and Durashot. Also included is the recipe for the Upgrade Station - since as of right now the in-game recipe browser is not available. Hookshot Longshot Durashot Upgrade Station
  7. + Added Upgrade Station + Added Hookshot (range of 16) + Added Longshot (range of 32) + Added Durashot (range of 128) * Updated CUCraftingPlus to 1.3.0 * Spawned ingredients can no longer be used to craft custom items (ie, Durite Tools/Armor, Upgrade Station, etc) - Removed Killerteddy
  8. To my knowledge you shouldn't actually be banned. Make sure you're using 1.18.2 and connecting to, we aren't updated yet.
  9. This update includes changes from the past couple days that were not recorded on the date in which they were made. Also it's my birthday so that's pretty cool, 23 now wooooo i feel no different * Updated CUCraftingPlus to 1.2.7 * Fixed players not being able to toggle extrabreak state on Durite Axe * Fixed Durite Hammer causing mobs to target player when used in Creative mode * Fixed an issue where users with /gamemode would have their gamemode reset upon relogging in Survival, SkyBlock, and Hub (cu) - Removed Killerteddy
  10. One last update on this situation now that 1.19.1 has officially released: We've done some early testing with Spigot and are happy to confirm that we are able to disable chat reporting entirely through the use of a special plugin. Once we update (which will likely still be a few weeks or so), absolutely no chat reporting will be possible within CU. We can also confirm that there won't be any gross or ugly formatting applied onto it either, like we thought was going to be the case based on earlier vanilla testing. You'll notice a grey line on the left side of all chat messages, but that's it. So once again for any of you folks worried about 1.19.1 and its chat reporting, we can say with 100% certainty that it will have zero impact on our MC server.
  11. + All users now have access to use colors in chat - Removed Killerteddy
  12. * Fixed Grifblock map 'cryolab' not having invisible barriers on the ceiling, allowing players to potentially get out of bounds * Fixed TheRedCore map 'sandy' not being playable - Removed Killerteddy
  13. + Added toolbar button: Inline Code (Staff only) + Added navigation icons for the following items: Gitlab, Minecraft Analytics, Sentry - Removed Killerteddy
  14. * Updated PGGrifblock to 1.1.0 * Updated CUCraftingPlus to 1.2.6 * /gb leave can now be used to stop spectating * Grifblock spectators can now see the game score * Fixed /gb leave not displaying any message when not in an arena * Fixed Durite armor not showing particles when * Durite burst power level now resets if durite armor is removed - Removed Killerteddy
  15. + Added announcement informing players of /glist + Added Vanilla portal in hub * Updated CUBungee from 1.4.1 to 1.4.3 * Made /pwarp an alias of /warp * Changed tablist size from 68 to 60 * Fixed some minor terrain holes in hub * Teleport commands now support partial usernames (ie, you can /tpa halo to send a tp request to haloman30) * Updated most official warps to display as official warps - Removed a large amount of legacy, non-functional warps (from 370 down to 172, 198 removed warps) - Removed server categories from tab list - Removed Killerteddy
  16. Hey, everyone! After hearing me talk about it for months at this point - and after over a year since the BungeeCord migration was considered "complete", cross-server warps and teleportation is now in the server. # User-experience changes (/pwarp > /warp consolidation, case sensetivity, buywarps) Using the new Warps System The new warps system consolidates the old CUWarps and Essentials warps systems into one, unified system. You may previously recall that you had both the /pwarp and /warp commands. Now, everything is under /warp - no need for /pwarp anymore. Warp management has been redone and can be managed using /mywarps. This will allow you to purchase warps, warp aliases, and manage your existing ones. What are warp aliases, you might ask? Warp aliases are a new addition to allow for easier management of, well, aliases. For those times where you might want multiple warps pointing to the same spot, you can now purchase aliases for warps - and manage all of them as a single warp. At this time, aliases do not show in /warp list - though this may be changed at a later date. You might also notice some blue warps in the /warp list. These are "Official" warps. Any warps that go to server-specific locations (such as spawns, /warp help, and other such locations) are classified as official warps. Other than being displayed differently in the warp list, there's nothing different about these. Restricted Servers Something you may notice when trying to manage warps or teleport, you'll find in some cases that you are unable to. The new plugin has a configurable list of servers where the players within cannot be teleported to. This currently includes Minigames, Vanilla, and Factions. You also won't be able to manage warps here, either. You are able to teleport out of these servers, but not back in - after all, it'd be pretty rough if you were able to teleport to someone's faction or vanilla base, or to a minigame arena in progress, right? That's cool and all... but why the wait? Ah yes. The question I'm sure many of you are wondering - why exactly did this seemingly simple feature take over a year to make a reality? Well, there's a few different reasons - let's go through them all individually. Bungee-Bukkit Communication For starters, it's important to recognize that BungeeCord and Bukkit (in other words, any of the individual gamemodes - like survival, skyblock, creative, etc) have virtually no way to talk to each other. BungeeCord only knows what server a player is connected to, and can connect them to another server if needed. BungeeCord has no knowledge of what world a player is in, nor their coordinates or anything like that. Additionally, the only default method of communicating between the two involves using the player as a vehicle to carry that data. In other words, if no player is on to switch between those servers, data cannot be transmitted. So, the plugin we made requires that we build our own communication method - which thankfully, isn't as hard as it sounds. We used something called Redis - which both BungeeCord and Bukkit can listen to and monitor - and it allows for the two to communicate almost instantly. And as a result of this... Code Complexity and Motivation ... the code for what would normally be a simple Bukkit plugin became three separate Eclipse projects: CUBungee - The BungeeCord plugin that we've been using for a number of general-purpose features, and would house most of the warp and teleport functionality. CUBungeeBukkitBridge - A plugin which sits on each Bukkit server (each gamemode) and responds to messages from BungeeCord. CUBungeeCommon - A library shared by both CUBungee and CUBungeeBukkitBridge, containing a number of common classes used by both projects. Additionally, it took a very long time to find a system of communication that was maintainable. The root issue with most of the previous approaches was that the old setup required bouncing around to different parts of code. All of the business of /setwarp wasn't in a class or file named Setwarp, like you'd expect - but instead, everything after the first message sent from BungeeCord was done in a completely different part of code. For comparison - setting a warp in Bukkit involves the following steps: Get the current location of the player Construct a new warp with player's current location (and provided inputs for name and such) Register new warp That's it. Now - with BungeeCord - what does that look like? Find out what server the player is in Ask that server where the player's location is Wait for the reply Check the reply to see if the response was valid If valid, construct a new warp with the player's location (and once again, provided inputs for name and privacy) Register new warp And for fun - what about teleporting to a warp in BungeeCord? Get the warp the player wants to teleport to Find out what server the warp points to Ask that server if the world the warp has exists Wait for reply Check reply to see if world exists If so, instruct server to teleport the player to the warp's location upon login Connect the player to the warp's server Whew - that's quite the process. What about in Bukkit, though? Get the warp the player wants to teleport to Check if the world exists If so, teleport player to warp location As you can likely tell - the BungeeCord procedures for all of this are significantly more complex than if it was all done within a single Bukkit server. This complexity is unavoidable - however as described before, I was writing the code in a way that made this entire procedure a lot more painful than it had to be. Eventually, I came up with the idea of transforming the original message into the reply - allowing me to simply wait for the reply within the same part of code. As such, everything needed for the /setwarp command could all be done within the same file. This simple re-contextualization is all that was needed to make the codebase more maintanable. I also have to credit @GuitarXpress here as well - as he helped point out one critical issue which was causing me a major headache where I was observing what I could only describe as quantum mechanics in Minecraft. I had a point where the reply messages would ALWAYS time out waiting for a reply. Which was bad - because if I couldn't get a reply, then the entire idea was going to be scrapped. However, as soon as I started printing this one value to console, it ALWAYS replied in time. Remove the log event? Stops working. The act of trying to monitor a certain variable was changing the result - literal quantum mechanics. But no - turns out, I simply needed to add the volatile keyword to that variable - as the problem was that the part of code checking it was just not seeing the new value. That final breakthrough was the big thing that allowed everything to finally fall into place. Now - you might be wondering, when did this great breakthrough happen? Just under 2 weeks ago - July 5th to be exact. Yep - after solving the code complexity issues, cross-server teleportation and cross-server warps were able to be completed within a couple weeks. But... Can't you just use a plugin that someone else already made? This is another question I got a few times. Why is it that in a world where tons of plugins are readily available, that seemingly nobody has bothered to make a plugin for cross-server warps and teleports in a BungeeCord network? Well, for starters - the way we use warps are actually a bit different than most warps, since we allow players to directly purchase warps with ingame currency. Most warp plugins don't allow for this. We actually did find a cross-server warp plugin, but it didn't allow for private or unlisted warps, nor did it allow for user-purchasable warps. But the bigger reason why this kind of feature is seemingly so rare is that, in almost every scenario, servers with BungeeCord networks are much larger in scale and scope (and player count). They actually isolate their gamemodes on purpose. They don't want chat or teleports or warps to be interleaved together across everything - because if you have hundreds or thousands of players, this can actually be a huge detriment. However, we moved to BungeeCord purely out of technical reasons - having all of our features and gamemodes within a single Bukkit server resulted in poor performance, lots of lag, and made debugging an absolute nightmare. Rather than having 8 servers with a handful of plugins each, we had one server with over 120 plugins. Of course, I didn't want to start cutting gamemodes - as while we're small, every gamemode gets some attention. And rather than removing choices for people and potentially causing them to leave, we opted to migrate to BungeeCord. But all the while, I still wanted everything to feel connected - to maintain the illusion of everything still being within a single server. This is the complete antithesis of what most BungeeCord servers aim to achieve - and so there simply isn't demand for something like this. That's why I had to build it myself - because nobody else needed to. Wrapping Up But thankfully - it's finally in. There are still a couple minor fixes I need to do here and there, but overall - it's all ready to go. As per usual with any new feature, let me know if you run into any issues. This plugin is hot off the presses, so it's entirely likely that there's a bug that we didn't catch during testing. Other than that - be on the lookout for additional improvements coming sooner rather than later. The need to get this feature done has been a dark cloud hanging over my motivation to work on server plugins - so finally having it behind me I suspect will have positive effects on my drive to work on the more exciting stuff.
  17. + Added cross-server teleportation + Added cross-server warps * Updated CUBungee from 1.3.1 to 1.4.0 * Increased default claim blocks from 200 to 1600 in Survival and Semi-Vanilla * Increated claim blocks per hour from 100 to 1000 in Survival and Semi-Vanilla * Increased max claim blocks from 16000 to 16000000 in Survival and Semi-Vanilla * Increased 'ExceptWhenOwnerHasTotalClaimBlocks' from 10000 to 1147483647 * Increased 'ExceptWhenOwnerHasBonusClaimBlocks' from 5000 to 1147483647 * Increased GriefPrevention abridged log retention from 365 days to 1147483647 days * Reduced claim blocks purchase price from 2.50 to 0.10 * Reduced claim blocks sell price from 1.20 to 0.10 - Removed plugin: CUWarps - Disabled claiming in survival_dungeons world - Removed livemap page for Vanilla - Removed Killerteddy
  18. + Added server: Vanilla/Anarchy + Added CUDisenchant to Semi-Vanilla + Added map images ingame for Cryolab and Hardcore Temple (Temple Redux) parkour courses + Added the following items as potential SurvivalGames loot: Netherite Ingot, Netherite Sword, Crossbow, Creeper Spawn Egg, Spyglass, Trident * Moved goal points in Cryolab Grifblock map further back * Renamed Parkour course 'Temple Redux' to 'Hardcore Temple' (map ID is still temple_redux to avoid breaking existing progression) * Fixed a bug where anti-cheat would block Durite Elytra flight (and potentially fireworks with normal Elytra as well) * Fixed a broken half-door, missing snow layers, and a missing campfire on Corrupsula * Improved Island Grifblock arena: removed double tall grass, reduced tall grass, added lily pads in central water area to make traversal easier, and added some additional out-of-bounds terrain to improve aesthetics - Removed Flint and Steel from possible SurvivalGames loot - Removed Killerteddy1
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