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Suggestion Comments posted by haloman30

  1. I'd say espon summed it up pretty well - sure, it's a cool idea and on the surface I'd say that yea I'd like to see it happen.


    Trouble is, as espon pointed out, it's very easy for that to be exploited/abused. We've had a couple incidents in the recent past with chunks crashing the server due to overloaded NBT data.


    And sure, I could in theory manually overlook each and every schematic - free time is becoming increasingly harder to come by for me and I've got more going on in life than CU at this point. It's more important for me to be able to use that time towards bettering the server and working on my other projects as opposed to screening schematics every 5 minutes.


    Oh and plus there's no easy way to quickly look at a schematic since MCEdit is horribly out of date and doesn't support the modern schematic format.


    Maybe one day we'll have a solution to this, but not today. Sorry.

  2. Further investigation would be needed for having it enabled only within land claims - however if that turns out to not be feasible, enabling it in the End/Nether seems like a doable compromise.


    Will report back when time allows me (or if someone else does so) to do some investigation and tinkering.