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  1. * MobMoney 1.5.0 - Add support for block money * VoteRoulette updated for 1.14 - Removed Killerteddy
  2. Not all changes may be listed. The update to 1.14 was a major project and it's very likely that some changes may have been made but were not documented. Main MC Server + Added new plugin: CUCommands (based on WFCommands by Windwhistle) + Added new plugin: CUWarps + Added new plugin: CUPoints + Added new plugin: CUSlimeballJump + Added new plugin: CUUnenchant + Added new plugin: CULeashTP + Added new plugin: CUSpleef + Added new plugin: CUSilkSpawners (based on WFSilkSpawners by Windwhistle) + Added new plugin: ImageMap + Added new plugin: HeadsPluginAPI + Added new plugin: HeadsInventory + Added new plugin: LogBlock + Added new plugin: Carz + Added new plugin: CUShop + Added new TheRedCore arena: Waterworks + Added new TheRedCore arena: Red Carpet + Added new Parkour map: Temple + Added new Parkour map: Cold Cookies + NDParkour 1.4.0: Added support for CUPoints (stored using old NDPoints config options) + NDParkour 1.4.0: Lobby spawn, arena starting point, and checkpoints now have support for yaw and pitch + NDParkour 1.4.0: Added resumable sessions - if a player disconnects from the server or leaves the game, they will have the option to resume their previous session + NDParkour 1.4.0: Added ability for players to adjust their yaw/pitch for the current checkpoint + NDParkour 1.4.0: Added ability for moderators to kick players from a parkour game, and choose whether or not to remove their current session upon doing so + NDParkour 1.4.0: Added ability to view session details via /pkr session + NDParkour 1.4.0: Parkour arenas can be hidden (they won't show in the arena list), and locked (only admins can join them) + NDParkour 1.4.0: Playernames show in different colors on the scoreboard depending on the chosen difficulty + NDParkour 1.4.0: Parkour arenas now have a display name, and the arena YML name is now stored in lowercase, as YAML config options are case-sensitive + NDParkour 1.4.0: Arena display names can be used for parkour signs + New hub, based on the previous design but has much more modifications than previous iterations + New survival spawn built + New creative spawn built + New SkyBlock spawn built + New appearance for /play UI * Main server now utilizes PaperMC (PaperSpigot) * Updated CUXPSell for 1.14 * Updated CUPing for 1.14 * Updated NDParkour to 1.4.0 * Updated TheRedCore to 1.1 * Updated MobMoney for 1.14 * Moderator permissions are now based on the permission setup from Semi-Vanilla * TheRedcore 1.1: Support for WorldEdit 7.x * NDParkour 1.4.0: Trying to join a parkour arena when a previous saved session exists will warn the user and prompt them to either resume their session or confirm to delete it * NDParkour 1.4.0: Checkpoints now save their location at the center of the block, rather than the edge * NDParkour 1.4.0: Scoreboard shows a status indicator if a player enables admin bypass mode * NDParkour 1.4.0: Scoreboard is now removed from players upon plugin reload * NDParkour 1.4.0: The parkour arena area selection wand (/pkr wand) no longer acts as a global toggle for all users * NDParkour 1.4.0: Scoreboard updating, admin bypass, and wand lists now rely on player UUID's rather than usernames * NDParkour 1.4.0: Various internal code cleanup and organization * NDParkour 1.4.0: Join commands are no longer case-sensitive * NDParkour 1.4.0: The parkour arena list is no longer an admin-only command - Removed plugin: FOLogBlock - Removed plugin: McMMO - Removed plugin: Jobs - Removed plugin: UltimateCosmetics - Removed plugin: ImageOnMap - NDParkour 1.4.0: Players can no longer create NDParkour signs (they shouldn't have been able to in the first place) - Shut down Semi-Vanilla server - Shut down Bungee hub server - Shut down BungeeCord server Website + Added new section to Minigame Map Browser: Spleef + Added new section to Minigame Map Browser: TheRedCore + Added new site theme: Chaotic United - 2019 + Added Parnters link to main website navigation Forums + Added new forums theme: Chaotic United - 2019 + Added a variety of new Awards * Previous awards have been given new icons * Updated to IP.Board 4.4.7 * All groups can edit their own content * All groups can view display name history * All groups can now create Read-Only clubs * All groups can now upload paid files in Downloads * All groups can now upload attachments in private messages * All groups can now change their star ratings for content * All groups can now close their own polls * Premium and Veteran can now override recipient storage quota * Increased Member daily reaction limit from 10 to 30 * Increased Member attachment storage limit from 500kb to 1mb * Increased Senior Member PM storage quota from 50 to 75 * Increased Senior Member Profile Photo size from 1mb to 2mb * Increased Senior Member Profile Photo width/height from 500px to 1024px * Increased Senior Member daily reaction limit from 10 to 50 * Increased Senior Member attachment storage limit from 500kb to 4mb * Increased Premium and Veteran Profile Photo size from 1mb to 4mb * Increased Premium and Veteran Profile Photo width/height from 500px to 2048px * Increased Premium and above PM recipients per conversation from 5 to 10 * Increased Premium and above PM storage quota from 50 to 150 * Increased Premium and Veteran daily reaction limit from 10 to 75 * Increased Premium and above attachment storage limit from 500kb to 16mb * Increased Game Helper Profile Photo width/height from 250px to 2048px * Increased Game Helper Profile Photo size from 500kb to 4mb * Increased Game Moderator Profile Photo width/height from 150px to 2048px * Increased Game Moderator Profile Photo size from 500kb to 4mb * Increased Forum Mod Profile Photo size from 50kb to 4mb * Increased Forum Mod Profile Photo width/height from 150px to 2048px * Increased Manager and up daily reaction limit from 100 to Unlimited * Increased Administrator PM recipients per conversation from 500 to Unlimited * Increased Administrator maximum blog count from 25 to Unlimited * Increased Administrator display name change limit from 3 times per 30 days to Unlimited - Removed Killerteddy
  3. Hey, folks! It's finally happening! We made it to 1.13! ...or should we say, 1.14! As we've said, 1.13 brought a great amount of underlying technical changes - changes which made it extremely difficult for us to get updated. We were actually feature-complete for 1.13 as of February, however we (and you guys, too - based on a poll we did) believed that it was best to hold off until 1.14, that way we could spend the extra time working on new content - not just bringing the same content into a newer MC version. So, without further adieu, let's talk some of those changes, shall we? (or if you want to explore some of the changes on your own first, feel free to hop on the MC server and see what awaits you!) Survival - The Balance between Semi-Vanilla and Traditional CU So, this one's been all over the place. At the very start of the 1.13 update, the plan was to just keep going with the existing system. Later, as Semi-Vanilla's lifespan went on, we changed gears and did a full 180 - we were going to switch the entire thing over to the system that Semi-Vanilla had. However, this had a serious issue. People have purchased ranks, both in old CU and current-day CU. People bought those ranks for the perks. A decision we made virtually on day one is that we would always honor past donations, and we reinforced this later when ND chose to gut its ranks to comply with EULA - leaving many people without their perks. At one point in the past we briefly considered putting an end to honoring historical donations - but we never ended up doing so, as we realized that it just wasn't quite right. Especially not with us using the Chaotic United name. The argument could be made that, while Nuclear District was created by many of the same people from CU, it was still a new community. They chose another name with the intent of separating themselves somewhat from CU's tainted past. We chose a different path, we opted to clean CU's name. We wanted to, under a new team and new leadership, bring Chaotic United back to its former glory - and in doing so, try to make up for the mistakes of the past. The point is, people paid for them, and we believed that while we may not have been the ones to get the money, we had a moral obligation to do so. And to abolish those old ranks would be a huge slap in the face to those who paid for them. We had the idea of having some kind of separate mode that would retain the old perks (one idea we had was Anarchy - which we could still do if you guys are interested), but it still wasn't the same. It didn't feel right. And more importantly, we don't believe that the ranks and perks were even the key to Semi-Vanilla's success. What we ended up settling on was what we referred to as "Blended" - a mix of the best parts of traditional CU survival with some of the best parts of Semi-Vanilla. What changes does that entail? McMMO and Jobs have been removed - While I can't say that it will never return (that's up to you guys ultimately), we wanted to be at least a bit more traditional going forward. The Survival economy has been isolated to itself - Other gamemodes, like SkyBlock and the various Minigames, no longer award Survival money as a prize. The only way to get Survival money is within Survival. While the donation ranks haven't been altered, our Staff ranks have been. Previously, most staff ranks had a great deal of excessive permissions that really weren't needed for the jobs they did. Going forward, this will no longer be the case. The only permissions available will be those that are required (and any donation perks if they paid for them) and nothing else. Manager and above are NOT affected by this, however, as these users are generally involved in managing the server on a deeper level to at least some degree. Some of the cool features that were made for Semi-Vanilla have been brought forward into Survival. These features/plugins include: CUSlimeballJump - If you toss a slimeball on the ground within a slime chunk, it will bounce after a few seconds CUUnenchant - Lets you unenchant your tools and items and store them in books CULeashTP - Lets you bring your tied up companions with you upon teleport! (not like that you perv wth is wrong with you) Along with all that, we added some brand new stuff, too: CUWarps - You can now purchase warps without needing to track down a Moderator! You can also make these warps private if you desire, or publicly available in the warplist. Yes, the /warp list is now publicly viewable to everyone. For more info on what CUWarps is, you can check this topic (though some things have changed since then). PhantomToggle - If you're no fan of those annoying Phantoms that come and attack you when you don't sleep, you can use /phantomtoggle to get them off your back. Props to @Windwhistle for this handy feature! /warp forest - Some of you old school folks might remember this. Granted it's not exactly the single most useful thing, but if you like you can chop some trees without affecting the natural environment by getting your wood from /warp forest! Just make sure you replant your saplings, and leave any extras in the chest nearby. And, of course, we have some changes to the donation ranks as well: /aura is no longer available - The plugin we used for auras hasn't been updated in ages, and in fact isn't even available for download anymore. No suitable alternative was found - so they had to be cut. /carz - Some of you may recall when this was a thing. Well, it's back! Benefactor and up now have access to /carz, where you can drive a minecart around like a car. VeinMiner - Sponsor and up now have access to veinminer, which can be used to chop trees, break leaves, and mine ore veins in an instant. If you don't like it, you can disable by doing /vm toggle or do so for just a moment by crouching. Not a new feature, but a reminder for those of you with Benefactor or above - you're eligible for a plot at /warp benefactor (which doesn't exist as of yet and will be created when someone wants a plot). These plots will be copied and preserved through server resets. One other small thing we did for survival is place a total of 9 hidden chests around Survival spawn. They are relatively near the 9 active campfires. If you find one, be sure to let someone know (if nothing else /mail me ingame) so we can turn off the fire for it. Just a neat little bonus thing if you're looking for some extra adventure. We hope that going forward, we can provide a truly great Survival experience for everyone. Registration - Except this time it's not awful Don't panic - it's not awful, we promise! For those of you who are veterans of Chaotic United, you may recall in the past when you had to register in order to play on the server. For a very brief period we actually had this system in place (which I'd completely forgotten about) back in 2014, until it was removed for obvious reasons. However, we also have had a fairly hard time getting people on forums - which is what the old registration system was put in place to solve. This new system is NOT the same as the original - in fact chances are, you won't notice much in terms of changes. Our approach to registration is simple: registering will get you extra perks, but you can still play without registering. For up-to-date information on what registering will earn you, check this topic. As of the time of writing, registration will get you the Member rank - which has the following extra perks server-wide: Ability to extinguish campfires with water bottles Ability to use Chairs Access to CUEmotes Access to /disenchant (/unenchant) Access to /fuckify Access to /tinytext Access to /tinyfuckify Additionally, you'll get the following abilities in Survival and Creative: Access to SilkSpawners Access to /buywarp Access to CUXPSell Ability to create CraftBook mechanics Ability to create up to 5 homes If you've played on the server before 1.14, you can get Member rank without registering. Just let a Moderator know and they'll fix you up! Minigames - Changes to Rewards, and New Minigames! As we mentioned before, Survival's economy is being entirely self-contained. What will minigames give out now? The answer to this challenge lied within the past - deep in the depths of 2014, the old Nuclear District server had a secondary economy as well - NDPoints. We opted to take that idea and run with it, giving it a rebrand as CUPoints. These are points that will be awarded as opposed to Survival money. No more blowing through parkour to rack up cash (sorry bois)! The commands for CUPoints are as follows: /cupoints - Main command, shows your account status by default /cupoints check [player] - Lets you check the account status of other players /cupoints help - Shows you the CUPoints help guide /cupoints pay <player> <amount> - Allows you to pay CUPoints to another player Currently, we are still ironing out what these points will actually be used for - currently, you're free to just collect them and save them up as the place to spend them (CUShop) is still being worked on. On top of that, we want to hold off on setting up prices for things until we get a better feel for how easily players are able to earn those points. Along with that, when I was working on implementing this functionality into NDParkour, I got carried away and ended up doing some massive updates to the plugin. Lobby spawn, arena starting point, and checkpoints now have rotation! No more starting the game looking backwards, and no more rotating every time you get sent back to your checkpoint! (you can change your checkpoint rotation by using /pkr setfacing) Added resumable sessions - If you're playing and your game crashes, the server goes down, or you just decide to do something else, you'll be able to pick back up where you left off before (hardcore mode will only restore attempt counter for obvious reasons). If you have a session, you can view the details by doing /pkr session, and you can resume it by doing /pkr resume. You will be notified if you have a session upon trying to start a new game as well. You can have one session per arena. The scoreboard on the side of the screen in a parkour game got a facelift! It will show your name in either Green, Blue, or Red depending on the difficulty you pick! It also shows a little symbol if an admin is using admin bypass - so you can know for sure if Soggy is cheating in parkour, or if he's just that good. Parkour arenas now have support for prettier names! Using the various join commands are no longer case sensitive! At last! You now have access to /pkr list! This was previously an admin-only command, but not anymore! We also have two new Parkour maps available: Temple - An old, forgotten temple filled with dangers - and riches. Cold Cookies - Everyone likes ice cream sandwiches, right? There are more changes that happened, but those are the highlights and the ones you'll probably care about. If you want to see the full changelog for NDParkour 1.4.x, you can find it at the bottom of this post. Additionally, TheRedCore has also been modified to work with CUPoints. It recieved some small additions, such as the ability to force start a game with a single player (used for testing purposes) and fixing a couple grammatical errors. It also had to be modified a bit on the backend to work with newer WorldEdit versions. We've also introduced a couple new arenas for TheRedCore as well: Waterworks - Big, wet, and wild. Red Carpet - Keep your eyes sharp while walking down the red carpet. But the big burning question: Is there anything NEW? Why, yes! Yes there is! Introducing: CUSpleef! This is yet another custom plugin we've made to allows us to do spleef - our way. It was basically the same reason we brought NDParkour back to begin with - existing plugins were overly complicated and required too many steps to function - when an in-house solution is straightforward and simple to follow. While publicly available offerings for spleef aren't as atrocious as the ones for Parkour, (imagine having 12 pages of commands for parkour) it was still a lot more than we really needed or wanted. So, we created our own using NDParkour as a base. It works exactly as you'd expect. You'll find signs in the minigames hub, or you can just do /spleef join <name> to join the queue. Each arena has its own minimum and maximum player count (usually a minimum of 2), and once that is met, you'll have 30 seconds for others to join before the game starts. Once the game starts, start breaking blocks to try and send other players off the map. The last player left on the map wins! We made the plugin as such so that floors can be made of various materials, and be different shapes/sizes, and even be completely out of the ordinary. You'll see some arenas take advantage of this. Currently we have a handful of arenas available at launch: GoldSpleef - This is a big gold box that some of you old players may recognize. @ci833508 did a livestream for us once many years ago while we manually-operated this arena. While it may not be the prettiest, we figure it's earned a spot in the selection. TNTSpleef - This is a small spleef map we discovered while exploring the old Nuclear District minigame world. Might as well have it in, right? Layers - This one plays best with a few people. There are 3 floors to this arena - once you fall through one, you land on the next. Clouds - Another map made by @soggy, this map is a series of floating platforms high above a pit of lava. Hope you're decent at parkour for this one! Rings - This is a small spleef map that @soggy made a while back. Unlike most other maps, this isn't just a flat square. Watch your step! Sand Castle - This is a fairly standard map made by @Faerien, taking place within a rather colorful sand castle. Changes to MobArena Maps In addition to switching MobArena over to CUPoints for rewards, most of the maps have recieved some changes as well. The details are as follows: Heat Most containers have been altered to not be quite as overpowered Fixed a couple of exploitable locations C-173 Adjusted some containers to not be as overpowered Patched a couple of broken windows (literally) Ruin Adjusted most containers to not be as overpowered Added additional lava on the map to add to the atmosphere and to add some danger in the map itself Forums and Website Theme Update - Return of a Classic Design As you've no doubt noticed, our forums theme and homepage have changed ever so slightly. We have a fancy custom scrollbar now! You may or may not have noticed that one. The more obvious differences are a shift in hue for our blue color, as well as some new designs on forum category headers and such. Those of you around in 2012 will no doubt recognize that design - it's a modernized version of the decorations found in CU's 2012 forums theme. If you don't recognize it, feel free to look in the Themes menu and pick 'Chaotic Blue'. The same changes can also be found on our main site. As always, if you aren't a fan of the redesign, you can switch back to our 2018 theme by checking the Themes menu at the bottom. For the main website you can click the gears on the right side of the page. And yes, the homepage actually has themes for those who may not have known. Originally, we planned to release the 2018 theme with this very update. Obviously, though, things took a lot longer so we ended up releasing it early to bring some consistency. This nice update is something that we can give with this update that isn't a drastic change, but will help make our forums and site look more like what a gaming community should have - whereas the previous design feels a bit more "corporate", rather than being something you'd expect to see on a gaming community. A Note on Classic CU and ND Themes One note on old themes: we are aware that some older theme re-creations are starting to show some cracks. Especially Chaotic v3 - which (for me at least) produces absolutely atrocious framerates. On top of that there are a few minor bugs with Chaotic Blue, Chaotic Green, and Nostalgia. Here soon, though I can't say when specifically, we will be redoing these themes from the ground up at some point. The old v3 theme was made when I had little experience with theming, and Chaotic Green (and thus its derivatives) was built on top of a relatively weak job that I paid someone to do back when IP.Board 4.0 was in pre-release stages. I made a lot of improvements and have gotten far better since then, and here soon I'll start redoing those 4 themes. The existing ones will remain available until the new ones are created. Awards Update - What's Old is New In addition to themes and the general look of everything, we've gone and revamped our awards system! In addition to all awards having fresh new icons, we've also added a wide array of new awards - many of which actually come from the very early days of Chaotic United. I was just browsing the stuff on Wayback Machine for and stumbled upon a ton of spicy awards from back in the day. Along with that, a couple are back from ND as well that never made it over when we first migrated back over. We've been pretty neglecting of the Awards system for the past while, so there's gonna be a lot of people who deserve awards who don't have them. If you believe you deserve one of the awards, let us know and we'll get you fixed up. You can check out all the new awards at Creative - Changing from PlotMe to PlotSquared I personally love PlotMe. I am one of the people who are really hardcore on keeping it around - we've been using it since day one. It was never updated once after MC 1.8, and it's managed to work virtually perfectly this entire time. Unfortunately, though, it's world generator finally broke as a result of the breaking changes in 1.13. The original plan was to maintain it and update it to 1.13 ourselves, which actually made notable progress. World generation was fixed on a basic level, but certain tasks (ie, clearing plots) caused it to break down. Eventually, we decided to bite the bullet and switch to PlotSquared for now. I still adore that old plugin, and while I hope to one day bring it back on my own, for now we're stuck with PlotSquared. Which has actually been more of a positive overall - it's just kind of sad that the venerable PlotMe that's been with us since literally day one finally met its match. Most commands are the same between the two, with /plotme being an alias by default. Overall, you shouldn't notice any major changes aside from less PlotMe and more PlotSquared. The mainly different commands lie within those used by moderators or admins. This should only be slightly noticeable and shouldn't impact your usability of Creative at all. If you find any issues, notify someone or report it on the bug tracker. SkyBlock - World Reset, getting a new Shop sorted out SkyBlock has, after all this time, undergone a world reset. In the past, we left the world alone seeing as players could reset their islands themselves - so why should we force it? Turns out players don't want to actively wipe their progress (I know - shocking) and as such, many players just got bored and stopped playing it - not wanting to irreversibly erase their hard work but not having any further objectives to pursue. As such, we've opted to reset SkyBlock to square one - and we'll likely continue doing this with each major server update (any update that resets Survival). If you built cool stuff in the old map, don't fret - the old world will be put up for download soon and you can hold onto those builds forever. Along with that, as much as I hate to say that not everything is fully sorted out - that's where we're at. SkyBlock shop is still a work in progress, for two major reasons: We need to figure out better pricing We need to figure out a way to have the shop itself work with survival economy being restricted to itself (most likely this will be CUPoints) We hope to get that finished up sooner rather than later, but seeing as I've got other projects besides CU I can't confidently say when it'll be resolved. The hope is to get it sorted out soon. Other Community Changes There are a few more changes that don't really warrant their own category. As such, we'll be mentioning them here. The homepage has been given some minor design updates. We have a new section for our less-supported services, Discord and TeamSpeak are now listed separately (yes, TS is still up), and the section showing the latest community update (not announcement, but the latest entry from our Update Notes blog) is now removed from the homepage. Our TeamSpeak 3 server has been brought up-to-date and given some new channels to reflect where we are currently. The navigation menu has been made consistent between the main website and the Forums (this happened a while back if you didn't notice ) The vote page has been given a facelift. Yes, this also happened a little while back but it's worth mentioning as we've finally moved from the old hideous vote page that was just a series of links. Ban Appeals, Reports, MC Registration, Suggestions & Feedback, and Staff Applications now utilize a forms system for ease of use. The Nuclear District and Unofficial Servers subforums have been archived. Nobody has touched these since 2016, and we don't really have much focus or need for community-hosted servers as we tend to like to do things in a more official capacity. If there is demand, we will restore the Nuclear District subforum for those who wish to use it. We've implemented a new backup system, which can be interacted with by our staff via Discord. You may have noticed his username - BackupTX2. The name sounded better in my head, but hey it works. Other New Plugins There's some other new plugins we've introduced as well. CUCommands - A fun little plugin that adds a handful of new commands (made by @Windwhistle) /discordlink - Simple, just gives you the link to our Discord server. /donate - Another simple utility one, it gives you the link to our donation store /mobgod - (Creator and above only) Make yourself immune to all damage from mobs! /fuckify - Take a piece of text and make it into a work of art. /penis - Set the item in your hand to be named "penis". Yes. That's all it does. (xd) /shrug - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ /tinytext - ᴹᵃᵏᵉˢ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵗᵉˣᵗ ᵛᵉʳʸ ˢᵐᵒˡ (it looks really hilarious ingame) /tinyfuckify - The best of both worlds. A small masterpiece. /phantomtoggle - Tired of those annoying phantoms? Turn them off with this! CUSilkSpawners - A custom-coded replacement for our old SilkSpawners plugin, made by @Windwhistle CUDisenchant - It's the same as CUUnenchant, but named correctly. /unenchant is still a command, in addition to /disenchant. And a couple old ones were updated too CUXPSell - Nothing new, lets you sell your XP for money in survival CUPing - Check your ping and the ping of others! What Happens to Semi-Vanilla? If it wasn't obvious enough, Semi-Vanilla (and with it the entire BungeeCord setup) is being retired. As with other previous worlds, Semi-Vanilla's world will be put up for download fairly soon (with the spawn removed for obvious reasons). While it had a good run, it doesn't make sense in the long-term to have two survival experiences spread across two separate servers. On top of that, with the BungeeCord network shutting down, we'll have a lot more resources freed up for the existing servers and potential future ones (though this isn't currently planned). The Future - What Comes Next? This update has been a major project to say the least. It took a lot of work to get everything back up and running smoothly, with several plugins we rely on being not only broken by 1.13, but being abandoned by their authors long ago. Mojang's mentality with a lot of the stuff in 1.13 was to build a more solid foundation for the future, and we've been working to do the same as well. The hope is that Mojang, and by extension us, won't need to make big, long updates that take ages to happen. Beyond that, we want to actually start bringing in more new content. I can't say when, how soon, or to what degree, but we want to have more than just the occasional new thing here and there. There's a laundry list of stuff we want to do, and some of them may or may not end up happening. Only time will tell. As time has gone on and we've been working to get everything updated and improved, we internally decided that this update would mark a turning point. We've had a variety of issues internally that have been present for years - inactivity, rules, and so on. We've gone on for quite a while like this, and ultimately we've come to the realization that if CU is to grow into what we all want it to be, we have to turn a new leaf on our end, too. We want this update to not only be another update, but to be a point we look back on as the point in time where we started to turn everything around and make CU a thriving community again. Whether or not that will happen is yet to be seen. No matter what happens, we hope you all stick around for the ride. Lastly, if you happen to find any issues on the server - let us know! We expect there to be at least a few issues that we missed, so if you find anything that seems off, report it on our bug tracker. For now, though, that's all we've got. See you on the server! - The Chaotic United Team NDParkour 1.4.0 Changelog TheRedCore 1.1 Changelog
  4. haloman30


    * Fixed sessions not being deleted upon completing an arena - Removed check for players with ndparkour.admin for teleporting back to lobby spawn after completing an arena
  5. + Added partners page + Added partners page to navigation menu + Added some new emoji * Fixed and - Removed Killerteddy
  6. haloman30


    + Add new config option: UseWhitelistInsteadOfBlacklist (boolean) - If enabled, ignores World_Blacklist and uses World_Whitelist and only enables MobMoney in those worlds + Add new config option: AllowFallingToDeath (boolean) - If disabled, will not drop money if a mob dies by falling to their death + Add new config section: World_Whitelist (string list) * Recompile for Spigot 1.14.4 * Code cleanup and organization
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    Initial release
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    * First update by Chaotic United * Recompile for 1.14
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    Initial release
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    * Make getAccount() static so that it can be used by other plugins (ie, CUShop)
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    + Add toplist (and a funny easter egg that happens sometime in june ) * Bugfixes
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    Initial release
  13. haloman30


    * Stop showing the full list of warps on refreshWarpData() except for initial startup
  14. oh and also status updates (and replies) show on discord now :^)

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    8/24/2019 Update

    + Reintroduced Profile Songs (autoplay is currently disabled) + Added blog notifications for Discord (will appear in #forums-feed) + Added emoticons from the old Druaga1 discord server (they recently shut it down entirely so rip, luckily i saved the emoji from it so here they are) + Added some other neat emoticons - Removed Killerteddy
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      but yea idk it doesn't feel that humid, ive heard other people who live in humid areas say its awful and unbearable, but i dont feel miserable or otherwise stuffy when i go outside


      then again i like to sweat so maybe that has something to do with it too 

    3. alycat


      I didnt feel stuffy or miserable or sweatty or the humidity in ky where Im from till I left for a long time.

    4. haloman30


      yea i've basically never left the state so that's probably why i don't notice it - i've never not been in humidity

  17. * Altered redirecting method for - a series of manual URL redirects have been setup to redirect all known forums, subforums, and categories to their modern counterparts, and for all other URLs a proper wildcard redirect has been added (URLs will try to redirect to the same on as it was on, rather than having all URLs go to the homepage). Additional redirects for other parts of the old CU website may be set up over time (feel free to let us know of any) - Removed Killerteddy
  18. * Disallowed cracked players from purchasing items on the donation store - Removed Killerteddy
  19. haloman30


    * Fixed improper privacy check * Fixed some warp details not displaying on /cuwarps info * Fixed /cuwarps setwarp not including UUID or privacy
  20. + Added new application for member lists as the old search method no longer works * Updated chatbox from 2.0.1 to 4.0.4 * Fixed issue on 2018 themes that caused topics to throw a template error while trying to load an image for the thumbnail image * Fixed Shoutbox/Chatbox not functioning * Fixed group badges displaying improperly on WinClassic theme - Removed Killerteddy
  21. haloman30


    + Added CUPoints support + Added /trc forcestart to allow force starting of arenas with only one player * Support for WorldEdit 7.x * Fixed some grammatical errors
  22. haloman30


    Initial release.
  23. haloman30


    + Add /buywarp command as an alias for /cuwarps buywarp + Add /pwarp command as an alias for /cuwarps warp + Add warp usage tracker - there is now a counter for every time a warp is used * Changes to privacy selections - there are now 3 privacy options: Public, Unlisted, Private (see docs for more details) * Replaced Essentials' /warp command to track warps * Replaced Essentials' /delwarp command to add warp backup support
  24. haloman30


    + Added command: /cuwarps einfo * All commands migrated into subcommands of /cuwarps * Fixed exception upon specifying a non-int for the getindex command
  25. haloman30


    + Added command: /cuwarps + Added command: /cuwarp <name> + Added command: /buywarp <name> + Added command: /cusetwarp <name> + Added command: /cudelwarp <name> + Added command: /curefreshwarps + Added command: /cuwarplist + Added command: /cugetindex <index>