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    2/10/2019 Website Update

    * Updated credits page to reflect additional staff members, Michael's continued hosting, and a few other small additions * Updated CU Timeline to add mention of Michael's hosting from 2014-2015 - Removed Killerteddy (from the new CU credits section on credits page since he was never actually here)
  2. i have linked your account to your old ND posts and such, enjoy your 367 content count 👏

  3. haloman30

    2/5/2019 Website Update

    * Updated Staff Chatroom placeholder page to contain links to our Discord, since GroupMe is no longer our primary source of communication - Removed Killerteddy
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    2/4/2019 Website Update

    + Added a legacy/outdated page notice that will show on all pages using the old site style * Fixed broken download link for CU 1.11.2 world
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    + Added command: /cuwarps einfo * All commands migrated into subcommands of /cuwarps * Fixed exception upon specifying a non-int for the getindex command
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    + Added command: /cuwarps + Added command: /cuwarp <name> + Added command: /buywarp <name> + Added command: /cusetwarp <name> + Added command: /cudelwarp <name> + Added command: /curefreshwarps + Added command: /cuwarplist + Added command: /cugetindex <index>
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    There are two kinds of files used to store NDParkour data: Main configuration file - Stores settings for arenas and global NDParkour settings. This is the default config.yml present in the plugin folder User session files - Stores data for a user's session. These are stored in a subfolder called users, and are named after the player's UUID Sample config.yml settings: lobby-spawn: world: world x: 0 y: 0 z: 0 arenas: example: survival-money-award: 0 ndpoints-award: 0 world: world arena-coords: 1: x: 0 y: 0 z: 0 2: x: 0 y: 0 z: 0 game-spawn: x: 0 y: 0 z: 0 Sample user session file arena: magmaparkour difficulty: 0 attempts: 1 current: world: minigames x: -608 y: 23 z: -386 yaw: -220.7312 pitch: 9.313785 checkpoints: '0': world: minigames x: -626 y: 16 z: -387 '1': world: minigames x: -608 y: 23 z: -386
  10. haloman30


    Arguments Optional argument: [arg] Multiple optional arguments: [arg1|arg2 |arg3] Multiple optional anonymous arguments: [...] Required argument: <arg> Multiple required arguments: <arg1|arg2|arg3> Multiple required anonymous arguments: <...> Player Commands Join/Leave Commands /pkr join <arena_id> [confirm] - Joins the specified arena in Normal difficulty. The confirm argument will be required if you have a previous session /pkr easyjoin <arena_id> [confirm] - Joins the specified arena in Easy difficulty. The confirm argument will be required if you have a previous session /pkr hardjoin <arena_id> [confirm] - Joins the specified arena in Hard difficulty. The confirm argument will be required if you have a previous session /pkr leave - Leaves the current arena Session Commands /pkr resume - Resumes your saved session, if it exists /pkr session - Displays information about your saved session, if it exists Utility Commands /pkr info <arena_id> - Displays information about an arena /pkr setfacing - Will re-store your current checkpoint with your current facing direction. Useful if you land a checkpoint but you're not facing the right way, ie if you're looking down /pkr checkpoint - Teleports you to your last checkpoint /pkr setcp - Sets a checkpoint at your current location. Only available in Easy difficulty /pkr list - Shows a list of all arenas, and their ID if it differs from the arena display name Moderator Commands /pkr kick <player> <true|false> [reason] - Kicks the player from their parkour game. The true or false argument determines whether the player's saved session will be deleted. The reason, if provided, will be displayed to the user. /pkr session [player] - Shows information of another player's saved session, if it exists Admin Commands /pkr create <arena_id> - Creates a new arena with the specified ID, and sets the game start to the player's location /pkr edit <name> <...> - Edits an existing arena's configuration. The available options are: setgamespawn - Sets the arena starting point to your location setcash <double> - Sets the arena's survival money award (legacy option, formerly named setsurvivalmoney) setcupoints <int> - Sets the arena's CUPoints award (formerly named setndpointsamount) setlocked <true|false> - Sets the arena's locked status sethidden <true|false> - Sets the arena's hidden status setdisplayname <...> - Set's the arena's display name /pkr remove <name> - Removes the arena from the config /pkr refresh <name> - Reloads settings for the specified arena /pkr setlobbyspawn - Sets the parkour lobby spawn point /pkr refreshall - Reloads settings for all arenas /pkr reload - Reloads the entire configuration file /pkr wand - Toggles the arena selection wand /pkr bypass - Toggles admin bypass
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    The following permission nodes are used within NDParkour. Permission Description ndparkour.player Grants access to standard user commands ndparkour.moderator Grants access to moderation commands ndparkour.admin Grants access to admin and arena setup/creation and modification commands
  12. haloman30


    + Added support for CUPoints (stored using old NDPoints config options) + Lobby spawn, arena starting point, and checkpoints now have support for yaw and pitch + Added resumable sessions - if a player disconnects from the server or leaves the game, they will have the option to resume their previous session + Added ability for players to adjust their yaw/pitch for the current checkpoint + Added ability for moderators to kick players from a parkour game, and choose whether or not to remove their current session upon doing so + Added ability to view session details via /pkr session + Parkour arenas can be hidden (they won't show in the arena list), and locked (only admins can join them) + Playernames show in different colors on the scoreboard depending on the chosen difficulty + Parkour arenas now have a display name, and the arena YML name is now stored in lowercase, as YAML config options are case-sensetive + Arena display names can be used for parkour signs + Added ability for admins to check other player's session details * Trying to join a parkour arena when a previous saved session exists will warn the user and prompt them to either resume their session or confirm to delete it * Checkpoints now save their location at the center of the block, rather than the edge * Scoreboard shows a status indicator if a player enables admin bypass mode * Scoreboard is now removed from players upon plugin reload * The parkour arena area selection wand (/pkr wand) no longer acts as a global toggle for all users * Scoreboard updating, admin bypass, and wand lists now rely on player UUID's rather than usernames * Various internal code cleanup and organization * Join commands are no longer case-sensetive * The parkour arena list is no longer an admin-only command - Players can no longer create NDParkour signs (they shouldn't have been able to in the first place)
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    This changelog may be incomplete or inaccurate, as no changelogs were recorded for this version. + Added scoreboard support for active games * Fixed /pkr bypass being a global toggle * Fixed old issue (present all the way back to 1.0.0) where saved inventory, armor, and gamemode data was not stored per-player * Some very minor and later unused work for sessions was started
  14. haloman30


    This changelog may be incomplete or inaccurate, as no changelogs were recorded for this version. + Added /pkr bypass + Introduced difficulty system + Added Easy difficulty: you can use /pkr setcp to set a checkpoint anywhere, 0.25x award + Added Normal difficulty: this is the normal behavior of NDParkour as it was prior, 1x award + Added Hardcore difficulty: no checkpoints, 10x award * Changed win block to Gold Pressure Plate * Changed checkpoint block to Iron Pressure Plate * Some minor internal code cleanup
  15. haloman30


    This changelog may be incomplete, as no changelogs were recorded for this version. First update for Chaotic United * Updated to modern MC versions * Rebranded public commands to CUParkour, rather than NDParkour
  16. haloman30


    Initial NDParkour release
  17. haloman30


    NDParkour is a custom plugin that powers CU's parkour gamemode. It dates all the way back to 2014, as a plugin used by Nuclear District (hence the name, NDParkour). Later, it was updated to work with modern Minecraft versions and rebranded on the user-facing side as CUParkour. Internally, many things are still referenced as NDParkour, and the package name is still net.nucleardistrict in code. It continues to be updated and serves as CU's first custom-made minigame plugin.
  18. haloman30

    2/3/2019 Website Update

    Some changes have been applied to the forums. + Added new calendar: Archived Events (Staff only) since hidden calendar events show on the sidebar * Fixed dark loading wheel on dark popup dialogs * Various other CSS fixes
  19. haloman30

    NuclearDistrict's Birthday

    Nuclear District's Birthday! She'll be another year older!
  20. This guide has not been fully tested by the community. This warning message will be removed after it is confirmed to be working. Hey! So you might have noticed that your saved waypoints have vanished after the recent server maintenance. Among other things, these changes allowed us to get a standalone IP for the modded server. Unfortunately, due to the way that JourneyMap stores waypoint data, all old waypoints will not show. Thankfully, this is a relatively easy thing to fix. First, select the Brink of Chaos modpack and choose 'Modpack Options'. Next, click the 'Open' button. You will now be in the folder containing the modpack. From here, look for a folder called "journeymap" and open it From here, you'll see several more folders. Open the folder called 'data' Now, open the 'mp' folder. You will most likely only have a single folder in here. Rename the folder to "Chaotic~United~Brink~of~Chaos" If you have more than one folder present, make a reply containing a screenshot of the list of folders and we'll help you out. And that's it! Restart your client and you should see all your waypoints return.
  21. haloman30

    Brink of Chaos 1.8.7a

    * Change default to point to new IP
  22. haloman30

    Brink of Chaos 1.8.7

    + Add mod: Aether II * Update Matter Overdrive from to 0.4.2
  23. haloman30

    Brink of Chaos 1.8.6a

    + Added CustomMobSpawners
  24. haloman30

    Brink of Chaos 1.8.6

    * Changed MoCreatures version and enabled it on the server
  25. haloman30

    Brink of Chaos 1.8.5

    + Added mod: MoCreatures + Added mod: Lots of Food + Added mod: Elemental Creepers + Added mod: Doggy Style