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  1. This update includes changes from the past several days, not just from today. + Added plugin: CUGit + Added Discord link in welcome book in hub * Fixed Builder rank not having access to /sethome in builder world * Updated CUGit to 1.1.1 * Configued SurvivalGames arena: AquaTemple * Configued SurvivalGames arena: Corrupsula * Configued SurvivalGames arena: Divide * Configued SurvivalGames arena: Fragment * Configued SurvivalGames arena: Meadow * Fixed PvP not being enabled by default in SG for AquaTemple, Corrupsula, Divide, and Fragment * Fixed several SG arenas being escapable by using ender pearls * Fixed mob spawning being enabled entirely in Meadow, but disabled entirely in all other SG maps - Removed Killerteddy
  2. Issue has been fixed, turns out Donator rank was inheriting Member+ for whatever reason even though Member+ isn't even the rank that's used for the WE perms
  3. Just in case anyone hasn't seen yet.
  4. haloman30

    2/17/2020 Update

    * Updated OS/packages of the old VPS (final uptime was 856 days, rip) * Updated TeamSpeak 3 server to 3.11.0 * Updated SuperVanish fake messages to be indistinguishable from regular join/leave messages * Modified JoinMessagePlus to respect SuperVanish state * Updated SurvivalGames to 7.1 * Updated CUCommands to 1.2.7 - Removed KeepChunks - Removed Killerteddy
  5. I'd like to do some added testing whenever both of us are free because this appears to only happen with you, I've not heard of these issues happening with anyone else.
  6. Changed Status to Unconfirmed
  7. You done goofed with the command, you gave it to them in a world named '24h'. Pex doesn't have any sort of system built-in to remove a rank after a period of time. I've confirmed that the command works correctly and that the issue lies elsewhere.
  8. Accepted! Thank you for applying, you've been accepted! Enjoy your time here at Chaotic United! For a list of the perks you get for registering, check out this page. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! Also, please make sure you've read the rules found here and you can vote for us here. Notes:
  9. Sounds like it's time for some investigation
  10. I don't care as much with the fish farms since those mainly revolve around books, but again as far as I'm aware those still cause you to be flagged as not-AFK. If I'm wrong and they *do* still mark you as AFK then by all means go on ahead. The only other solution I see besides banning the AFK farms outright is to exclude said players from being able to earn time-based ranks at all.
  11. yeah i know it sucks, but again this only applies to AFK farms. If you're actually using the farms yourself and not getting an autoclicker or whatever to do it then you're fine
  12. haloman30

    2/14/2020 Update

    * Updated CUStatus to 1.2.5, fixes CUPoints toplist * Fixed enforcement links pointing to old forms in main website * Minor theme fixes for CU 2020 - Removed Killerteddy
  13. Hey, folks. This one is gonna be more of a downer, unfortunately. It's never fun when you have to put a stop to people's fun. Nor is it enjoyable to tell people they can't do something they've been doing before. However, as time has gone on, more and more issues have become apparent and it's clear that we need to do something. Starting today, AFK Farming will no longer be permitted on the MC server. This DOES NOT include mob farms as a whole - this only refers to people using them through things like auto-clickers or game exploits. If you're there giving the inputs to the game yourself, there's nothing to worry about. If you're routinely making use of things that have your player sat idle racking up items, XP, or other such things while you're off eating, watching videos, at work or school, or doing anything else - then unfortunately you will need to stop those behaviors. However, I'm not going to insert a new rule without giving some sort of explanation. So, let's do that. Over the past while, the following nerfs have had to be made for Mob Farms in general: /xpsell had to have its earning rate reduced in order to offset the extreme amounts of money players are able to earn from just clicking a bunch MobMoney drops had to had to be heavily reduced to offset the stacks of cash people could earn with little to no effort MobMoney had to also get nerfed to not drop anything if a mob died from fall damage, as some earlier grinders caused the mobs to die from fall damage while targeting a player - this in turned caused money to drop as it treated it as a player kill However, all of these are mainly an issue with Mob Farms, not AFK farms. And while these are issues I want to resolve, they are not being addressed now. In other words, we are NOT banning standard Mob Farms. I want to try and find a proper way to continue to allow these that doesn't screw over players that don't wish to use them. What does however suffer from all of the above issues (except for AFK fishing farms, that is) and a new, much larger issue are AFK farms. That new issue lies with Autorank - a plugin we use for time-based ranking. Originally, we added Autorank to give a way for players to earn ranks. Later it turned out that feature essentially allowed us to be compliant with Mojang's EULA. The EULA forbids any sort of non-cosmetic perks, but apparently having a way for players to obtain those same perks without paying makes it allowed. I think you can start to see where I'm heading. The times for the ranks are based on their prices. Donator is 5 days, VIP is 10 days, Platinum is 25 days, and so on. The plugin ignores any time that a user is set to AFK - because it'd be unfair for people to earn ranks without being there. These AFK farms just so happen to operate in such a way that players are never marked as AFK - and as such, are able to earn those ranks within an incredibly short amount of time. There is no easy way to fix this outside of finally putting a stop to AFK farming. Sure, I could nerf the hell out of autorank and make ranks even harder to obtain, but what does this do besides continue to screw over legitimate players? For me, this combined with the other caveats of mob farming itself were the breaking point - the point where I have to just say enough is enough. Once again, I want to reiterate - standard Mob Farms ARE NOT banned - only farms which bypass the server's AFK checks are banned. If you're found to be AFK farming, you'll simply get a kick. If we need to step it up, we can - but our hope is that we won't need to. You guys are mature enough to understand the issues at play here - and I trust that you guys will work with me here. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to voice them! I'm always open to hearing new suggestions and will try to ease any worries you guys may have. Addendum 2-24-2020: AFK fishing farms are not being banned outright. Due to their ability to bypass AFK checks, however, any players that wish to use these will be excluded from time-based ranking entirely. If you wish to forego ranking up in favor of auto-fishing, that choice is yours to make.
  14. haloman30

    2/13/2020 Update

    * Updated CUStatus to 1.2.4 * Fixed Money Toplist, CUPoints Toplist, and player counts not displaying correctly - Removed Killerteddy
  15. Curious as to what forum perks you get with a given rank? This is the place to look! Member Profile Settings Attachment Storage: 1MB Maximum Profile Photo Dimensions: 500 pixels Maximum Profile Photo Size: 1MB Username Changes: 3 times every 30 days Content Maximum Users per Conversation: 5 Maximum Conversations: 50 Maximum Reactions per Day: 30 Wait time for Form Submissions: 10 minutes Maximum Blog Count: 25 Premium Can bypass Flood Control Profile Settings Attachment Storage: 16MB Maximum Profile Photo Dimensions: 2048 pixels Maximum Profile Photo Size: 4MB Content Maximum Users per Conversation: 10 Maximum Conversations: 150 Maximum Reactions per Day: 75 Wait time for Form Submissions: 10 minutes Maximum Blog Count: 25 Benefactor Can bypass Flood Control Profile Settings Attachment Storage: 20MB Maximum Profile Photo Dimensions: 2048 pixels Maximum Profile Photo Size: 4MB Content Maximum Users per Conversation: 20 Maximum Conversations: 300 Maximum Reactions per Day: 150 Wait time for Form Submissions: None Maximum Blog Count: Unlimited
  16. What's this? A new announcement already? Why, yes! We've gotten some fairly important stuff fixed up and added - as you'll soon see. SkyBlock Shop As of right now, **we've finally opened up the SkyBlock shop!** To get there, do `/warp sbshop`. For those familiar with past SkyBlock shops, this one works a little differently. Whereas past shops used regular Survival money, this one is entirely based on trading. Nearly all items currently available use Cobblestone as a currency, with some exceptions. This may or may not change in the future, only time will tell (although this likely won't be until the next world reset, whenever that is). The prices are a bit "unplanned", and since I'm not the most knowledgeable on SkyBlock as I've only lightly dabbled with it, the prices *may not* be ideal. If you believe some things are priced too high (or too low), let me or another staff member know. I'll have some talks with staff to determine any pricing changes if need be. Additionally, the plugin was coded entirely in one night - so I wouldn't be all that surprised if any bugs arise. As with anything else, if you find any bugs or strange behavior, submit a bug report. Forums Fixes/Changes Dunno how many of you keep up with the Update Notes blog, but we fixed a pretty major bug with the new 2020 theme. If any of you used it before and thought the colors were a bit... off, then you'll be pleased to know we've fixed this issue. The theme stores its color info as a browser cookie, and if the cookie was absent it wasn't properly applying the default color. That issue has been fixed, so the theme now displays as intended. Speaking of forums, we've also reintroduced the Benefactor rank for forums - as well as given both Premium and Benefactor their icons again - or should I say, *modern* icons. If you for whatever reason prefer the icons to not exist, we've added a toggle in the Rank Formatting settings for the 2020 theme to disable the icons if you like. Lastly, for the 2020 theme, we've introduced a categorized menu for the theme list. Since the theme list has only grown over the years, I decided to whip together a way to display them in categories - makes things much nicer to look at. This (and the rank option settings) will gradually be brought to the remaining themes as time goes on. Future Plans That just about wraps it up for now. We've got some more stuff coming down the pipeline (as always), but we're currently prioritizing introducing long-ago-promised content - things that realistically should've been done a while ago, but for one reason or another still haven't been finished up yet. A few things we hope to get working in the coming weeks/months include (though as usual we can't promise set dates): Bringing Dynmap back online Resolving remaining issues with CUStatus (this is why the web toplists/server status hasn't been showing for a bit) Reintroducing Factions New gamemodes (can't go into much detail yet, but I can tell you this: we're currently exploring more competitive options) For now, though, that's all I've got. See you folks on the server!
  17. * Fixed shoutbox input text being black on Chaotic United - 2020 (Dark) * Fixed disabled input fields being too bright on Chaotic United - 2020 (Dark) * Theme menu on CU 2020 themes now use categories (this will gradually be brought onto the other themes) * Fixed color displaying incorrectly on the 2020 themes when the accent color cookie wasn't previously set - Removed Killerteddy
  18. + Added forums rank: Benefactor * Fixed Chaotic United - 2020 theme issues with forum posts on mobile * Experimenting with Benefactor and Premium icons - both now have modern icons (if desired, these can be disabled in the Group Formatting options) - future tweaks may be made to the icons, stay tuned * Fixed ND Modern Group Formatting forcing Veteran rank to be bold * Changed CU Classic and CU 2015 formatting to work with the new Benefactor rank - Removed Killerteddy
  19. haloman30

    World edit eror

    Can you only do //wand? If that's all you're able to do and you can't even use the wand itself, then I don't see much issue.
  20. Can you only do //wand? If that's all you're able to do and you can't even use the wand itself, then I don't see much issue.
  21. I'd say espon summed it up pretty well - sure, it's a cool idea and on the surface I'd say that yea I'd like to see it happen. Trouble is, as espon pointed out, it's very easy for that to be exploited/abused. We've had a couple incidents in the recent past with chunks crashing the server due to overloaded NBT data. And sure, I could in theory manually overlook each and every schematic - free time is becoming increasingly harder to come by for me and I've got more going on in life than CU at this point. It's more important for me to be able to use that time towards bettering the server and working on my other projects as opposed to screening schematics every 5 minutes. Oh and plus there's no easy way to quickly look at a schematic since MCEdit is horribly out of date and doesn't support the modern schematic format. Maybe one day we'll have a solution to this, but not today. Sorry.