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Status Updates posted by haloman30



    i fixed my link embedding issue, turns out it was just fuckING COOKIES

  2. beat saber is p good

  3. i have linked your account to your old ND posts and such, enjoy your 367 content count 👏

    1. Alex


      Oshit, the nostalgia 🎉

  4. wow this shit finally works properly again

  5. if you jingle my bells i'll show you a white christmas

    1. esponshadow1
    2. HeyImJ0hn


      Not gonna lie, took me 6 days to get the joke

    3. haloman30


      @esponshadow1 its not gay if a girl does it ;D


      @HeyImJ0hn top kek


  7. Actually nvm go fuk urself aly

  8. We will miss you, @alycat :c

  9. A new year has arrived! And with it, a new year for Chaotic United!

  10. Your cover photo is just the eyes of a girl staring into my soul

    idk how to feel

    1. Blizz


      A ♥♥♥♥ing sexy girl

    2. haloman30


      A fucking sexy not-so-high-resolution girl

    3. Blizz
  11. Goodbye, ND.

  12. Welcome back to Chaotic United everyone!

  13. horray now basically everyone can get ranks on MC c:

  14. Next up: Paid advertising? GUIS DON8 I CANT BUY ADS WITHOUT U ;_;

  15. Dem feels when someone was a fake girl for 2 years o.o

  16. /emoticons/Installed_smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="/emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20">

  17. I think everyone i've spoken to within the past few days can agree it's been a rough ride the last few days. If you are still troubled now by the weekend's events, you are not alone. ;-;

    1. esponshadow1


      Yes, it has been. ;-;

  18. LoginSecurity reset. Please login to the MC server to keep your account safe.

  19. I love when my ISP changes my IP so i have to recalibrate the whole server. Much fun.

  20. Laptop broke :( server will be down for a while.

  21. Status updates show on the forums now!

  22. April 2015 - We will be migrating to