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  1. haloman30

    12/8/2019 Update

    + Added emote: + Added emote: * Updated to IP.Board 4.4.9 - Removed Killerteddy
  2. Accepted! Thank you for applying, you've been accepted! Enjoy your time here at Chaotic United! For a list of the perks you get for registering, check out this page. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! Also, please make sure you've read the rules found here and you can vote for us here. Notes: The "other community" question only applies if you were a part of CU or one of its affiliated communities prior to today, for clarification.
  3. Just an added note: While I personally find completely wiping AuthMe/FastLogin data twice a year a bit excessive - I should reiterate that this (and any future) resets will only ever affect cracked players. Since Premium users are logged in and registered automatically through FastLogin, you will never have had to enter any passwords. The only change you'll notice is that, with this reset, you might get a message upon logging in that you were auto-registered. That's it. So if you're premium you shouldn't have anything to worry about.
  4. With the 1.14 update, we've made some adjustments to our registration system. Instead of it being a useless leftover of old CU, it now has actual purpose again! By registering, you will get the Member rank which contains the following perks: Ability to extinguish campfires with water bottles Ability to use Chairs Access to CUEmotes Access to /disenchant (/unenchant) Access to /fuckify Access to /tinytext Access to /tinyfuckify Additionally, you'll get the following abilities in Survival and Creative: Access to CUXPSell Ability to create CraftBook mechanics Ability to create up to 5 homes Ability to claim up to 15 Creative plots Access to /back (return to your death point or last teleport location!)
  5. ND shut down in 2016, not sure how you were on in 2017/2018 but hey i still need to make the easy automated box for this so until then enjoy the generic green box with text
  6. + Add Far and Chirp music discs to VoteCrate * Disabled Nether/End Portals in Creative to prevent players from accessing unused worlds * Fixed VeinMiner not working on all ranks * Update to PaperMC build 233 - Remove 2 shulker boxes from VoteCrate - Removed Killerteddy
  7. i still need to make a proper box for this with generic text until then enjoy this green box of incompleteness
  8. Registration approved! (this box is supposed to be fancier but ive yet to set it up so enjoy the generic green box)
  9. + Add [View Perks] sign for Member at /warp help * Made /back a Member perk rather than a VIP perk * Made VeinMiner access a perk of VIP instead of a Sponsor perk * Made Carz (/carz) access a Sponsor perk once again (was a Benefactor perk) - Removed Killerteddy
  10. + Added a few new emoticons to forums * Fixed display of mood: Flirty * Fixed display of mood: Ban Happy * Fixed display of mood: Woot! * Fixed display of mood: Bored * Fixed display of mood: Mischevious * Fixed display of mood: Sauna Bathing * Fixed display of mood: Trash * Fixed display of mood: Immersed * Fixed display of mood: Fine * Fixed display of mood: Lucky * Fixed display of mood: Goofy * Fixed display of mood: Busy * Fixed display of mood: Tired * Fixed display of mood: Cheeky * Fixed display of mood: Buzzed - Removed Killerteddy
  11. * Archived voice channel: ElDewrito Grifball * Archived voice channel: ElDewrito Forge * Archived voice channel: Space Engineers - Removed Killerteddy
  12. haloman30

    11/28/2019 Update

    * Changed homepage announcement block to show latest topic based on Start Date, rather than Last Updated (showing based on Last Updated would cause the most recently replied-to topic to show on homepage instead of the newest announcement) - Archived #eldewrito channel on Discord - Archived ElDewrito subforum - Removed 'ElDewrito' from Servers dropdown on main website navigation - Removed Killerteddy
  13. Ye moods are cool - just the original designs are ancient and look really out of place when sat alongside the rest of the modern and clean design. That's why they got a much-needed facelift before their reintroduction :^)
  14. haloman30

    11/27/2019 Update

    * Fixed all groups having access to VeinMiner - is intended to be a Sponsor-only perk * Fixed signs in /warp help not being usable - Removed Killerteddy
  15. - Disabled guest "Post before Registering" setting - Removed Killerteddy