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  1. + Added new application for member lists as the old search method no longer works * Updated chatbox from 2.0.1 to 4.0.4 * Fixed issue on 2018 themes that caused topics to throw a template error while trying to load an image for the thumbnail image * Fixed Shoutbox/Chatbox not functioning * Fixed group badges displaying improperly on WinClassic theme - Removed Killerteddy
  2. haloman30


    + Added CUPoints support + Added /trc forcestart to allow force starting of arenas with only one player * Support for WorldEdit 7.x * Fixed some grammatical errors
  3. haloman30


    Initial release.
  4. haloman30


    + Add /buywarp command as an alias for /cuwarps buywarp + Add /pwarp command as an alias for /cuwarps warp + Add warp usage tracker - there is now a counter for every time a warp is used * Changes to privacy selections - there are now 3 privacy options: Public, Unlisted, Private (see docs for more details) * Replaced Essentials' /warp command to track warps * Replaced Essentials' /delwarp command to add warp backup support
  5. haloman30


    + Added command: /cuwarps einfo * All commands migrated into subcommands of /cuwarps * Fixed exception upon specifying a non-int for the getindex command
  6. haloman30


    + Added command: /cuwarps + Added command: /cuwarp <name> + Added command: /buywarp <name> + Added command: /cusetwarp <name> + Added command: /cudelwarp <name> + Added command: /curefreshwarps + Added command: /cuwarplist + Added command: /cugetindex <index>
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  8. haloman30


    There are two kinds of files used to store NDParkour data: Main configuration file - Stores settings for arenas and global NDParkour settings. This is the default config.yml present in the plugin folder User session files - Stores data for a user's session. These are stored in a subfolder called users, and are named after the player's UUID Sample config.yml settings: lobby-spawn: world: world x: 0 y: 0 z: 0 arenas: example: survival-money-award: 0 ndpoints-award: 0 world: world arena-coords: 1: x: 0 y: 0 z: 0 2: x: 0 y: 0 z: 0 game-spawn: x: 0 y: 0 z: 0 Sample user session file arena: magmaparkour difficulty: 0 attempts: 1 current: world: minigames x: -608 y: 23 z: -386 yaw: -220.7312 pitch: 9.313785 checkpoints: '0': world: minigames x: -626 y: 16 z: -387 '1': world: minigames x: -608 y: 23 z: -386
  9. haloman30


    Arguments Optional argument: [arg] Multiple optional arguments: [arg1|arg2 |arg3] Multiple optional anonymous arguments: [...] Required argument: <arg> Multiple required arguments: <arg1|arg2|arg3> Multiple required anonymous arguments: <...> Player Commands Join/Leave Commands /pkr join <arena_id> [confirm] - Joins the specified arena in Normal difficulty. The confirm argument will be required if you have a previous session /pkr easyjoin <arena_id> [confirm] - Joins the specified arena in Easy difficulty. The confirm argument will be required if you have a previous session /pkr hardjoin <arena_id> [confirm] - Joins the specified arena in Hard difficulty. The confirm argument will be required if you have a previous session /pkr leave - Leaves the current arena Session Commands /pkr resume - Resumes your saved session, if it exists /pkr session - Displays information about your saved session, if it exists Utility Commands /pkr info <arena_id> - Displays information about an arena /pkr setfacing - Will re-store your current checkpoint with your current facing direction. Useful if you land a checkpoint but you're not facing the right way, ie if you're looking down /pkr checkpoint - Teleports you to your last checkpoint /pkr setcp - Sets a checkpoint at your current location. Only available in Easy difficulty /pkr list - Shows a list of all arenas, and their ID if it differs from the arena display name Moderator Commands /pkr kick <player> <true|false> [reason] - Kicks the player from their parkour game. The true or false argument determines whether the player's saved session will be deleted. The reason, if provided, will be displayed to the user. /pkr session [player] - Shows information of another player's saved session, if it exists Admin Commands /pkr create <arena_id> - Creates a new arena with the specified ID, and sets the game start to the player's location /pkr edit <name> <...> - Edits an existing arena's configuration. The available options are: setgamespawn - Sets the arena starting point to your location setcash <double> - Sets the arena's survival money award (legacy option, formerly named setsurvivalmoney) setcupoints <int> - Sets the arena's CUPoints award (formerly named setndpointsamount) setlocked <true|false> - Sets the arena's locked status sethidden <true|false> - Sets the arena's hidden status setdisplayname <...> - Set's the arena's display name /pkr remove <name> - Removes the arena from the config /pkr refresh <name> - Reloads settings for the specified arena /pkr setlobbyspawn - Sets the parkour lobby spawn point /pkr refreshall - Reloads settings for all arenas /pkr reload - Reloads the entire configuration file /pkr wand - Toggles the arena selection wand /pkr bypass - Toggles admin bypass /pkr leave [stay] - If the 'stay' argument is specified, the player will not be teleported back to Parkour Lobby
  10. haloman30


    The following permission nodes are used within NDParkour. Permission Description ndparkour.player Grants access to standard user commands ndparkour.moderator Grants access to moderation commands ndparkour.admin Grants access to admin and arena setup/creation and modification commands
  11. haloman30


    NDParkour is a custom plugin that powers CU's parkour gamemode. It dates all the way back to 2014, as a plugin used by Nuclear District (hence the name, NDParkour). Later, it was updated to work with modern Minecraft versions and rebranded on the user-facing side as CUParkour. Internally, many things are still referenced as NDParkour, and the package name is still net.nucleardistrict in code. It continues to be updated and serves as CU's first custom-made minigame plugin.
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  13. + Add new Status option for Team Jobs: Awaiting Feedback * Altered Status and Importance displays on Team Jobs - Removed reviews from Team Jobs - Removed Killerteddy
  14. + Set up beta forms to replace the old "copy/paste the format" topics * Redesigned vote page (finally) * Archived Nuclear District subforum (will be reintroduced if users wish) - Removed Server Status page as it was inaccurate and buggy, might return at a later date - Removed Killerteddy
  15. * Navigation menu is now unified across main website and forums - Removed Killerteddy