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  1. Wow, I'm amazed at the overwhelmingly supportive votes! Virtually everyone voted either neutral or in favor of these ideas - which is kind of amazing considering I didn't really have much to share in terms of concrete ideas. But then again, the poll was more of just the idea. In either case, I'm absolutely thrilled that you guys are cool with this - sometimes I forget that we aren't living in 2015 where every eye is staring intently and questioning my every move looking for some deep evil intent. I'm gonna have some talks with the staff on some of these ideas, and what may end up happening is a lot of these might kick into play all at once. What I do want to do, however, is clarify a couple potential concerns that some of you may or may not have. For all I know none of you are really worried about this, but in case someone out there is, let me clarify the following: Our MC server will NOT be impacted by any of these other ideas. We will continue to put quality first, as in, we aren't going to turn into some greedy mega corporation like EA or Activision or whoever. We are here first and foremost for you - the community. And keeping a healthy and happy community comes before absolutely everything. MC will not be pushed aside and forgotten by these various ideas. If you do happen to have any particular concerns, feel free to either reply to the topic or speak up on Discord (or pm me on either if you don't want to do so in public)! Expect to see a variety of new stuff coming up soon! And once again, thank you - all of you - for being here, and continuing to be here over the years. Here's to many more years to come.
  2. Hey folks! A quick update to the forums - one that's been a long time coming. We have a new default forums theme. Our previous theme was from 2016, and has been the default theme ever since we came back to these forums from the ND merge. The new theme is a modernized version of that theme along meant to look more consistent with the main CU website. It also includes a couple fixes and tweaks from the default theme on the Elaztek Studios website as it's theme is also based on the old 2016 theme. Along with that, we have a dark theme right off the bat to go along with it. You can find both of these in the Themes menu at the bottom of the page. Along with that, the old 2016 theme is still available in our selection as well. Along with that, we've introduced a new server status page where you can check the status of our gameservers and other services. You'll also see some new stuff in the navigation menu, including Search, Staff, and Support in the appropriate spots. Lastly, I want to apologise for yet another year of minimal progress in the CU front. I know I must sound like a broken record at this point, where every single year I proclaim that we're about to start a grand new path and that this year will be the year that CU finally makes its epic return. And every year ends up mostly the same. One or several things happen that get in the way. 2014 was starting up, 2015 was merging with ND, 2016 was unmerging with ND, 2017 was WF - most of you who've been around a while know most of this. So what happened this year? Well, this year most of the setbacks had less to do with CU itself but rather my own personal life - which is a lot better if you ask me. This year was easily much better than last year, though that's not exactly a difficult thing to do. Earlier this year, I graduated high school and since then I've been slowly attempting to transition into adult life. Things such as driving (because I didn't do that back when I was 16 as I had no desire or use for driving), getting a job, and so on. The driving stuff is still underway, but I've already obtained and left my first job at Walmart. As most of you know, I wasn't exactly active - on anything - during those work days. And despite it being a part time job, I suddenly had a fraction of the time I had before just out of the blue. At that point, any time I had I was dedicating to Elaztek - because I was driven by something that is very alien as a driving force for me - money. Now hold on, don't panic. I'm not going evil corporate on you. I mean money as in the sense of "let me do something that makes me money so I can quit this job and just do what I enjoy doing". I had ideas ranging from loans, to crowdfunding, and so on. Most of you already know how that Kickstarter went (if you don't, it went pretty horribly). This didn't last very long, though, as I quickly grew unhappy with driving everything around money (kind of). I had (and still have) a passion project of mine, that will likely take years to complete. Since that point I'd spent most of my time working on that project. But then something happened that made it where I couldn't. For those of you on Discord, you'll know that I managed to completely rip my Windows 7 installation to pieces (and later put it back together again with duct tape and popsicle sticks), and for several days I didn't have much that I could do on my PC. So, instead of sitting around watching progress bars, I fired up Minecraft. And I felt at home. I felt a powerful flame reignite deep within that had been hidden from view by the chaos of entering/leaving a job, trying to find a game plan for Elaztek, and everything else that was going on at the time. I felt happy, but I also felt a sense of regret - regret that I'd effectively ignored CU for several months. Even though I tell myself it's not entirely my fault, it's still something that hurts and I want to try and turn it around. However, I do still have bills to pay as well. I can't share the details yet, because to be honest, I have yet to even discuss this with the team in detail yet. I want to share it with all of you at the same time. I know that some of you will probably scoff at the idea, but I want to try and push CU into something that is able to actually generate revenue. The amount of money that goes into CU every year is absolutely absurd considering how relatively small it is. It's awesome, and I love it, but there is very little money that comes in. So, with that being said, I'm gonna start spitballing some ideas. Understand that none of these are by any means official plans, because as I said, I haven't even talked to anyone else on the team about this before right now. A couple of ideas I had was selling some of my own skills, such as Graphic Design and Web Design services, templates, and so on through the CU store. To have CU be a sort of web e-commerce platform for web/tech-related stuff, maybe. For many years, monetization has been all but ignored on most of our services. Yeah, there's donation ranks on MC, but those are largely remnants of old CU and ND and very few people buy them to begin with. Beyond that, I've focused more on trying to just build up a server, a website, and a community. The issue is, you need two things to do this: money and time. For most of my time doing this, I've had a hell of a lot of time, but not a lot of money. When I had a job, I was slowly getting funds built up, but once I lost that job that fell apart pretty quickly for obvious reasons. Going forward, I want to introduce more ways of monetization. But I want to do it with you guys. I don't want to (and won't) introduce monetization systems that you guys aren't at least somewhat interested in. Additionally, a lot of my ideas are community-centered. For example, web and graphic design services. Services that YOU - yes, YOU - a member of the CU community, could sell through CU. You would benefit by being able to sell things, and CU would benefit by getting a tiny portion of the funds. Things of that nature. Things where both of us win in the end. It doesn't even have to be graphic design or web or anything like that. If you've got a skill you want to offer to the community (and beyond), let me know! I've been itching to try new things with Chaotic United for a long time, both inside and outside of the gaming world - but I want to make sure you guys are okay with it. I started CU back up as a service to the community, and I refuse to do anything that goes against that. If you guys hate the idea of me trying to utilize CU and its assets to try and generate revenue, then I won't. I'll find another outlet to try these experiments. Back in 2014/2015 when things were just starting back up, there was a common misconception that Aly and I started CU back up with the end goal of just trying to make a quick buck. Back then, I didn't understand the logic. I still don't. But I also don't want this post to seem like a confirmation of some kind of ridiculous nonsense, "oh!!! halo finally admiTS it! he just wants the moNEy!!!!!!11!". That's why I made a nice and simple poll. You tell me what you think of this. I'd love to hear any and all comments and responses to anything I've said, be it positive or negative. I also ask that anyone who sees this votes either on this poll or on the equivalent poll on the Discord announcement to go along with this topic (or both if you want). If you guys don't like it, then I'll continue to steer clear of monetization the way I have been thus far. But, that's not the end of this topic. The title of this topic ends with "and a Thank You" for a reason. As much as I may feel down at times, or unhappy with what seems to be a lack of progress, the new Chaotic United isn't a failure. This year not only has been virtually drama-free, but our player counts have been regularly held up ever since we brought the folks from The Den under our wing. I want to start by just giving a huge thank you to @DownTown and @lipinskip123 for being some of, if not the most active staff on our MC server this year. Not only that, but in doing so, you two have helped to boost the overall player counts. We were getting relatively higher numbers the other day, and I want to thank you both for helping make that happen - and hopefully continue to happen. But along with that, I want to thank all of you. Every single person who has ever set foot into Chaotic United's doors. Whether you joined and played for five minutes in 2011, whether you've been here through every iteration of Chaotic United over it's 7+ year lifespan. From the original Chaotic United run by Killerteddy from 2011 to 2013, to Nuclear District from 2014 to 2016, to the current CU from 2014 and onward. I want to thank everyone who's ever registered on this forum, who's ever joined our Discord, or our Minecraft server - even for just a moment - for being part of this journey. I want to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to stop by and say hello. Most of all, I want to thank those of you who have been dedicated. Those of you who've been around for years and years. Those of you who've stuck around through CU's worst and it's best. You guys are the reason that I started this project, and you give me the drive to keep going. Every time I feel a little down or a little unhappy with CU's progress, I look at you. I think of the people who have been here by my side since the very beginning. You are the reason I started, and you're the reason I'm still here doing this. Before I close off this topic, I want to make a promise to all of you. I promise you that one day, whether it be within the next year, or the next five years, or even ten years, that I will bring Chaotic United back to it's status - and beyond. I can't promise it will be on Minecraft, I can't promise that it won't be a bumpy ride there, but I promise that I will get us there or die trying. Along with that, I want to reaffirm that despite how busy I may get, despite what other stuff I might be doing with my life in the future, that I won't do what so many others have done and just pull out and leave it abandoned. Chaotic United is, has been, and always will be something near and dear to my heart. It ignited a flame within me back in January of 2012, and that flame still burns as bright as it did on day one. I just... I love you guys. Thank you.
  3. haloman30

    11/11/2018 Update

    Some changes have been applied to the Forums. + New page: Server Status + New default theme: Chaotic United - 2018 + New theme: Chaotic United - 2018 (Dark) + Added Search, Staff, and Support to the main navigation menu - Removed Killerteddy
  4. haloman30

    11/7/2018 Update

    A small update has been applied to the main MC server. * Enabled XPStorer mechanic: sneak while clicking on a lapis block to turn your XP into XP bottles for storage. * Disabled recipe for Stack of Books due to inconsistent results in some cases - Removed Killerteddy
  5. haloman30

    11/5/2018 Update

    + Add new Downloads category: Xbox 360 (JTAG/RGH) + Add new Downloads category: Freestyle 3 (subcategory of Xbox 360) * Set the "We've upgraded!" announcement to inactive - Removed Killerteddy
  6. haloman30


    Version 1.0.0


    A modification of the default Freestyle 3 theme, made to look and feel like the Xbox 360 NXE update. To install, place the .xzp file into your Freestyle 3 skins folder. If you upload the file via FTP when the Xbox is running, you will need to restart/reload Freestyle to see the skin appear. To do this, simply open the guide and go to Freestyle Home. Then navigate to your themes and choose NXE. It's quite nostalgic, isn't it?


  7. haloman30


    Please submit an appeal using the proper format by filling out this form. That form will auto-generate a new topic in Ban Appeals, which you can check for any updates on your suspension. (NOTE THIS IS ONLY A SPECIFIC CASE FOR HOTY) Por favor, presente una apelación utilizando el formato adecuado llenando este formulario. Ese formulario generará automáticamente un nuevo tema en Ban Appeals (Apelar apelaciones), que puede verificar si hay actualizaciones en su suspensión. Hacerlo en ingles
  8. haloman30

    big boy iq

    Alrighty, mister. Just keep digging a deeper hole. :^) The only reason you weren't banned sooner was because for the past while I've been busy doing a variety of things and I've sadly been unable to be as involved with Chaotic United as I'd like to. Very quickly I was thrust into a position of trying to build up my own game development studio, get a job, and a handful of other responsibilities that leave very little, if any time for CU. As such, I was fairly unaware of most of your past offenses. However, based on these new revelations, as well as seeing how you interact with our other members and our staff team, I have gone ahead and personally banned you from all of our MC servers. The kind of behavior you present to CU is the kind of absolutely shit behavior that we want to keep as far away from here as possible. Your attitude, blatant disrespect for (and outright ignoring of) the rules, trying to bend the rules and frame yourself as innocent, talking shit on our own staff members to try to inflate your own ego, all of this is plain unacceptable. If I were involved as deeply as I was a couple months ago you'd have been banned a lot sooner and never given the chance to potentially appeal as a Griefer. Virtually the entire staff team wants nothing to do with you or your kind. You are an obvious troll and you're going to be treated as such. I've been lenient for a while, to a fault, but those times have come and gone. We want to create a healthy community here at CU, and part of that includes keeping trolls and other shitty people out of it. I think Michael put it quite nicely: You're free to make another appeal or make a donation to get yourself unbanned, however you might want to consider making some changes to your attitude and behavior before you return, if you choose to do so. But I think I speak for not just our team, but CU as a whole when I say that we might just be better off without you. Have a good day, sir.
  9. haloman30

    big boy iq

    he knows, but you have to appeal a griefer demote the same way
  10. haloman30

    big boy iq

    ban appeals still apply to grief my guy
  11. haloman30

    10/18/2018 Update

    Some updates have been applied to the website and Semi-Vanilla server. Website Changes: + Add some new sites to the ND Archive (thanks @Atomicbeast101 ): ND 2015 Beta ND 2015 Alternate ND 2015 v2 Alternate (works a lot better than the earlier copy) ND 2016 Rev. 1 ND 2016 Rev. 2 ND 2016 Rev. 3 ND 2016 v2 Beta WIP * Added drop shadow to ND logo on the ND archive to make it easier to read * now redirects to Semi-Vanilla Changes: - Disallowed RTP in Nether and End
  12. haloman30


    wot EDIT: oh
  13. haloman30

    8/21/2018 Update

    Here's to you, Nuclear District. + Added new theme: District One + Added new theme: ND 2015 - Dark Theme + Added new website section: Nuclear District Archive
  14. haloman30

    Two Years Ago...

    ...Nuclear District said it's final goodbye. On August 21, 2016, Nuclear District closed it's doors forever. It was a new start for Chaotic United, but also a sad end to another. In a world before the new CU was even an idea, Nuclear District was the only future for the old community. CU was under the borderline corrupt ownership of Killerteddy, and it was slowly dying off. With lack of evolution, lack of funds, and other struggles due to the mishandling of CU, the team made the choice to break away and bring as many people from CU as possible over to a new home - Nuclear District. Atomicbeast101, Nik, Alex, Kendev, ntx2, and a long list of other people set out to make a superior, healthier community to escape the thumb of the dying Chaotic United. They had a bold vision, and the team to pull it off. And for a while, they did. As time went on, the team grew tired and slowly, they started to move on from managing online communities and went on to pursue other passions. Many of them had been doing it since 2012 - and were in the process of entering a new stage of life. They wanted to move on with life. In 2016, they made the decision to shut ND down - and if the new CU hadn't popped up in late 2014, that would've been the end to the story. A once great and lively community, gone out with a mere whimper and a fraction of the members it once had. That would have been the end to the CU story. Thankfully, that's not what happened. The new CU did exist, and as a result, we can carry the torch. The fire they lit all the way back in 2011 and carried forward until 2016 didn't die off in 2016 - the torch was passed to a new generation. A new group of people - faces old and new - to carry forward the legacy of the old Chaotic United, and Nuclear District. This year, we went the extra mile to do just that. Instead of just a simple remembrance post, we wanted to truly honor Nuclear District and all it stood for. As those of you around back when the ND forums upgraded to IPB4, you've noticed that with the slow trickle of old themes being reintroduced, a couple themes were absent - the old Nuclear District themes. Today, we are proud to announce that those themes have been reintroduced! The two themes are named District One and ND 2015 - Dark Theme. District One is the original theme used by Nuclear District at the very start, and ND 2015 - Dark Theme is the modernized variant of that theme that was in use around the time that CU and ND first merged. They look and work just as you'd expect - District One even has it's color picker to let you recolor the theme to your liking. Just for today, we've set District One as the site-wide default. The default look will return automatically tomorrow - if you don't want to wait, however, you can go back to the default theme by going to the Theme menu at the bottom of the page and choosing Chaotic United - 2016 (Default). You can alternatively pick District One or ND 2015 - Dark Theme at any point later through this same theme menu. Along with those two forum themes, we also wanted to introduce another history piece. With the permission of Nuke, we've introduced a new website section - The Nuclear District Archive. This archive serves as a hub for every single ND website iteration. We've made some minor changes to remove broken links and such, but aside from that everything is exactly as it was. The only exception to that is the homepage for ND 2015 v2, which relied on ND's forums for recent announcement data. Beyond that though, everything is intact. You can check the archive out by clicking here. Before we end off this post, let's revisit a few ND forum topics, shall we? First off, we have an old favorite - from the very beginning of ND, ntx2 (The Tastiest Tickles) created a topic explaining the new community creation and all those juicy details. You can check it out at Next up, we have a topic that some of you may not have even known was from the ND era - The Below Game. It was originally created by Nakudan, on the ND forums. You can check it out at Time to reminisce about the creation of the 2015 theme we just introduced! This is the topic that Kendev posted when the original theme was first released to the public. Let the memories flood back by clicking over to And of course, who could forget back when ND and CU first merged, this topic was made on both the CU and ND forums. The ND version can be found at Side note, you don't know how long I was waiting for a reason to use the "It's happening" gif. You can also see Nakudan being very leery of the whole ordeal One more thing - for those unaware, most of the active ND users at the time of it's closure can be found on the NARA Discord server. It was created with the goal of keeping the community that ND had together without the need to maintain a website or manage a community or any of that. You can join them by clicking over to While Nuclear District may have shut down, its book closed, it's memory has not faded from our memory. Their impact and legacy continues to live on in Chaotic United to this day - and for all the days and months and years to come. Their impact has been massive, and if Nuclear District never came to be, we wouldn't have made it to where we are today. To all of those who staffed at Nuclear District: Thank you. Your work for all those years set the stage for a new era to begin. You set the playing field for CU's story to continue, and for all that you've done, we make it our promise to you that you will never be forgotten. The contributions and work of Nuclear District's staff were nothing short of exceptional. We will continue to honor them and remember them as we move forward, to never forget what they have done for all of us. Stay Nuclear, my friends. - The Chaotic United Team Special Thanks to the NuclearDistrict Team Atomicbeast101, Alex, Nik, ntx2, 16dbaxter, Falkerz, Spencer, Kendev, Bobbie_, LaughedSnail, KooladeCaprisun, ZacSkitlez, Em_Aru, DrummerWiz, ilovecars333
  15. haloman30

    Brink of Chaos Updates

    Hey, everybody! Today we want to go into detail on some of the changes and improvements we've made to Brink of Chaos as of late! First of all, we now have a custom crafting ability implemented. We've done this to make certain items obtainable due to either not having a recipe at all, or due to things just being broken. So far, we've enabled the Activated Division Sigil, Miniature Green Heart, and Green Health Canister through this method. Any future custom recipes (and the ones we have currently) will be placed on a topic we made the other day, found here. Additionally, today we've implemented an EMC toplist! Now, you can see who has the most (or least) EMC on the server. Check it out at: Lastly, if you've been living under a rock, we did a map reset for modded MC just a few days ago - including marriages, EMC, and everything else. We did this in order to use a new terrain generator as well as freshen up the experience for everyone. We hope you guys are excited for some of the new stuff with Brink of Chaos! See you folks soon when we hopefully have more news on 1.13