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  1. Accepted! Thank you for applying, you've been accepted! Enjoy your time here at Chaotic United! For a list of the perks you get for registering, check out this page. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! Also, please make sure you've read the rules found here and you can vote for us here. Notes:
  2. + Added warp: register + Added warp: done * Disabled creeper explosions * Disabled TNT explosions * Fixed some grief * Changed default rank to Guest * Promoted previous active players to Member * Changed default spawn to a registration information area - Disallowed Guests from being able to build - Removed Killerteddy
  3. * Updated CUPackage to 1.2.19 * Replaced /ping and /cuping with a reimplementation through CUPackage (the old Essentials ping can be used via /eping) * Migrated /gomdo into CUPackage * Fixed players not being able to confirm the deletion of their own Creative or Benefactor plot * Fixed godmode being usable in the Killerteddy boss fight dungeon - Removed plugin: CUPing - Removed plugin: gomdo - Removed Killerteddy
  4. Changed Status to Fixed
  5. Changed Status to Fixed
  6. * Updated VoteRoulette to 3.2.5 * Fixed claiming vote rewards showing an extra "internal error" message after claiming * Fixed use of /tp not working on Semi-Vanilla * Fixed moderators not being able to access CoreProtect commands - Removed Killerteddy
  7. haloman30


    Changed Status to Fixed
  8. * Reduced render distance on Survival from 16 to 12 * Reduced render distance on Semi-Vanilla from 16 to 12 * Fixed players not being able to use /togglephantoms in Factions - Removed Killerteddy
  9. * Renewed SSL certificate for donation store - Removed Killerteddy
  10. * Updated MineQuil to 1.0.1 * Updated CUPvPToggle to 1.1.0 * Updated CUPackage to 1.2.17 * Trying to toggle /pvp now shows remaining time if the player must wait to toggle it again * Players can now use /pvp to toggle pvp instead of /pvp toggle * Replaced Durite in Semi-Vanilla Vote Crate with Strider Spawn Egg * Fixed Vote Crate keys not being usable in Semi-Vanilla or Survival * Fixed sleeping not clearing weather when sleeping during thunderstorms * Fixed Member sleep bonus effects not being applied in Semi-Vanilla * Fixed players not respawning at their bed and/or home upon death in Survival and Semi-Vanilla - Removed Killerteddy
  11. Can't/wont fix. I explained to milk directly privately but I'll break it down here too. The bug mentioned is in regards to a feature of CKEditor, the library that our forum software uses for its rich content editor. It will periodically back-up the contents of the field so that in the event of an accidental page navigation, an internet outage, or a power outage, the contents are not likely to be lost. The side effect is that sometimes that content is not cleared properly. Fixing this would require modifications to CKEditor's source code, which could result in the feature being broken and resulting in content being lost prior to being posted - potentially costing people to lose quite a lot of work in preparing a longer topic. The fix would then need to be re-applied with every software update to the forums. So yes - while this is inconvenient, it's not something that'll be fixed as it's a minor side-effect of a crucial forums feature that prevents hours of content work from being lost.
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