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  1. haloman30

    1/5/2019 Website Update

    Some fixes and changes have been applied to the forums and main website. + Added latest announcement to homepage + Added site banner support to CU 2018 - Dark Theme * Migrated Helpcenter to Forums, old one retired (can still be accessed for now here, is now out of date) * Changed main site and forums navigation menus to point to new helpcenter instead of old one - Removed Killerteddy
  2. Hey, folks! Some new things to talk about today! This time, all about the lovely CU website. As of now, we have retired the old CU helpcenter in favor of a new one (which may or may not be based on the one Elaztek uses). Our old one was pretty clunky in both looks and usability. It was generally just not that great. So, we've opted to migrate everything to a brand new helpcenter, integrated into the forums rather than our main website. Some topics (in particular, ones that aren't really standard articles) have not and likely will not be migrated over anytime soon. However, you'll still find links to them in our new helpcenter. The old helpcenter and any links that it contains are now considered legacy and as time goes on will be further and further out of date. You can check out the new helpcenter by clicking here. In the first draft of this announcement, that's all that happened. But then, something else happened - the homepage got a slight facelift. Not a huge change, but if you check the homepage, you'll see the latest announcement topic featured right there, along with the image and other basic information about it. Cool, right? Lastly, our dark theme got all the new banners added to it because it turns out I forgot to add them to it. Better late than never, right? That's all for now folks! We can't share many other details just yet (though you should keep your eyes peeled for some news soon), but 2019 is shaping to be a big year - a truly defining year for CU. You may also notice several staff in Discord in voice (in private staff channels) around 3PM Central, as we're doing a staff meeting today - the first in a while. There's also some other neat things in the works behind the scenes besides that as well - details of which we hope to share soon. But, for now, that's all I've got. See you folks soon!
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    Custom Plugins

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    File Submission Guidelines

    Chaotic United File Submission Rules Last updated: 11-18-2018, 12:56 AM CDT Section I - Global File Submission Guidelines By submitting any file on our download center, you agree to abide by the following guidelines: a. General Guidelines Your content must not encourage racism, hate speech, or other forms of discrimination based on gender, religion, race, beliefs, or on any other such trait. Your content must not contain extreme nudity or adult themes. Mild adult themes are permitted. Your content must not attack or harass any other person. Your content must not contain viruses, malware, or otherwise contain threats to the user's device. b. Stolen Content Your content must not contain pirated or stolen content, in part or in whole, from any other person without their permission. If your content contains content from another author, you must provide proof of their given permission. Otherwise, your file will be removed and your ability to submit premium files will be revoked. c. Legal Responsibility In the event of any legal complaints against your content, you will be responsible for resolving these issues. Your content will be hidden from the public until if and when any complaints are resolved. Chaotic United is not responsible for any lost revenue as a result of any legal issues. Section II - Premium File Submission Guidelines By submitting any file as PREMIUM on our download center, you agree to also abide by the following guidelines: a. Account Balance Your account balance may take up to 14 days to withdrawal to your payment method. It will rarely take this long, however as money continues to circulate around Chaotic United, we cannot guarantee that any given user's account balance is in the specific account at any given time. As such, all withdrawals are manually confirmed. Normally, this will take no longer than a day. But in the event of being unable to transfer funds, it may take time. We will always strive to get funds transferred as quickly as possible. If you have not recieved your funds after 14 days, please create a support ticket. In the event that you are suspended from being able to submit premium files, your account balance will be delivered to your desired payment. b. File Uploads Files must be uploaded directly to the CU website, you cannot host them on a 3rd-party website. This is to ensure that people who purchase files don't find themselves without a download link later on down the road. Reservation of Rights Chaotic United reserves the right to remove any file for any reason. In addition, Chaotic United reserves the right to alter, modify, or update these terms without notice. If you disagree with these terms, you may contact a staff member for questions or concerns. If you ultimately do not agree to these terms, you will not be allowed to submit any files to our download center.
  8. haloman30

    Premium Downloads Info

    As part of our new expansion efforts, we have introduced a content platform element to CU. You can upload all sorts of content. Starting with Minecraft content, and expanding over time, it is set to allow users to easily share their content with the community. Additionally, especially talented users may submit their files as Premium. What this means is that their files can be made as paid resources, and share it with the community. There are some things you should know before you get going, and most relevant info can be found here. Additional questions should be directed at haloman30.Uploading a Premium ResourceThe process is incredibly simple and hands-off. You create your build/world/design/other premium content, and get it tuned up nicely. You may then upload your file to our Downloads system. Then, you will upload some screenshots. After that, you will enter some information about the file. Lastly, you may choose either Free or Paid. By clicking 'Paid', you mark the file as a Premium resource. You should ONLY upload Premium resources under the appropriate 'Premium' category. All free files should be under the normal categories. And that's it! When people buy your item, it will be linked to your account as Credit that can be withdrawn at your leisure. Alternatively, you may leave it on your account as a stockpile/savings. It's all up to you!Requirements/Quality ControlWe rarely will remove content from the Premium listings. Horrible content that is being offered up as Premium, or content that may be decent but not worthy of payment will be downvoted by the community itself - and just won't make money. If content violates any community rules, or contains any extreme nudity or contains pornographic content, it will be made unavailable to the community. We love dirty jokes as much as you do, but we aren't a porn site. There are more than enough of those for you to enjoy elsewhere on the internet.Withdrawing Your EarningsWhen someone buys your Premium resource, the money goes into your Account Credit. You can withdraw the money to your PayPal account at any time. Withdrawals will need to be approved and as such you will not receive them immediately. This is simply for us to make sure the money exists for us to pay you. We don't want to deal with negative PayPal balances on our end - you understand. This usually shouldn't take too long, unless you attempt to withdraw in later hours where our Admins are not available. It will rarely take any more than a day, but the general rule is don't plan on having the money at the exact moment you press the button, just for safety.Deductions/FeesChaotic United will collect 15% of all Premium file revenue to go towards server costs, website feature upgrades, server upgrades, and so on. Additionally, a 0.60 USD (60 cents) transaction fee will be taken out. The rest of the money is yours.Frequently Asked QuestionsQ: Why can't I get 100% of the profits? You didn't make any of my content, I did! >:^(A: Correct. We did not develop your content. However, we do host the website that you have uploaded the file to, and that host isn't free. Besides, we are very generous with only taking 15% of the profits. Some sites demand 20% or even 30% - which is just absurd.Q: What if I create a build of a super sexy lady but I don't show any nudity?A: This is fully permitted, but I don't know if anyone will be willing to buy it. Those kinds of builds are more of a screenshot piece. You're more than welcome to try, though.Q: If I upload a file, do CU staff members get to download it for free?A: Managers, Administrators, and Owners can download your file without needing to pay. Moderators and below must pay, however.Q: If I upload something such as a SkyWars or SurvivalGames arena, will CU use it?A: If we find interest in your build, we will generally inform you about it. We will never use your builds for free without your permission. You may allow us to use them free of charge, but otherwise you will receive a payment for the build before we use it.Q: Why can't I get my withdrawal immediately?A: As we mentioned before, we want to ensure we can actually pay you first. If we can't pay you for whatever reason (ex: the money in CU's PayPal was used on server bills), then we will need to transfer money into it beforehand. Don't worry - you will never not have your account credit. If need be, CU will pay you out of pocket. Q: What if my content is commentary on a sensitive topic, such as racism, sexism, etc?A: Commentary or not, if your content is deemed overly offensive, it will be removed. Otherwise, anyone could make racist content and just say "oh, its just commentary so its fine :D". Just because it's commentary, doesn't mean it can just bypass the rules. Ultimately, we are the judges in these cases.Q: Can my content promote another community or website?A: You can ask us first, however in most cases it is not allowed. Exceptions would be any content relating to Nuclear District, Hurricane Craft, Elaztek Studios, United AlyCraft, and any other members or partners of the Chaotic United Network. You can find a list of those names here.
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    Appeal a Suspension

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    Reply on my last Report

    This is the reply michael gave to your previous appeal.
  15. haloman30

    12/31/2018 Website Hotfix

    Last update of 2018, folks! + Added 2018 and other events to the CU Timeline * Fixed various links in the footer in forums and main website - Removed Killerteddy