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  4. Hey folks! Minecraft turns 10 today! So, obviously one must ask - what are we doing to celebrate Minecraft's 10th birthday? Two things: 1. Everything on is 50% off for the next week! If you've been eyeing one of those shiny rank upgrades, now's a fine chance to grab it for cheap! 2. The 10 year celebration map that Mojang put up is up on a server for you to explore! Fire up 1.14.1 and connect to to check it out! There is one other little thing that we'll be doing as part of this, but it won't come into effect until a fair bit later once we update to 1.14 - so stay tuned for that! If you haven't already, go ahead and check out the page on in regards to its 10th anniversary. Nothing much else this time around - let's all celebrate 10 years of Minecraft!
  5. Just because a playerbase is declining (which also no, it actually isn't if you actually look at the number of people coming into the game) doesn't mean it's time to abandon ship. The other thing about having say clans and other such things for other games is that we don't (to my knowledge) have people willing to operate and maintain such a thing. I've got too much on my plate to begin with - what with trying to find a job (and eventually having one), running CU, and also programming and working on stuff for Elaztek. I'm not opposed to the idea of expansion - but someone else would need to lead such projects as I won't be able to do it the right way - my passion lies with MC and such, my game library is tiny and mostly consists of Halo, Minecraft, and a few other random miscellaneous games (that are usually older games). I don't have the personal interest to pursue clans on say Apex or Fortnite or whatever, so if I were the one to lead the charge it'd be a disaster. Once again though on the topic of MC - if you look at the state of the game right now, people are actually coming back. People who quit years ago are showing back up, partially due to a combination of new updates, nostalgia, and memes. And as I said before - just because something is declining a bit doesn't mean shit if the game is still wildly popular. It isn't an easy process to actually bring in members effectively without having funding behind it - which is something I'll be doing once I get this job. A lot of people like to say that the game is dead because in their limited circle, it is. Their friends have moved on, the people they know moved on, and they themselves moved on. When that's mostly all you see is people you know leaving the game to go play others, then it's no surprise that people get the feeling that the game is declining, dying, or dead. But at the end of the day, what happens in one or a thousand friend circles doesn't apply to the world. Maybe the game is declining - not much of a shocker, the game has been out for 10 years (actually today is the 10 year anniversary). But even so - it's still more than viable to build a community on, and that's why I intend to stick with MC. I know a lot of old folk would rather see me shift gears to something else and drop MC finally, I've yet to hear an actual compelling argument as to why I should put Minecraft to the side or even shut it down entirely in favor of other, newer games that I don't give a single shit about. The only argument I ever hear is that the game is dead or dying - which is simply not true. Look up the numbers yourself if you don't believe me. Go to the forums for various other servers. Check out PMC or MinecraftForum. There's a massive amount of Minecraft focused communities that are thriving today. The biggest issue CU has is that people have been slowly trickling away for the past 4 years and we've been clueless as to how to actually create a proper influx of people. Virtually every single person that's active is either from old CU or ND, or is a friend of someone from old CU or ND. Chaotic United's lack of success isn't because of the game, it's because of my ineptitude when it comes to advertising and self-promotion. I don't mean to come off as angry or dismissive - I do see value in expansion, and it's something I may talk to the team about and see if anyone is interested in building clans for those other games. I just get tired of hearing the same false argument being made time and time again and that I should just quit and focus on something else (yes I know you're not suggesting quitting it). Lastly in regards to TF2 or CS:GO servers - we've had those in the past and they performed absolutely horrible. That being said, a couple staff are interested in managing other gameservers, and once we update to 1.14 there should in theory be a lot more headroom to work with to actually run a couple more servers. So that might be something we explore here soon, along with me looking to invest financially into advertising and marketing for MC.
  6. Well Josh's suggestion is to have a focus on more popular games which on average tends to be newer games.
  7. There are 2 primary issues: 1. Most newer/popular games don't have player-hosted servers or any mechanisms to do so. 2. Those that do likely only do through modding and it can be legal hell. Running a WoW or RuneScape server is illegal as shit and Blizzard has been known to file lawsuits and pursue legal action as a result. I don't think anyone here is looking to get in legal trouble for running a community. I sure as shit don't.
  8. How is being open and asking for clarification hopeless? I'm sorry that I don't subscribe to the unpopular opinion that Minecraft is just a dead game beyond any recovery, but if you look at it objectively, it isn't dead. Far from it. I'm not gonna throw away MC purely because some of CU's veteran players have simply grown up and moved on from it. I may be misinterpreting his original post, but I get the feeling he isn't suggesting gameservers - rather to somehow focus on creating a community without having self-hosted servers. However, in regards to popular games - there are two ways to look at it. On one hand, you can certainly build a following based on whatever's popular at the time. But when that thing stops being relevant, how many of those guys are gonna stick around? Allow me to echo your words in the original post and refer back to old CU - how many people were still around from WoW/RS in 2013? Not a whole ton, MC had overtaken it and everyone who came for those games eventually just left. The reason I'm hesitant to just follow the trends is because it's a bad long-term move. It's good at building a community for the lifetime of that game, but ultimately people aren't gonna stick around once the next big thing comes up most likely. That being said, clearly we're doing something wrong as we're sat here with a very small community. But at the same time, I'd like to think we're doing something right as well - for that small community is incredibly tight-knit. Despite many of the people not playing MC a ton, Discord is still alive and well and everyone still talks. I've figured that if nothing else happens, once I start getting a game out for Elaztek I'll do something to try and involve CU a fair bit in that if all else fails. I am still open to hearing the clarification - what are you suggesting? Servers? No servers? If no servers, are you suggesting something specific? I'm not known for being able to pick up on cues and I can't do much with a suggestion that I don't entirely understand.
  9. i have the opposite experience - most things run better on chrome for me most things work good in firefox too but some things run like absolute ass
  10. tfw those are my speeds over ethernet
  11. I have it but i like chrome better With the new look of chrome if I ever switch browsers i'll probably switch to Pale Moon - it's based on firefox but has a delightful amount of UI customization and I can make it look a lot like chrome thanks to the power of themes :^) but for now im sticking to good ol' chrome 54.0
  12. funny thing is this is actually slightly faster than what I'm supposed to get - I should only get 25 down and 5 up but alas
  13. Honestly I agree with you on most of this, except for the whole part about MC being a dead game. I've heard that idea get tossed around a lot and I want to try and explain the other side of that story. There are still a ton of Minecraft-focused communities and forums that all are plenty successful. Generally from what I've seen, people say that Minecraft is a dead game purely because they themselves lost interest in the game. Millions still play it, and I suspect that won't change anytime soon just due to the nature of the game. The game is, in a sense, virtual Lego - it can act as a survival tool but at the core a big focus is creativity. For the creatively-inclined, the game likely won't tire as easily - which is probably why I've been able to stick with it and love it for over 7 years now. As of lately, MC has actually been starting to trend upwards again. For some reason or another the game appears to be coming out of it's perceived dead state. My theory is that the issue is simply advertising. Nobody knows that we exist, and the few who do are people who came from old CU. Virtually everyone here is someone who was on ND or old CU at some point. The only exceptions being friends of those people from old CU. As such, those people have been moving on and nobody has come in to fill their place. I take full fault for that because I'm absolutely clueless on how to actually advertise without something to the effect of paying for premium server listing spots or something of that sort. In regards to the idea of a total "reopening" and "clearing out all the old", I don't know if I'm quite keen on that idea. I'm very much in favor of historical preservation, and at the moment I'm not exactly all that comfortable with the idea of totally doing a 180 and effectively wiping away what we once had. I feel that we have a responsibility to honor the past - not just of the old CU, but of the small yet very real population of people who have stuck around in the new CU and ND too. I'm not entirely against having a focus on things that aren't Minecraft - the primary issue is that for the past several years I've been in a spot where I don't have a ton of resources to do things. That's about to change within the next month or so though. Call it a block fetish (xd) or anything else, MC is something I'm passionate about and it's something that won't be going away anytime soon. I'm all ears for ideas for expansion, but it's likely going to be a long time before we see the end of CU's MC server. In regards to said expansion - what specifically are you suggesting? More servers? Ignoring servers and focusing on Forums/Discord? Something else entirely?
  14. haloman30


    just added the link to discord since I was an idiot and forgot to add it xd
  15. haloman30


    The server is indeed still alive, and we aren't going anywhere anytime soon - don't you worry. I do encourage you to check out our Discord as generally people are significantly more active on there more than anything, which you can join here. In terms of Minecraft, while it's not super active, the few of us who are tend to be on the 1.13 testing server as we work on upgrading. I can whitelist you to it if you want - although only Survival is fully functional on that server.