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Version History


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+ Added command: /pkr admin - shows all NDParkour admin commands
+ Added command: /pkr mod - shows all NDParkour moderation commands
+ Added command: /pkr tp - teleports you to a parkour arena's spawn area for quick access
+ Added tab completion support
* Fixed a bug where /pkr setcp would always use the center and bottom of the block, which caused a player to be unable to continue due to infinitely falling
* Admin and Moderator commands are now in separate lists due to the vast amount of commands added
* Fixed parkour join signs not checking for an existing player session
* Fixed a bug where /pkr setfacing would force the checkpoint back to the center of the block again
* All normal user commands now check for permissions properly
* /pkr info command no longer shows to normal users, as it is an admin-only command
* /pkr setfacing now shows in the user help guide

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