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    Different Approach

    Sup Bitches, I know you all remember me and still don't wanna give me OP, whatever. I have a suggestion take it or leave it, but I see a lot of potential in chaotic united not as a server but as a community. The main reason its doing completely garbage is because you're holding onto minecraft. Minecraft it self is dead, so any community related to it will also be dead. Now I am not saying get rid of minecraft because halo has an awkward fetish with blocks but maybe instead turn this into a gaming community. You have everything you need to set your self up for success, but you fail at using it. IPB is a powerful system, and it looks like you guys got it all down pact, except no one wants a whole forums based off minecraft. The old chaotic united was obliviously popping because minecraft was popping, what they did was take what was popular, offer a platform for people to connect on, and add a little twist of customization to keep it going. Example: World of Warcraft Indeed it was a very popular game around 2012 or whatever, so what did the owner decide to do, create a platform for players to interact, then invested in a private custom server to keep those players attracted. Example 2: Runescape It was very popular around the same time, and once again create a platform base for players to interact and socialize, trade ect for the game, invest in a private server to keep the player base connected and involved. Then minecraft you already know how that went. Those games obviously died out but by that time killerteddy knew that and was already planning on switching the game plan. Unfortunately the trail of stupidity caught up to him and he lost everything he had setup in place to keep the dream going. If you guys instead turned this into a hub focused on gaming as a whole, then the players will flow in from those games and hopefully feed off into other games as well. WoW players would hop on MC for a bit, MC players would hop on runescape for a bit so on and so forth, because all those platforms were offered within the same community, friends can go play mc together, then to collect money in runescape or whatever you do in runescape I never played it really. I think in order to achieve this a clean start, or a re make and re open is in order to clear out all the old and re brand and re image chaotic united for what it originally was, a gaming community because that's what everyone misses, the community aspect. Times have changed and chaotic needs the same.
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    Howdy folks! Some stuff has been happening the past few days and I think it's high time we let you guys in on some of it. As you probably know, Minecraft 1.14 released just a few days ago. Our test server has, as of today, been updated to 1.14 - granted there's still a ways to go. A lot of stuff is broken, but not as much as was broken with 1.13. Survival is mostly playable, however most other gamemodes aren't functional just yet. This will obviously change as time goes on and things get updated, Spigot and our plugins alike. This is still a fairly decent outcome considering that we are only a few after 1.14's release and we're already somewhat up and running on it. But of course, something else is significant about today. Today is April 26th, CU's birthday. Today marks 8 years since Chaotic United first opened its doors to the world. That's quite a long time, and a lot has changed in the world since 2011. Many of us here were children back then. Many of the people who were around back then have moved on from Minecraft, and many of those did so years ago. For a lot of people, it's sad to look at the current state of the community in comparison to back then. Part of our apparent lack of progress is my fault. For the past couple years I've neglected to run my staff team properly, and over the past couple of years the importance of staff expectations have degraded. The importance of being active decreased, I failed to give people things to do, and people were still growing up and moving into a new phase of their lives. Many of the people who had nothing but time back then nowadays are busy with college, work, or life in general. I've told this to my staff team just the other day, and I'm going to tell you - I want this 8th anniversary to be a turning point. A turning point for me, for this team, and for this community. The torch I've picked up and continue to carry has been neglected - and for that, I am terribly sorry. But sorry isn't enough - the only thing that's enough is correcting the mistakes of the past and building a better future. To deliver on the promises and goals I had back in 2014. And while those goals may be high - too high to be realistic, as some say - I believe in aiming high. A pattern has been consistent for each and every one of these special dates - a promise of "things will get better soon, guys", time and time again like a broken record. My goal is for this one to be the last one. I want our 9th birthday to be a celebration, not a message of hope for the future. I can say things will get good soon, but sooner or later people are going to stop having hope. We've been declining, not growing. I want our next birthday announcement to be reminiscent of the one that was posted after it's first year of life: On 4/21/2012 at 1:47 PM, Spencer said: Chaotic United is now a year old, give or take a couple days. It was once a much smaller community known as "Fatality Minecraft" that only consisted of a Minecraft server, run off of killerteddy's computer. This year has been amazing, we've expanded rapidly and became a successful and known gaming community. Our presence has spawned many other small gaming communities, some chose to try to develop alongside of us and others tried to attack our member base and steal the ideas that our community was founded upon. None of our achievements and goals would have ever been met without you guys, the community. So we owe it all to you. Many original members of Chaotic knew that we were always branded by our blue colour schemed styles so I've decided to revamp our current theme to blue and white as opposed to the green and white. You'll also find various of improvements and new features that were added in the past week. Also, in addition to all this we've reached 100,000 total posts! That's a huge milestone for us, and in less then a week or so we'll hit 25,000 total members. Out of all the projects I've lead or contributed to none has been ever so successful as Chaotic, and I'm proud of what we've all built Chaotic United to be. So once again, thanks everyone for making Chaotic's first year an amazing and the development team is working diligently to produce new and truly custom and immersive content. And also a special thanks to all of our donators and supporterss, without you we wouldn't be able to fund the server costs and development costs. And we're still very proud to say that not even a cent of donation money has ever been spent for our personal benefits. I want next year's post to look more like this, instead of preaching hope of future prospects for the 3rd or 4th year in a row. You'll start seeing the effects of some of these changes as we update to 1.14, and as we move into the rest of the year. Now to clarify something before we wrap up: When I talk about a turning point, I do NOT refer to any shift away from Minecraft. We may start to explore having one or two other servers, but we're gonna be sticking to Minecraft as our main server for many years to come. I firmly believe that the issue is not entirely due to the server itself (though there are definitely some things that need to change on that front), but moreso to do with how we as a team actually function - along with a lack of any sort of marketing/advertisement. Keep your eyes peeled on forums and Discord - things are gonna start happening very soon that will mark a turnaround in this community.
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    Internet Speed Test

    This is my internet, take note that this test was taken back in September over Ethernet, but I typically use wireless.
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    Different Approach

    Honestly I agree with you on most of this, except for the whole part about MC being a dead game. I've heard that idea get tossed around a lot and I want to try and explain the other side of that story. There are still a ton of Minecraft-focused communities and forums that all are plenty successful. Generally from what I've seen, people say that Minecraft is a dead game purely because they themselves lost interest in the game. Millions still play it, and I suspect that won't change anytime soon just due to the nature of the game. The game is, in a sense, virtual Lego - it can act as a survival tool but at the core a big focus is creativity. For the creatively-inclined, the game likely won't tire as easily - which is probably why I've been able to stick with it and love it for over 7 years now. As of lately, MC has actually been starting to trend upwards again. For some reason or another the game appears to be coming out of it's perceived dead state. My theory is that the issue is simply advertising. Nobody knows that we exist, and the few who do are people who came from old CU. Virtually everyone here is someone who was on ND or old CU at some point. The only exceptions being friends of those people from old CU. As such, those people have been moving on and nobody has come in to fill their place. I take full fault for that because I'm absolutely clueless on how to actually advertise without something to the effect of paying for premium server listing spots or something of that sort. In regards to the idea of a total "reopening" and "clearing out all the old", I don't know if I'm quite keen on that idea. I'm very much in favor of historical preservation, and at the moment I'm not exactly all that comfortable with the idea of totally doing a 180 and effectively wiping away what we once had. I feel that we have a responsibility to honor the past - not just of the old CU, but of the small yet very real population of people who have stuck around in the new CU and ND too. I'm not entirely against having a focus on things that aren't Minecraft - the primary issue is that for the past several years I've been in a spot where I don't have a ton of resources to do things. That's about to change within the next month or so though. Call it a block fetish (xd) or anything else, MC is something I'm passionate about and it's something that won't be going away anytime soon. I'm all ears for ideas for expansion, but it's likely going to be a long time before we see the end of CU's MC server. In regards to said expansion - what specifically are you suggesting? More servers? Ignoring servers and focusing on Forums/Discord? Something else entirely?
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    just added the link to discord since I was an idiot and forgot to add it xd
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    The server is indeed still alive, and we aren't going anywhere anytime soon - don't you worry. I do encourage you to check out our Discord as generally people are significantly more active on there more than anything, which you can join here. In terms of Minecraft, while it's not super active, the few of us who are tend to be on the 1.13 testing server as we work on upgrading. I can whitelist you to it if you want - although only Survival is fully functional on that server.
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    fucking chrome

    I have it but i like chrome better With the new look of chrome if I ever switch browsers i'll probably switch to Pale Moon - it's based on firefox but has a delightful amount of UI customization and I can make it look a lot like chrome thanks to the power of themes :^) but for now im sticking to good ol' chrome 54.0