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    i fan

    i fan
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    pog pix

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    7/30/2020 Update

    * Most public themes now use the categorized Theme menu * Several themes have better emoticon displays (emojis won't display as giant images) - Removed Killerteddy
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    iamthebeautyx - Registration

    What is your Minecraft Username?: iamthebeautyx What can you do to help our community?: know...exist. How did you find out about Chaotic United?: Childhood memories Were you a member of the old Chaotic United, Nuclear District, or other branch/affiliated community?: Old Chaotic United (2011-2014) If you selected 'Other' to the above question, what community were you a part of?:
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    I have become the potate.
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    7/12/2020 Update

    + Added plugin: CUItemSpawn * Updated plugin: CUEventMeteor * Durite Armor/Tools are now based on Netherite instead of Diamond * /item is now handled through CUItemSpawn instead of Essentials - Removed Killerteddy
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    The Definitive Durite Guide

    Important: To see Durite's custom textures you will NEED Optifine! You may download that here under "preview versions"! Hello lovelies! I made new toys for you guys, and it seems like only a handful of you actually know about it. So, I have decided to make this lovely little guide for you so that you can start your hunt for Durite, the strongest material on Chaotic United! (yes even stronger than netherite, don't let the tool stats fool you.) Let's start with some background on how to find some... First, you'll need a Netherite Pickaxe (or a Durite Pick) to mine the Durite. Keep in mind; Silk Touch does work on Durite Ore. You can find Durite Ore in craters like this: The craters all lead to one large impact zone! The person who finds this can have Owner on W i n d F r o n t i e r : (@KiranFuryPhoenix otherwise known as IlphenDai is the first to have found it!) Confused on what W i n d F r o n t i e r is? I don't care, we're moving on. P.S using dynmap can help you locate the craters But Wandwaffle, why do I want Durite!? Well, for starters, if you have OptiFine installed and you accepted our custom server resource pack, you're gonna look like this: Damn that looks cooler than a polar bear (;) ) but what does Durite do!? Durite Sword: Does a total of 9 damage points per hit. The tool will say it does 7 damage, don't let that fool you. Durite Pickaxe: Will mine a 3x3 area of natural stone blocks. (Andesite, Granite, Stone, etc) Durite Shovel: Same as pickaxe, but with dirt blocks. Durite Axe: Same as two above, but with wood blocks. (kinda useless cuz veinminer but whatev) Durite Hammer: This is a brand new item that acts similar to Grifblock's Gravity Hammer! Durite Hoe: Will till a 3x3 area of grass/dirt. Can also act as a growing agent like Bone Meal to crops by right-clicking them. Durite Bow: A bow crafted with Durite instead of sticks. This bow can achieve a level higher than a fully drawn critical arrow. Durite Armor: Will store the damage you take into a brand new attack that you can unleash by right clicking an entity! Durite Elytra: Allows you to boost yourself while in flight by punching the air. (like the firework does, but without it) Durite Hopper: A filtered hopper! Click on the filter item inside of the hopper with the item you want to set or remove from the filter. Click on the filter item to set it to a not filter. Ok that's all cool...but how do I craft it? Most of the crafting recipes are the same as all the other vanilla items with the exception of a few items. Here's a few noteworthy crafting recipes: I think that covers most of it, friends! If you have any questions about Durite, please don't hesitate to ask me.