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    Member Registration Perks

    With the 1.14 update, we've made some adjustments to our registration system. Instead of it being a useless leftover of old CU, it now has actual purpose again!
    By registering, you will get the Member rank which contains the following perks:

    • Ability to extinguish campfires with water bottles
    • Ability to use Chairs
    • Access to CUEmotes
    • Access to /disenchant (/unenchant)
    • Access to /fuckify
    • Access to /tinytext
    • Access to /tinyfuckify

    Additionally, you'll get the following abilities in Survival and Creative:

    • Access to CUXPSell
    • Ability to create CraftBook mechanics
    • Ability to create up to 5 homes
    • Ability to claim up to 15 Creative plots
    • Access to /back (return to your death point or last teleport location!)

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