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    Connection Issues

    "Help, O' Chaotic United Staff! I cannot connect to your server!"

    If you are having troubles connecting, you are at the right place. Your issue is dependent on the error code you have:

    • java.lang.nullPointerException

    This error is uncertain, however if you are using a cracked Minecraft launcher, it could mean that you are trying to login with a premium account username, or your account was not authorized by the server. You should contact a staff member to help resolve this issue.

    • Timed Out

    This means that your computer and the server could not connect. Check your network connection if you see this. If your internet connection is working properly, then the server could be having an 'episode'. Just give it a few minutes

    • Kicked from server:

    A server staff member forcibly removed you from the server, likely due to rule breaking or some other offense. Cut it out!

    • Disconnected from server: Banned: (reason)

    A server staff member banned you from the server. You will have to make a ban appeal to be able to connect again.

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