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CU Modern Beta 1.7.3 World (2019-2021) 1.0.0

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About This File

This is the third world that was in our modern Beta 1.7.3 server. It was used up until the 2021 reset.


There are two downloads for this world:

  • - The original world unaltered from its final iteration
  • - Same as the other download, however the diamond block grief near the spawn area has been removed


The seed for this world was chosen through a community seed suggestions Discord channel. The seed that was used in this world was For clarification - I'm not referring to seeds that make excellent terrain generation - rather I'm saying suggest some wacky/interesting words/phrases/whatever and we'll run through some of them to find the best one by FlamingFox, which was shortened to For clarification - I'm not refe as the full seed was too long to fit.


You cannot take this map, or any structures within it, and run it in your own server or someone else's. This is only for those who wants to continue their projects on it instead of having to start over in single player mode. Breaking this rule will result in your download privileges being permanently suspended and could result in your account being banned.


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