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  2. Accepted! Thank you for applying, you've been accepted! Enjoy your time here at Chaotic United! For a list of the perks you get for registering, check out this page. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! Also, please make sure you've read the rules found here and you can vote for us here. Notes: n
  3. What is your Minecraft Username?: Let_Me_Fly What can you do to help our community?: I love to organize and keep up with farms (the motherly kinds of things) How did you find out about Chaotic United?: wolfbitez added me Were you a member of the old Chaotic United, Nuclear District, or other branch/affiliated community?: N/A If you selected 'Other' to the above question, what community were you a part of?:
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  5. haloman30

    9/28/2020 Update

    + Added new image URL for og:image meta tag (used in Discord rich embeds) - Removed emoji from Discord and forums: (windwaifu) - Removed emoji from Discord and forums: (pylon) - Removed emoji from Discord and forums: (wind) - Removed emoji from Discord and forums: (wfold) - Removed emoji from Discord and forums: (wf) - Removed emoji from Forums: (arlem) - Removed Killerteddy
  6. Okay holy shit sidenote - after migrating over it seems that, at long last, Discord rich embeds work now. It would seem the issue with them was something to do with the InMotion host itself... huh.
  7. Howdy, folks! You may have noticed that the forums were offline for a bit today. That's because today was the day of... The Big Move™. And by that, I mean that today was the day we migrated away from InMotion Hosting. But why? Why the sudden webhost migration? Well, if you've been active on the Discord - you'll know this wasn't sudden at all. This has been the plan since earlier this year. It just took until fairly recently for it to become feasible - or at least, seemingly feasible. Why We Moved As great as InMotion has been considering how much we paid for it, they've become increasingly frustrating to work with. On more than one occasion, I would get an email in my inbox telling me to remove a handful of .zip files. You see, according to their ToS, you aren't allowed to use the webhost for anything other than a website and email. Hosting files or other content that isn't explicitly part of a website doesn't fall into that category. I was at first unaware of this - because let's be real, nobody reads the ToS. Luckily, they don't just instantly shut your account off if they detect zip files. You get 48 hours to remove the files and only if you fail to do so afterwards are you at any risk of account termination. At first, this was still a pretty fair thing. It wasn't every single zip file, rather it was just a handful of larger ones - usually world archives. By the time this started to come up, I'd already had a subscription to OpenDrive, which gives me unlimited cloud storage for a mere $100 a year. So - I just moved everything over there, and while it took a while (especially to upload), it was done and things were good. But of course, if that's where it ended, we wouldn't be putting up a topic saying we'd moved away from them, would we? No - this continued to become more and more of a problem. What started as requests to remove 20-50GB archives later turned into 100-300MB archives, and later did in fact turn into every single .zip archive on the entire host. The last email I got about excessive "backup content" was one listing 196 different files, many of which were only a few megabytes in size. A select few were larger - but some of them were so small that they were even less than 1MB. This wasn't the only issue I'd had with them. Additionally, performance had become a recurring problem. Now in fairness - this is undoubtedly in part due to poor optimizations on my part. There's likely stuff I could do to improve things. For a while, the banner images you'd see on most pages were at 4k resolution, and in PNG format. Many of those were later downscaled to 1080p JPEGs, which somewhat helped. However, one of the biggest factors with the performance of the host happened to not be large images used in various places - but rather, resource limitations on the host itself. Not disk or storage limits, mind you - one of the best things about InMotion was the unlimited everything. Turns out, the CPU usage even during a single page load was being maxed out. The poor response times were a result of the machine itself being stressed and strained. Now, you might be wondering - why not just make a ticket? I could've theoretically made a ticket with them, because it's entirely possible the CPU usage had little to do with my own site. And this comes into the other issues with InMotion - it was a shared host. For smaller or simpler websites, there's absolutely nothing wrong with shared hosting. All the hard management stuff is taken care for you out of sight - all you worry about is the content itself and that's it. Things just work - and that's the beauty of it. It worked for us for a while too, and it perhaps could've continued to do so going forward. However, when running under shared hosting, if someone else is hitting the CPU hard for whatever reason, that'll start to affect you, too. It's all under the same machine - hence the term, "shared" hosting. You can get dedicated hosting to work around this, but this tends to be much more costly. The common thread interleaved between these issues all center around one thing - ownership and control. And that's precisely what this move was designed to fix. Our New Home So, where did we move? What hosting company did we go with? If you're active on Discord you already know the answer, but if not... nobody. We aren't hosted with any 3rd party company. For the first time in CU's history since 2015, one of our services is running off of owned hardware. That's to say, hardware that is itself entirely under ownership and control of CU. I've upgraded my home internet to a business plan with faster speeds (at virtually no increased cost), rebuilt my old AMD FX-8370 desktop, hooked it up to my TV, and went out and bought a single-user cPanel/WHM license and got everything set up. The only stipulation with that single-user license is that it runs in a virtual environment - which it does. However, I am in full control of this virtual environment and it's got plenty of breathing room to work with - so any performance/latency losses from virtualization should be negligible. The system is setup to have automated backups, and I'll be getting it setup to periodically upload them to OpenDrive as well for added peace of mind, as the website is one of those things that we've been negligent to back up regularly. Along with that, it's got two 2TB hard drives that are mirrored - so it's also safe from any potential hard drive failures as well. Now - full disclosure, this is partially an experiment in a way. It took a lot of tinkering and many days of slamming my face into my desk to work out some of the kinks with the whole setup - but things should be running smoothly now. Even so, I fully expect bugs to crop up just because of the fairly different system being run. Along with that, I'm also in the middle of sorting out stability issues with the FX board itself. But don't panic - I've got a backup board/CPU if it turns out that the FX (or the board it's on) are faulty. The issue at this time appears to be a faulty RAM stick - which has since been removed and the server has been stable ever since, but we won't know for sure for another week or so. If the site does happen to go offline, I can assure you it'll come right back online as soon as possible. And, in the worst case scenario - if running this stuff off of local hardware turns out to be completely infeasible and just isn't working out, I'll be holding onto the InMotion host for a while still - so that if we ever have to move back over, we can. But, as of now - everything seems solid. DNS works, Email works, the forums and website both work, everything seems to finally just work. If you find something that goes against that - don't hesitate to report it on the bug tracker. If the site happens to go offline for an extended period of time, ping me or DM me on Discord and I'll get it back online once I see it (likely after doing some hardware maintenance if it turns out the machine froze again). Oh, and be sure to let us know if the site is any faster than before. It should be a little faster, but there's still one more hardware upgrade that the machine needs - so it won't be running at full speed until then. Otherwise, if no issues arise - that's it. We're moved onto what will hopefully be the new home of the Chaotic United, Elaztek, and any other websites for the foreseeable future. And this time, there's nobody to tell us what content we can or can't have on the site. No arbitrary rules on zip files or having too large of files. The only one who has any say in what we do with the CU website, is us. And damn does that feel good. Just as a sidenote, I'm not intending to throw any shade at InMotion. They gave us pretty decent hosting for 13 bucks a month. Unlimited disk space, addon domains, email accounts, and so on. The performance wasn't great - but even then, when it's that cheap, it's hard to argue with it too much. If you happen to be wanting to host a site of your own, don't let my words against shared hosting scare you off of it. For simpler stuff or for people just getting started, shared hosting is affordable and relatively easy to use. It served ourselves, Nuclear District, and the old CU well for many years - we've just decided we want to take things into our own hands now. Anywho, that's all we've got for this one folks! Apologies for the downtime - though to be honest, it didn't last nearly as long as I was expecting. Overall, the migration went about as smooth as I could've asked for. Be sure to let us know if you run into any issues on the site.
  8. * Updated to 1.16.3 * Updated CUMobArena to v1.0.1 * Fixed an issue where Netherite Tools needed to be shift-clicked into a Grindstone * Fixed an issue where CUMobArena wasn't checking for world name when checking if a block was part of an arena * Updated server resource pack to 1.1.11 - Removed Killerteddy
  9. haloman30

    9/26/2020 Update

    + Added and to Forums and Discord + Added Icon Gallery * Updated forum icons - Removed Killerteddy
  10. Yes, I know - it's a really minor detail. You probably look at them for about 20 seconds tops. Hell, you may not have even noticed them. Well, you're gonna notice them today motherf- Sorry - got a little too excited. Anywho - icons! As subtle of a detail as they may be, they should still always be quality and easy to look at. The old icons, while not exactly dated, were a product of a young graphic design student who only made them with a limited knowledge of what looked good vs. what didn't. In fairness - the icons aren't awful, especially when they're so small. However, deep within them, there are some pretty awful things about them that, for me personally, make them really awful. We'll get into those in a few minutes, but first - it's time for Granddad Halo to give you whippersnappers a history lesson! The Classic Icons (2012-2014) The icons that started it all. They're old-school, pretty dated by modern standards, super low-res, and... unoriginal? That's right - most of the old CU forum icons were pulled straight from the internet. You won't find as many nowadays, but some of the icons can still be found on some icon websites. They weren't hand-crafted by some designer just for CU, they were available for any regular Joe to use - free of charge. One example of a publicly-available icon is the following - the General Gaming icon. The left one is the one that was used on the CU forums. The one on the right was found by doing a reverse image search on Google from that original icon. Turns out - there's a higher resolution one out there that has significantly more detail! This is important for another reason that we'll get into later. Now, while the old icons may not have been original - they're somewhat iconic (pun not intended) in my opinion. They were seen for most of the old CU's lifespan - and, hey - they're nostalgic. And that's why the first custom icon refresh in 2016 was intended to modernize those original icons. The Flat Icons (2016-2020) I'd been fairly early into learning graphic design at my tech school (some of you around back then may recall it). At several points during the class, there was allocated "free" time - it wasn't really free time, rather you were supposed to work on any assignments or portfolio work. A few things came out of those instances of free time. The Elaztek logo, the HD version of the CU logo that we still use today, and - you guessed it, the forum icon refresh! You may recall me mentioning the importance of locating higher-resolution versions of the original icons. This wasn't always possible, but in cases where it was - it was a massive benefit. In order to create icons that were truly faithful to the originals, the more original detail - the better. The original arcade cabinet icon seen above was pretty low-resolution, and several details might've been missed - such as the specific shape of the joystick or the angled edges on the bottom corners. Since we're already using that icon as the benchmark, let's stick with it. On the left is the HD icon found online, and on the right is the flat recreation I made in 2016. At a glance, it probably looks pretty clean. However - and maybe this is just a case of me noticing all the problems in my own work - upon closer inspection, some weird issues begin to emerge. We're gonna go through a few of the major ones - across various icons. The Flaws This is the part where I nitpick a few of the icons. I ended up putting far too much effort into these fancy little diagrams - enjoy. The breakdown of each icon is each in its own spoiler and labeled accordingly. If you don't care about the specific flaws (or don't feel like poking fun at my old designs with me), feel free to skip past them to find where we get into the new icons. General Gaming Icon Console Gaming Icon Suggestions & Feedback Icon News & Announcements Icon MineCraft Registration Icon Computers & Tech Icon PC Gaming Icon There are other flaws with other icons not mentioned here. The general point being made is that the old icons, while they served their job of being modern replacements of the old ones, could've been a lot better. So, four years later, I finally did. The Brand-New Icons As of today, both the Chaotic United and Elaztek forums will be rocking a brand new set of icons. Icons that are both modern - but aren't just flat and devoid of detail. For instance, have a look at the new General Gaming icon: So far, everyone who's had a look at these icons says they're pretty good. And while I can't say for sure if they genuinely mean that or not - I'm pretty proud of how they've turned out. They've got just enough added detail from the originals to make them feel fresh, but at the same time they aren't overly detailed to the point that they look dated. All of the other icons showcased above can be found in the spoiler below. Additionally, a page has been setup where you can see each iteration of every forums icon thus far. I'll likely keep that page updated as we continue to update/redesign icons - because hey, archiving doesn't hurt - right? For the most part, the designs of each icon is the same as it was - just with a fresh coat of paint. However, several icons saw fairly significant departures from their originals. You can check the comparisons on the Icon Gallery page - but for now I'll describe the changes here. Computers & Tech - The icon is now of a purely front-facing perspective rather than a 3D perspective. I was honestly on the fence about this one - and honestly I may end up changing my mind later. The main reasoning behind it was partially to due with laziness, as properly replicating the original icon in it's 3D perspective is not a simple task. Along with that, it also ends up being somewhat out-of-place - as every other icon is of a front-facing object of some sort, with this single icon being a full 3D render of a PC tower and monitor. The new icon is a front-facing view of the original icon, with the front of the tower maintaining the same design and the monitor getting the original wallpaper back. If you like, you can download a 1080p or 4k version for your own wallpaper. I figured why not - it does look kinda neat (to me anyways) PC Gaming - The icon is now of an actual PC rather than a Mac. Additionally, rather than just being an ugly flat purple background, there's a real wallpaper and desktop UI represented. Fun fact - the wallpaper is the same design as the one used for Computers & Tech, and yes - you can download this one too. Both are linked at the bottom of the page. Sports - The icon has been changed from a Soccer Ball to a Football, Baseball, and Basketball. Why? Because soccer balls are annoying to make, and because the old soccer ball isn't even original. You can find the exact one on Google. Good job 2016 haloman30 Cars & Vehicles - The icon has been changed from a goofy looking car to a tire and wrench combo. Cars also happen to be annoying to draw and - just like with the soccer ball, it was pulled straight from Google. So - a redesign was in order. Music & Movies - Similar story to the first two, but with a little more depth. The original icon was just of a music note and a film spool. However, the particular arrangement of those two happened to look really clunky and just...bad. The note and the film reel were both pulled from Google, and since the icon itself was already pretty ugly - a full redesign was needed. The new icon is a blue play button. There were other minor adjustments made, but in general most of the icons are still largely based on their originals. Part of the redesign goal was to remain faithful to the originals, where I felt that the 2016 ones weren't as faithful as they could've been - even besides the whole flat style, since that's largely just a design decision. Whew - that was a lengthy topic, all about a handful of icons that most of y'all probably don't even bat an eye at. I figured I'd go into some of the nitty gritty details of some of the icons, because I'm sure there's at least one or two of you out there who can appreciate some of these details. If not, that's okay too. As mentioned above, you can grab 1080p and 4k wallpapers of the backgrounds used for the PC Gaming, Computers & Tech, and Streams icons. Along with that, you'll also find the link to the Icon Gallery below - where you can take a trip through the history of the icons found on the CU forums. Anywho - that's all for now. That break I mentioned before is still in effect as of writing this, I just had an urge to make icons. Not the most important thing ever - but hey. See you folks around! Wallpapers: PC Gaming PC Gaming 4k PC Gaming (no icon) PC Gaming (no icon) 4k Computers & Tech Computers & Tech 4k Streams Streams 4k Icon Gallery:
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  12. I've tried to replicate this bug a couple of times without success. Changing status to Closed
  13. * Development Team and Minecraft Moderator can now moderate Bug reports and Suggestions * Global Moderator has additional moderation capabilities on Forums - Removed link to Merch Store from navigation menu - Removed Killerteddy
  14. Changed Status to Fixed
  15. Have you really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

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      I think I had a stroke trying to read this...

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      We are in for the first week of April is the best time coming the camels to be in your back and I can do it tomorrow if someone is easier to get to wait until I vaguely familiar to me I would be happy if to say anything in particular for a solid plan on coming in tomorrow if I don't have a credit to your place and we are in a few minutes to talk about to leave work to do but wait for you at all but I will not a good time coming

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      Holy shit I’m gonna have a fucking aneurysm 

  16. + Added emote to Discord: :ageofrebirth: * Updated links/name for Modded MC in #introduction channel from Brink of Chaos to Age of Rebirth * Restored original icons for Main MC, Modded MC, and Beta 1.7.3 in #introduction - Removed Killerteddy
  17. Accepted! Thank you for applying, you've been accepted! Enjoy your time here at Chaotic United! For a list of the perks you get for registering, check out this page. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! Also, please make sure you've read the rules found here and you can vote for us here. Notes:
  18. What is your Minecraft Username?: WolfyPaladin What can you do to help our community?: I am decent at building, I am friendly and respectful to other members. Also i have a lot of experience playing Minecraft, Since 2009. I also have some Experience with moderating a website. How did you find out about Chaotic United?: A friend of mine invited my to join. Were you a member of the old Chaotic United, Nuclear District, or other branch/affiliated community?: N/A If you selected 'Other' to the above question, what community were you a part of?:
  19. Accepted! Thank you for applying, you've been accepted! Enjoy your time here at Chaotic United! For a list of the perks you get for registering, check out this page. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! Also, please make sure you've read the rules found here and you can vote for us here. Notes: AAA
  20. What is your Minecraft Username?: NormalDude What can you do to help our community?: I'm not toxic, i would like to help new players as well. How did you find out about Chaotic United?: MeiMei introduced me Were you a member of the old Chaotic United, Nuclear District, or other branch/affiliated community?: N/A If you selected 'Other' to the above question, what community were you a part of?:
  21. Accepted! Thank you for applying, you've been accepted! Enjoy your time here at Chaotic United! For a list of the perks you get for registering, check out this page. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! Also, please make sure you've read the rules found here and you can vote for us here. Notes: By the way, I renamed your account to "HappyNukes1157". You'd set the account display name as your email so I went ahead and fixed that up.
  22. What is your Minecraft Username?: HappyNukes1157 What can you do to help our community?: i can help by asking others who might be interested in joining the community How did you find out about Chaotic United?: a friend told me to look into it Were you a member of the old Chaotic United, Nuclear District, or other branch/affiliated community?: N/A If you selected 'Other' to the above question, what community were you a part of?:
  23. Update as of 9/19/2020 Hopefully this won't end up being a premature post that I have to eat later, but Wind has begun to turn around. After a couple days of silence and a couple days of fairly agitated conversation, he's finally reached a point where he's expressing genuine remorse for his actions and how things have ended up. Make no mistake, however - he will NOT be unbanned from CU anytime soon. The ban status is not changing. That is something that will only ever happen with time, and as Wind hopefully continues to improve himself to ensure that this kind of behavior is a distant memory. I will remain on break because, while the situation appears mostly resolved, I am still somewhat stressed from the other issues (and from this still, it'll take a day or two for that to fully pass) and I've got personal things that I'll need to start refocusing on that need to take priority. So, yeah. That's where things are at. Overall things are beginning to shift back into the positive direction - hopefully it stays that way. If they do, this break will likely be shorter rather than longer.
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