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2/25/2021 Update

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This update includes several changes prior to 2/25/2021.


+ Added a variety of new (old) worlds to the Download center
+ Added new version of ND 2015 Survival world with spawn included
+ Added screenshots for all world archives in Download center
+ Added plugin to BungeeCord: AdvancedBan
+ Added plugin to BungeeCord: PlayerBalancer
* Players are now sent to Hub in the event of a server disconnect (does not apply to kicks or bans)
* Reimplemented /mail as part of CUBungee, allowing Mail to be cross-server
* Minor theme fixes for Nuclear District - 2020 theme on forums
* Server links on livemap are now contained within a dropdown menu instead of being placed on the main navbar
* Survival has been migrated to its own server (/server survival)
* SkyBlock has been migrated to its own server (/server skyblock)
* Fixed join/leave/switch messages not showing up properly
- Removed Killerteddy

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