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About this blog

Contains various information regarding fixes to the MC server, Forums, or other CU services.

Entries in this blog


This update contains changes from 1/9/2020.


+ Added plugin to Semi-Vanilla: LeashTP

+ Added plugin to Semi-Vanilla: SlimeballJump

+ Added plugin to Semi-Vanilla and Main: PetMaster

- Removed Killerteddy


+ Added emote to Discord and Forums: :pogchamp:
+ Added plugin to Semi-Vanilla: MineQuil
* Changed minimum /rtp radius to 100 (was 10)
* Changed maximum /rtp radius to 5000 (was 1000)
- Removed Killerteddy


+ Added new Hub

+ Added gamemode: Semi-Vanilla Survival

+ Added plugin: BoatRace

+ Discord: Added channel: #gaming

* Moved spawn location for Semi-Vanilla to the final spawn

- Removed Killerteddy


12/7/2020 MC Update

* Updated CUBungee to 1.1.2
* CUEmotes is now a feature of CUBungee rather than being created using MyCommand
* Restored formatting of /me emote - it is now handled by CUBungee as an emote rather than VentureChat
* Welcome, join, switch, and leave messages are now handled by CUBungee
* Welcome, join, switch, and leave messages now use new Blue color
- Removed old /cubungee MyCommand command
- Removed old /alert MyCommand command
- Removed old /emotes, /emotes2, /emotes3, and /emotes4 emote list MyCommand commands
- Removed all old CUEmotes MyCommand commands
- Removed the following emotes: /arg1, /arg2, /arg3
- Removed plugin from BungeeCord: BungeeSwitchAlert
- Removed Killerteddy


11/28/2020 Update

MC Server:

+ Implemented BungeeCord
+ Added server: hub
+ Added server: sv
+ Added plugin: VentureChat
+ Added plugin: BungeeTabListPlus (BungeeCord)
+ Added plugin: PlaceholderAPI
+ Added plugin: BungeePerms (BungeeCord)
+ Added plugin: ServerUtils (BungeeCord)
+ Added navigation bar to dynmap webpage
* Updated CUPackage to 1.2.4
* Updated Announcement to 1.0.8
* Updated NuVotifier to 2.7.1
* Updated Autorank from 3.8 to 4.4
* Reconfigured Autorank to use MySQL instead of flatfiles in order to track time cross-server
* Ported Announcement from Bukkit to BungeeCord
* Start rebranding in-game CU prefixes from Cyan (&3) to the custom blue color used on forums
* Minigame permissions are now only granted in the Minigames world
* Survival economy permissions are now only granted in Survival worlds
* SkyBlock permissions are now only granted in SkyBlock worlds
* PermissionsEx group/user data is now shared between servers
* Chat is now cross-server
* Redesigned tab menu
* Changed page title for dynmap webpage, now displays as "Chaotic United Livemap" followed by the server name instead of the server MOTD
* Increased maximum MySQL connection limit to accommodate multiple servers and increased database usage
* Fixed world spawn for Hub world still being set at the Halloween 2020 hub
- Removed Killerteddy



+ Added Ruin Community to Partners page

- Removed Killerteddy


11/11/2020 MC Update

+ Dynmap is back online
* Updated server to MC 1.16.4
* Updated plugin: Dynmap (3.1-beta5)
* Updated plugin: WorldEdit (7.2.0)
* Updated plugin: WorldGuard (7.0.4)
* Updated plugin: Holographic Displays (2.4.5)
* Updated plugin: GeyserMC (#474)
* Updated plugin: Citizens (2.0.27-b2166)
* Updated plugin: VivecraftSpigotExtensions (1.16.4r1)
- Temporarily disabled plugin: AuthMe
- Temporarily disabled plugin: FastLogin
- Cracked support has been temporarily removed as FastLogin is not currently up-to-date. Cracked support will return as soon as possible.

- MagicStuff, Football, and Tennis are temporarily unavailable as they broke with 1.16.4. They will return as soon as an update is possible.
- Removed Killerteddy


9/28/2020 Update

+ Added new image URL for og:image meta tag (used in Discord rich embeds)

- Removed emoji from Discord and forums: :windwaifu: (windwaifu)
- Removed emoji from Discord and forums: :pylon: (pylon)
- Removed emoji from Discord and forums: :wind: (wind)
- Removed emoji from Discord and forums: :wfold: (wfold)
- Removed emoji from Discord and forums: :wf: (wf)

- Removed emoji from Forums: :arlem: (arlem)

- Removed Killerteddy


9/26/2020 MC Update

* Updated to 1.16.3

* Updated CUMobArena to v1.0.1
* Fixed an issue where Netherite Tools needed to be shift-clicked into a Grindstone

* Fixed an issue where CUMobArena wasn't checking for world name when checking if a block was part of an arena
* Updated server resource pack to 1.1.11
- Removed Killerteddy


9/23/2020 Forums Update

* Development Team and Minecraft Moderator can now moderate Bug reports and Suggestions
* Global Moderator has additional moderation capabilities on Forums
- Removed link to Merch Store from navigation menu
- Removed Killerteddy


9/20/2020 Discord Update

+ Added emote to Discord: :ageofrebirth:
* Updated links/name for Modded MC in #introduction channel from Brink of Chaos to Age of Rebirth
* Restored original icons for Main MC, Modded MC, and Beta 1.7.3 in #introduction
- Removed Killerteddy


+ Added plugin: Residence
+ Added plugin: LagMeter
+ Added plugin: Announcement
* Disabled mob damage in spawn area
* Fixed an issue where players would fall through the world prior to login and end up being kicked after login as a result
* Adjusted rank formatting to be consistent with main server
* Renamed Advanced to Donator
- Removed Killerteddy


9/1/2020 Update

+ Added Grifblock channel to TS3
+ Added SurvivalGames channel to TS3
* Updated TeamSpeak 3 server to v3.12.1
* Moved ElDewrito channel to 'Other Games' category in TS3
* Player interaction on MC (including chat) will no longer disable a player's AFK status
* Fixed Premium Zone subforum being inaccessible on forums due to maintenance tasks being unable to run
- Removed Killerteddy


8/29/2020 Update

* Advertiser rank now inherits VIP instead of Donator
* Retired rank now inherits Chaotic instead of Supporter
* Fixed an issue where Builder rank was unable to use blocks with added NBT tags (ie, Shulker Boxes) in Builder world
* Fixed an issue where Chaotic rank was unable to use blocks with added NBT tags in Surival mode, while using /gamemode creative
- Removed Killerteddy


8/19/2020 Update

+ Added plugin: PlayerMounts

* Updated Announcement to v1.0.6
* Updated VeinMiner to v1.15.1
* Updated Chairs to v5.1.1
* Chairs now use Armor Stands instead of Arrows in order to fix players being booted from their seats
* Netherite tools can now be used with VeinMiner
* All players can now create Disposal signs in Survival
* Platinum and above can now use /disposal in Survival and Creative

* Announcement messages are now sent to Console

* Announcement messages now display as multiple messages rather than a single message
- Removed Killerteddy

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