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The Story of Chaotic United

The Story of Chaotic United

The Story of Chaotic United

Chaotic United started off as two things. Chaotic United itself hosted World of Warcraft and Runescape servers. The more known part of CU was Killerteddy's work, known as Fatality Minecraft. Eventually these two entities merged under the Chaotic United name. At the time, Minecraft was exploding with popularity. Chaotic United's MC server was in a perfect place to skyrocket into history. This server became exceedingly popular and almost entirely ruined the Chaotic United WoW and RS servers.

Late 2013, Chaotic United was on its way to its grave. Killerteddy was found to be abusing the donation money for drugs and shoes and not leaving any funds for Chaotic United to operate. As such, the CU administration had to pick up fees for months. Eventually, they were denied reimbursement for their payments. This is when the staff of Chaotic United decided it was time to walk away and start fresh. This is how Nuclear District was founded. Shortly afterward, Chaotic United was dead.

But in reality, it was just dormant. Waiting for two people to come along and bring it back to its former glory. These people were Alycat and Haloman30. Haloman30 started work on a server in early 2014, about the same time Nuclear District was at work. He founded Chaotic District, traces of which are still seen in the Chaotic United MC server today. Fall of 2014 was when things started to get somewhere. Haloman30 rebranded his silent and unknown server as Chaotic United purely to feel it again. Much more was felt beyond just nostalgia. A burning desire was ignited on that day, and September 20th, 2014, Haloman30 purchased the domain name '' which would become the new home for CU.

At first, the old ND staff ignored this operation. They did not approve of it but did not believe it would gain any traction behind it. When 2015 came, the big focus was preservation, to ensure that nobody could take Chaotic United away. This was accomplished with a nice trademark. Later in 2015, talks between Chaotic United and Nuclear District staff about merging the two communities came into play. At first, both sides were hesitant about merging, but both thought it to be the best for the communities, to unite the two names into a joint operation. After settling on various issues, the two ran off of a single forums, the playerbases were united and CU and ND were now one.

Here we come, in 2016. This year is planned to be a year of expansion, of truly focusing on recaptivating and revitalizing a playerbase, of reuniting a community. It will be an exciting year, and we hope you can stick along for the ride.

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