Staff Guidelines

The following are a series of guidelines that staff are expected to adhere to.


1. Accounts

  • You are expected and required to have an account on our Forums and on Discord

2. Advertising

  • You are expected to advertise regularly. While we do not enforce the way of old Chaotic United that required helpers to make 50 comments daily, we still expect you to make an effort to try to grow the community and its gameservers
  • If you held any staff position prior to May 5, 2017 will not be required to do this. You will still be asked to do it but you will not lose your rank because of failure to do so. Please note that if you have resigned, retired, or otherwise lost your rank before you will be required to follow this rule.

3. Staff Gang-Ups

  • A terminology born out of events that transpired on United AlyCraft and eventually found their way into Chaotic United, this is when staff members actively conspire to get another staff member demoted for unwarranted reasons. Commonly, immaturity, stupidity, and other vague insults are used to defend their reasoning. While sometimes staff members can become corrupt and the rest of the team must work to get that person demoted, too many times have members been demoted for nonsense. If you are caught involved in a gang-up that does not have a genuine reason that can be backed up factually, you will be given a warning on your first offense, and demoted on your second offense. The best way to do things like this is to go directly to an Owner and inform them of the situation and ask them to take action if necessary.

4. Merges

  • Merges have done good and have done bad for Chaotic United. Instances like the merge with Nuclear District, while ND did close down, it was ultimately a successful merge. Other instances, like WindFrontier, were not as successful. As a result, we now have a clear-cut policy in place for how future merge opportunities should be handled.
    • There must not be any quarrels between the CU staff and the merging community's staff. If there are any quarrels, these must be resolved before the merge process proceeds.
    • The merging community must be willing to merge into CU. We will not merge into another community save for very extreme circumstances.
    • The merging community must have something to offer CU that will benefit the community as a whole.
    • The merging community must agree to the CU Merger Agreement.

5. The Owner's Word

  • As a staff member, you acknowledge and understand that the Owner's word is final. Criticism is welcomed and input in decisions is appreciated, but Owners reserve the right to make their final say on anything. This includes results from staff or community votes.


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