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  1. Nore sure if you're still here Kendev. But i remember you from 2011 :) frem teddy was the owner and when you were a normal "helper" ingame, then you became an moderator..then a web developet.. and now you're a veteran. nice to see :D 

    1. Kendev


      ♥♥♥♥ me man, haha here's my reply, half a year later, first log in since probably 2 years. ;)

  2. Show us your ride

    Not bad, lovely color. Is that a 2.0L 200hp? Or have you mapped it since you say its fast My FiST is currently at 245HP with 390Nm And whats coming will have even more ^^
  3. 'Starter car' comparison

    Holy shit this post is old, anyway ive had my Fiesta ST for over a year now With my Focus RS on order to come this July, still unsure about the color (White or Stealth Grey) ^^ Opinions are welcome offcourse
  4. My Departure

    Don't really wanted to do this topic, but i'll just leave it here for those interested. As a CU old fag/ex Staff i decided it's time to go, move on. Chance of seeing me back here is nihil to zero. I'll still be gaming regularly, but i'll mainly be tracable at Belgian Racing events (especially trackdays on the circuits) cause of my high interest in cars. I wish the very best for ND/CU (NB: Very rare for a staff member to just 'step down', without breaking something or being hated by the entire community.) Have a good one, Mr. Kendev
  5. Remember having one of these on CU pre-2014 Or im blind and i didnt see it in here... Anyways, post your set-ups: PC, monitors, keyboard, mouse, headset, etc... I'll start: PC: i7 4790, GTX960, 256GB SSD + 3TB HDD, Windows 10 Home, bluetooth/wifi/USB3.0 and all that good shit... Monitors: Acer GD245HQ A (3D-ready, main screen) + Acer G236HL Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Mouse: Razer Naga 2014 Sound: Bose Companions with sub Headset: Turtlebeach P11
  6. Vile Chat 2015

    If Alex had a chat with them, i guess it can be closed then.
  7. Greetings players of Minecraft, Hereby we announce the launch of the FTB Horizons: Daybreaker server, replace the classic FTB! IP remains: Have fun!
  8. ND Updates: Survival is Live!

    this needs to be up top
  9. Heyo, The time has come, the Survival is online and ready for use. Currently Premium only, but that will change soon! IP: Features: - A Vanilla Survival experience, with offcourse the typical CU additions - A Creative world where you can let your imagination run wild! Plug-ins: - Basic Essentials, Pex and all that crap - Residence to protect your stuff - CoreProtect to undo griefs - Multiverse to easily switch from Survival to Creative and backwards - ... Now we want to say that there are changes still being worked on, so stay tuned for that! So dont worry, we got this About the FTB, the first round i guess, will take place tomorrow. For those who participate, please be on time. Suggestions can always be posted in the designated forum section! Have a good one, and see you on the server, Your beloved Admin Team
  10. ND Updates: MC servers...

    Hello there, looking good
  11. ND Updates: MC servers...

    Sneak peak of our new and improved spawn
  12. ND Updates: MC servers...

    Updated release date, its almost done...
  13. ND Updates: MC servers...

    Nah, we are fine, trust me ive seen the map, trees everywhere (for now )
  14. I know, you all probably thinking: WHAAAAAT? Another ND Update already? Yes, yes indeed. As you all may already know, we are setting up 2 MC servers, still not 100% sure on what exactly... But for starters, a classic MC survival will be up for public soon. Spawn is pretty much built, just some configs need to be done to certain plugins. The 2nd server we are not sure yet, currently there is a whitelisted Creative one, but we might look into migrating Creative into the Survival server, creating more space for a Modded server?... Anyways, about the survival, here is our view of it: We want to bring back the actual old CU, as in 2011/2012 terms. We will basically have a survival server where the focus is on survival, not 50 plugins integrating games and unneeded stuff, just the basics of minecraft, with offcourse room for improvement in the future. Vanilla, as one might say... For older members, it will provide you with a nostalgic trip in the CU house (as seen in the preview underneath), here you will find Honorable mentions (People who where well known on the server including: staff and members) and Memorable Moments (Moments in the history of CU that will stay with us forever). I hope you guys will have a wonderfull time. Release date Survival: Thursday July 9th! (as soon when a releasedate is known, this will get updated, expect it in the next couple of days!) Here a preview of the future spawn (simple, natural themed) Falkerz and Nik are still working on the Modded server, checking the possibilities and what not. Any suggestions are welcome in the replies, we check every opinion. Many greetz, Kendev