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  1. Hey, everyone! Today we did some upgrades to the CU Forums as well as over on Elaztek Studios' website. Both sites were upgraded to the new IP.Board 4.2 software, which brings with it a ton of awesome new features! We ourselves haven't even finished exploring the new features to be added, so there may or may not be a follow-up to this detailing more features that have been introduced. First off, Content Ratings are back! They have been absent ever since the Nuclear District forums were updated to IPB4, as the application was not updated at the time. Later, it was discovered to be finally updated - for the price of 30$ and a renewal every six months. So it was ignored. Then, IPB 4.2 was pushed out and lone behold - content ratings are now a built-in feature. All likes and dislikes on posts are counted as Upvote/Downvote ratings which sport a similar icon as it has in modern IPB. The other ratings were NOT built in but the functionality to add them was all there - hence why they have rather dated looking icons. I will be working on designing new updated and HD icons soon - so don't worry. Until then, enjoy their long awaited return. Additionally, some of you real old CU folk may remember Group Collaboration. Maybe not by that name, but the general functionality was you would make a sort of sub-community within the website, that allowed you to have various members, exclusive topics/posts, and so on. That functionality has also made a return as a feature built into the software. You should see the "Clubs" tab added to the Navigation Menu. From there, you can create a club, with one of the following statuses: Public - Everyone can see the club and its posts, and can participate without joining. Open - Everyone can see the club and its posts, but only members can participate. Everyone can join. Closed - Everyone can see the club and who's in it, but only members can see posts and participate. Users need to ask a leader to join. Private - Only members can find the club and see its posts. Users need to be invited by a leader to join. It is a feature that also had an addon, however when I tried to add it back on the Nuclear District forums, well...it caused some severe database problems that Nuke had to go and clean up for me :x (we love u nukeypoo <3) Can't wait to see what kind of crazy clubs you guys create! Go on, have at it!
  2. Minecraft Wallpaper Requests

  3. CU Updates #18 - CU Live, Twitter

    This can be achieved by two methods: 1. Changing the old account to @ChaoticUnitedMC and changing the new one to @ChaoticUnited - basically trading names. The point of this would be to leave the old account as a sort of time relic, rather than changing it from its old state. 2. Abandoning the current account and using the old one instead. This is the question that this topic asks.
  4. Hey everyone! A couple things have been happening as of late. First off, we have been doing a lot of stuff on our YouTube channel as of late. Namely, livestreams. The CU livestreams have been given the name "Chaotic United LIVE". I have been doing these streams on a daily basis so far, but don't expect that to keep going so frequently after school starts back up. Typically I will be on the Discord #streaming voice channel when streaming, but other times I may be in regular channels as well. On the streams you can expect to see some of the following: - Behind the scenes details on the Relaunch/Test server, as well as CU as a whole - My dad who, if you aren't aware, is universally loved by mostly everyone on CU who knows about him - Unfiltered, uncensored, and uncut voice chatter of me and other staff and players - Contest and Giveaways (planned for the future) - And more! The streams are a fun time for all involved - you can check them out here. Another bit of news is that we have obtained the old CU Twitter Account (@ChaoticUnited). I had the idea to see if it was under a chaoticunited.com email address and sure enough it was. I created the email account, reset the password and now it is ours. However, now we have a bit of a dilemma. That old Twitter account has not been used since the old CU days. I made a few tweets on it last night but overall it is a very old account and is a sort of time piece. Our Twitter (@ChaoticUnitedMC) is newer and while it hasn't been terribly active, comes from the newer iteration of CU. I want to ask you guys which one we should use. We could kick the old Twitter back into life, or we could swap the account usernames, or any number of things. The main reason for changing it off of ChaoticUnitedMC is because CU is becoming more than just an MC server as time goes on and it would be better if we had a proper social media account that was just ChaoticUnited. I have attached a poll - be sure to give your vote! We will also be discussing this in staff, so once we get your feedback we will figure something out.
  5. hi chaotic server my in game name is DabberBoy23. U have IP banned me for hacking. I swear i will never Hack again pls UNBAN MY IP. U are the best server. I WILL NEVER HACK PLS UNBAN ME  from IP

    1. haloman30




      Make an appeal there with the proper format and your appeal will be considered :) 

    2. DabberBoy23


      i did thanks man go look PLS

  6. The Below Game

    TIME TO BRING IT BACK False The person below me is hypED for modded MC
  7. I'd say dont go any higher than 6gb allocated
  8. You use your regular MC login o lord pls b carful I gave myself 8gb allocated because i have 16gb total so ye
  9. This is a full list of mods as of Brink of Chaos 1.8.0 Content Mod | API/Library | Tool/Enhancement Ancient Trees Applied Energistics 2 Archimedes Ships ArchitectureCraft Artifice Baubles BiblioCraft Big Reactors Biomes O' Plenty Blue Power Botania BuildCraft Carpenter's Blocks Chisel 2 CodeChicken Core CodeChicken Lib CoFH Core Compact Solars Cosmetic Armor Custom Main Menu CustomNPC's Decocraft Et Futurum Extra Utilities FastCraft Forestry Forge Multipart Plugin Garden Stuff Gilded Games Utility HaloCraft Hardcore Darkness Hats iChun Util IndustrialCraft 2 InvTweaks Iron Chest Journey Map KoreSample Lantern LaserMod Magical Crops Magnanimous Tools MalisisAdvert MalisisCore MalisisDoors Mantle MatterOverdrive MCMultiPart-Experimental Minecraft Comes Alive Mekanism MekanismGenerators MekanismTools MineFactory Reloaded MoarSigns MrCrayfish Furniture Mod NEI Addons NoMoreRecipeConflict NotEnoughItems NotEnoughResources OpenBlocks OpenComputers OpenModsLib OptiFine Platforms PortalGun ProjectE QmunityLib RadixCore RandomThings ResourceLoader Realistic Terrain Generation SGCraft (Stargate) ShetiPhianCore SlimevoidLibrary StorageDrawers Tinkers' Construct ThaumCraft Thermal Dynamics Thermal Expansion Thermal Foundation Twilight Forest WAILA (What Am I Looking At) WorldEdit-Forge
  10. Brink of Chaos Launched!

    The time has come for Modded MC to return to Chaotic United! Once again, we are utilizing the Brink of Chaos Modpack - but this time around, we have included various mods suggested by YOU - the CU Community! The Modded MC Subforum has been added (and contains topics from FTB Trident, Horizons, and old BOC) and has a couple new topics added - an up-to-date list of all the mods installed, and a topic to help those unfamiliar with the Technic Launcher to get up and running. In terms of resources, you are going to need at least 4GB of RAM on your PC and a decent CPU. RAM is the biggest thing you need. If you know how Technic works, just set your memory to 4GB (or 3.5GB if you only have 4GB in your PC, or more if you have it). If you aren't entirely sure how to do this, check out this handy topic. For a full list of mods, check this other topic. As you can also see, we have a new and improved logo design for the Modpack as well! It is made to better fit what the pack overall has - technology, creativity, and weaponry. Our server actually HAS a spawn now, which is a considerable step up from the server that we tried to do before which really never had one. This modpack has been in the works since earlier this year, you may even recall BlarFlargen mention hosting it in the past. Now, the server is hosted by AwakenedRage/Kryptoaware, who while is not present on the CU Discord, still is involved in CU from the management side of things. Our server is live at mod.chaoticunited.net - but this is technically unimportant, because the Modpack ships with the server already on your server list! We hope you guys enjoy the new and improved Modded MC experience, and stay tuned as we have another server set to launch soon as well. A server really designed for a small niche audience, but something we want to bring to CU nonetheless. So, go on! Have fun!

  12. Hey everyone. We have a fairly large announcement to make! Since September 2014, we have had our eyes on a prize. We have been after this particular thing since day one. And today, it is finally ours. We officially own chaoticunited.com. At the moment, the website domain redirects to chaoticunited.net, mc.chaoticunited.com points to our MC server, and ts.chaoticunited.com points to our TeamSpeak (yes, we still have a TeamSpeak). For those of you who are new aboard the CU train, let me explain the significance of this domain name. The old CU ran on this domain from 2011 to 2013, and it was used by HurricaneCraft in 2014. Since the old CU shut down, the domain was in the hands of either Killerteddy, the former owner of CU, or perhaps one of its higher admins such as Spencer. We really never found out. But a few months ago, the domain changed hands. It was in the hands of a domain reseller called New Ventures Services. We had a run-in with them in the past as they had the domain tidalwavegaming.com for a good while until a couple years later when the domain went from them onto many other domain resellers and eventually expired. By that point, I was able to reacquire it. The beloved chaoticunited.com was a different story. Unlike TWG.com, it had a long history of having massive amounts of traffic for years. TidalWaveGaming did not get anywhere near as big and thus is why it was dropped - as nobody was going to pay $1300 dollars for a domain with next to no traffic. CU.com had tons of traffic and due to the domain's shaky status of going in and out of availability, we jumped on the opportunity and obtained the domain. For the foreseeable future, we will continue to have our site on chaoticunited.net as we have spent the past three years building the new CU on this new domain. We may migrate everything back to .com, or we may not. At this point we have not decided what exactly to do with it - although we have a couple ideas. Overall, we don't want to throw the domain to the side and leave it as a redirect forever, but we also don't want to do that to CU.net which has housed CU since the revival started. What we end up doing is yet to be seen, but for right now, we did it. This is truly a milestone in CU history - one of the biggest ones we could hope to achieve. Moving forward, there is now no other milestone next besides growing the community - and that is what we plan to do. We have a lot of plans behind the scenes for a relaunch of CU as we stated before. And now, with this domain, that relaunch is going to be more epic than ever. The Chaotic United Team ---------------------------------- haloman30 alycat Atomicbeast101 16dbaxter esponshadow1 Blizzardbball
  13. Hello there! This post is designed to help users get our modpack running without too much trouble. Requirements: 64-bit Java Runtime (Make sure you choose one of the options that has 'x64') Technic Launcher Memory: 4gb minimum, 8gb recommended Installing the Modpack: Before you do anything, you will first need to open the Launcher settings and increase the allocated memory to at least 4gb. If you only have 4gb of system memory, set it to 3.5gb. If you do not see an option to go up to 4gb, then you either don't have enough system memory or you are using 32-bit Java. Try installing 64-bit as seen at the top of the post. If you have 64-bit Java it will say so in the Minecraft Java Version field. Note how it says (1.8.0_91 64-Bit). Look for that. The reason you need 4gb or more allocated is because by default Technic only assigns 1gb of memory to be allocated. The modpack literally cannot and will never start with a measly 1gb. It will take forever to load, and before it finishes, will crash. Giving it more memory prevents this. After you've done that, open the Modpacks tab and in the search field, type 'Brink of Chaos' Then, click 'Install' and once it's done installing, you should be set! Click the Play button once you've installed, and by default our server is on the Multiplayer servers list. Double click it on the Multiplayer menu, and have fun!
  14. MC 1.12

    The pack currently runs off of the Technic launcher as FTB has no easy way of adding user-created modpacks. Also I hid your other two posts - if you could not fucking spam swastikas and soviet symbols that'd be great.