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  1. New Servers (Non-MC)

    Hey everyone, short and sweet today. What kinds of servers would you like to see (that are not MC related) in the future? We are currently looking to try and broaden our servers and we want to try and have something beyond MC. Just vote on the poll!
  2. Discord Rule Changes

    Hey folks! We are making some changes to our Discord (and community) rules and guidelines. There has been a serious lack of enforcement for the past three years, and while I do not want to be overly strict, I do want to keep some level of order and sensibility within the community. What's changing? Any and all use of the N word, including any derivatives or any word that sounds like it (regardless of dictionary definition) will be disallowed. What this means is that if a word looks and sounds like the N word, it isn't allowed. If the word is a real word in the dictionary and has a definition of something totally different, it still is not allowed. However, use of the word is entirely permitted in the #memes channel. Other racial slurs are also not allowed. You also should exercise a level of common sense. Using redskin as a derogatory term for indians is not allowed, but using redskins in context of the sports team is fine. Use your head and think about these things before posting. Memes, shitposts, and other such posts should be kept to #memes. There has been a lot of shitposting and garbage posting done within the lounge and other channels as of late, and it has started to become very excessive and annoying as of late. As such, this new rule will be enforced. Lounge, Tek, Politics and other such channels are meant for actual discussion - not for garbage and shitposting. Any shitpost content will be deleted from these channels if done excessively and repeat infractions will result in a mute. If things continue to be a problem then shitposting will not be allowed period in these channels. Shitposts include overuse of the :b: emoji, copypastas, support of communism or nazism, random emojis (emojis as a response to a message is fine), random references with no context of any sort (ie, "no u") and so on. Earrape and "shitqueuing" with WakaUnited - What's allowed? NSFW discussion - Talk about how you masturbated 6 times in a day, speak out against no nut november and other such things as you please. We won't judge you - we know you do it and you know we do it. You may not however post porn links (not even in #memes, sorry). You also should exercise a level of restraint. That is, don't go into overly graphic detail on your sexual encounters or how you went totally numb after beating your d*** so damn hard 30 to 45 minutes ago. Swearing - Swearing and foul language (except for the N word and other racial slurs) is fully permitted. Shitposting and using racial slurs in #memes - Keep it in that channel and that channel alone, and we won't have any problems. Why are you changing this? Why the sudden spike in enforcement? The truth is, my intention is not to go from 0 to 100 in terms of enforcement. I want to continue to be somewhat lax on the rules. The issue is that despite me continuously trying to kindly ask that you guys stop outright breaking the rules, it is ignored. I would love to just say "don't be an ass" and call it a day, but the thing is I can't be vague anymore. As time has gone on, people have continued to push the rules to their absolute limit. They have continued to try and rationalize their actions with "you dont like communism? THATS POLITICAL BASHING", or making a laundry list of over 100 variations on the N word, or by posting a shitpost in video format and saying "i was going to talk about my favorite video". I have to explain what exactly is and is not allowed, because people have gotten the idea that if I don't explicitly state that it is against the rules, then it must be allowed and if I say otherwise it's admin abuse. You can say it's all a joke, it doesn't matter. If it was a joke, then those of you who break the rules would stop when I ask you to. I am not one to be fond of strict rules. I know you guys aren't either. That is why this post exists. I ask that you guys work with me as to help keep CU a relaxed environment to chat in. If the rules continue to be ignored and I continue to get this trying to get by with technicalities bullshit, then things will only continue to get strict and will eventually end up at a point where the content described above won't be tolerated at all outside of #memes. Why don't you just allow the N word and whatnot? Why are these not allowed? Why is this a problem? This is an issue because it's just annoying. Not everyone in CU is a memelord and not everyone will enjoy that type of content. There are a lot of people (myself included) that typically find the content to be annoying and just garbage. That being said, I understand that after 3 years of the content being fully permitted, I would be an idiot to disallow it outright, and to be honest I don't want to ban all memes and whatnot from CU entirely. Lastly, just keep in mind that as Owner, if I say something is not allowed, it is not allowed. I don't do this to say an asshole, but to simply keep order. Additionally, staff are not exempt from these rules - your job is to enforce them. It is not abuse, it is how things have been and always will be.
  3. CU Updates #22 - Relaunch Progress, New Staff

    keep in mind we dont have a huge amount of players. It looks bigger when you actually get into it. Trust me this thing is huge. thats what she said
  4. Hey everyone! We are making some progress with the MC relaunch and we want to share it with you thus far. So far, most of the work completed has to do with SurvivalGames and Arena builds. Without giving away too much, here is the latest map that has been completed - Corrupsula. This map has been in the works for months. It was started by Arlem/Windwhistle as a SG map that I wanted him to build. He got the center isle built but ultimately the rest came down to CU's build team. Have a look: More screenshots We have more maps, but we don't want to reveal everything do we? Gotta have something to discover! Additionally, we have two new staff members! @Nish and @rookie_11! Both are helpers, give them a warm welcome to the CU Staff team! We are still continuing to have open positions for staff to compensate for some of our staff going off to college as well as people being slammed with schoolwork. Hit the button below if you want to apply! Apply for a Staff Position If you have any questions or concerns, or anything else to say regarding the future of CU, feel free to speak up! We love hearing from and talking to you guys and getting your view on things.
  5. What's your favourite color

    i like my colors like i like my name color red
  6. Suggestion :)

    swooshy show us a pic for reference my boy
  7. The Below Game

    true ofc the person below is wet for airports and/or prescriptive hand holding
  8. Windwhistle's Ban Appeal

  9. Modded RPG

    Hey guys, just figured I would bring something up to you guys. For a while, we were planning on having an RPG mode for the relaunch. The idea being that it would be an experience made to be fun with, or without anyone else online. A few weeks back, we made the decision internally to push that mode off from the relaunch and slate it as something to develop post-relaunch, as such a major project would hold up the other developments which, while they will take time, will take nowhere near the time and effort needed to build an RPG world, plugins, quests, and so on. We have changed our plans once again. The original idea for the "vanilla" RPG server, along with all the lore and whatnot associated with it has been put on hiatus in favor of a much different RPG mode. The biggest difference is that this mode is being build on modded MC. I talked with a few staff about this and the thinking behind this is that it allows for a significant amount more flexibility than could ever be hoped for with plugins. With modded, we could literally hire voice actors and record real dialogue for characters during story missions (something we may or may not look into, don't hold your breath). So far, here is what I can say about this new RPG server: It, much like the previous idea, NOT be focused on standard Minecraft building and general survival gameplay It will feature quests, unlockables, and other things of the sort It, unlike the previous idea, be Sci-Fi focused rather than medieval focused It will feature brand new blocks, items, UI, and so much more I am bringing this up because I am curious to see what you guys think about this decision. As should be obvious by this point and the way things in the past have taken a 180 in the matter of a few seconds, nothing is set in stone. I am aware that by making RPG a modded-only thing, we take a significant hit to the potential player gains - both due to weak player computers as well as the much taller barrier to entry. As easy as Technic is, there are people who just won't bother putting in the time. We plan to have a healthy marketing scheme this time around as well as some promotional material and whatnot to entice players, but it won't be as much as if it was vanilla. The simple fact is there is a lot that can't be done with plugins alone. You can sort of do things, sure. You can put stained glass panes in a fake chest, all renamed to text of some sort to represent a button. This is probably the most boring and weakest example ever, but that's a simple thing you can't do on vanilla. 3D gun models? Nope, not happening. Advanced quests with waypoints and so on? If only. Custom blocks and textures alongside vanilla blocks? LOL no. That being said, this is why I said earlier that the previous RPG server has been put on hiatus. It is NOT being cancelled. All of its lore, backstory, and existing builds that have been set for it will remain on the side until the day comes that we may or may not need them. In the offchance that the old idea never gets revisited and this new project is a truly groundbreaking hit, we do plan to have these set in the same sort of universe - just in much different time periods. As such, some builds from that may be utilized in some form or fashion on the new RPG mode. But I digress, none of this is truly final. You know what that means - poll time (again)! In the poll attached, just tell me: would you prefer a modded or vanilla RPG? Medieval or Sci-Fi? Or if you have anything else to say, or maybe even some ideas, feel free to reply! Have a good day everyone!
  10. Redeeming Codes [TBA]

    Hey there, player! If you are reading this, you probably found some kind of code somewhere and are wondering how to use it! If this is the case, keep reading. Alternatively, you might have abused the codes system and have been suspended. If that is the case, scroll down to the very bottom. Perhaps you are just one of those people that like to read these kinds of pages. In which case, have at it. Finding out what type of code you have: There are varying codes that are used in varying places. You can figure out what kind of code you have by checking the format of it. OLD/CURRENT Survey Code Format - MMMSYYYY####### - These codes are given upon completing a survey and allow you to obtain an item, usually a Crate Key MMM - The first three letters of the Survey's month S - An unchanging character identifying the code as a survey code YYYY - All 4 digits of the Survey's year ####### - A series of random letters and numbers Player-to-Admin Code Format - ###### - These codes are generic codes that are manually recognized by an administrator, at which point they will give you a Specialized Code ###### - A series of random letters and numbers that make up the entire code. License Keys - #####-#####-#####-#####-##### - 5 sets of 5 characters, used for a variety of purposes. These types of codes are uncommon ##### - A series of random letters and numbers that make up the entire code. Specialized Codes - ####-####-#### - 3 sets of 4 characters, used to redeem a variety of items. These types of codes are typically given after verifying an Player-to-Admin code Redeeming a Survey Code: This section requires you to be in a specific world. You can redeem a code on our store, found at under the 'Exclusives' category. You can buy these as well, but since they are exclusives you gotta have real cash to blow. To redeem your code: Go to the donation store. Click the "Exclusives" category. Select the appropriate Crate Key that is for this month's survey. Add the crate key to your cart. At checkout, enter your code in the box, then click 'Redeem' Click the 'Checkout' button, then agree to the Terms of Service. You should see a screen saying your cart is empty and that your purchase was successful. Wait a minute or two and the crate key will be given to you ingame. Go to a crate with the key in your inventory, right click it, and see what you get! Important notes: You must be in the Survival, Factions, or SkyBlock world when redeeming the key. You may give the key to another player if you wish Redeeming a Verification (Player-to-Admin) Code: These codes were created to prevent abuse of codes, such as a user saving a code and distributing it to others. These codes are useless until verified by an admin (currently only haloman30 has access to License/Code management) and then a code is given to you. If you have one of these 6 character codes, simply message haloman30 via the forums to get your single-use code in return. Legacy Codes: Legacy codes refer to codes that have a new format, that may or may not still be active codes. Legacy codes may also refer to former codes used in place of store-wide sales. Code Policy: Simply put, you MAY: Give your single-use code to someone else Give your Crate Key to someone else You MAY NOT: Give your verification key to another player Reveal survey codes to other players Sell your code on eBay or elsewhere When you fill out a survey with your username, it is recorded. When you redeem a Survey Crate Key on the Store, your username is manually checked to see if it is on the list. If you filled out spam responses, your unredeemed key or your redeemed item will be confiscated no matter what. If you chose to remain anonymous you will be asked what you inputted on one of the questions and your item will be returned (assuming your answer to us was at least close to your survey response). We suggest entering something memorable in the username field or elsewhere to verify your identity. If you are a repeat offender, further action will be taken on your account: 1st offense - Redeemed key or item confiscated 2nd offense - Redeemed key or item confiscated, 500$ (ingame econ) taken from your account 3rd offense - Redeemed key or item confiscated, 1500$ (ingame econ) taken from your account, 3 day suspension 4th offense - Redeemed key or item confiscated, 5000$ (ingame econ) taken from your account, 7 day suspension 5th offense - Redeemed key or item confiscated, Ingame economy account emptied, 20 day suspension 6th offense - Permanent account suspension from the Minecraft server What can I do if I have been temporarily suspended? - Temporary suspensions are not typically lifted. They are temporary so that you may return to the server in the hopes that you learn from your mistakes. What can I do if I have been permanently suspended? - The only thing you can do is make a ban appeal here. Assuming you abused the Survey Rewards system six times, you should have learned by now. That being said you are free to make an appeal as once in a while there are people who just take that many hits to realize their mistakes.
  11. Merger Agreement

    Chaotic United Community Merger Agreement Last Updated: May 18, 2017 You must agree to the terms below in order to merge into the Chaotic United Network. 1. Ownership You will not gain any level of Ownership on Chaotic United. You will be granted a title that better fits your position, however you will not be granted the title of Owner. You may be granted a similar custom title, such as the acronym of your community suffixed by the term 'Owner'. Example: Nuclear District, ND Owner. The Owners of Chaotic United do not become Owners of your community unless you grant them such a title. You will not be required to do so. You reserve full ownership of your community name unless you wish to do otherwise. You agree that Haloman30 and Alycat are the Owners of Chaotic United and you will not do anything to try to demote either of them. 2. Services and Branding If you host services on your community and you merge into CU, you must re-brand all of your services with proper CU branding. When merging, your community name may appear on a forums theme if applicable and may appear in a custom title (as seen in section 1). Aside from those instances, everything will be given CU branding to avoid name confusion. 3. Staff and Team Members Staff members will be given equivalent ranks on CU as they had on your community. Administrative roles will need to be handled separately, however. 4. Access Levels and Permissions If you host gameservers for CU, you must grant the Owners backend information if asked. You may not be asked, but if you are asked you must grant it. The Owners will not make changes or modifications to your files without your knowledge and/or permission. Your permissions on the Forums and Minecraft server will be that of the standard rank you are assigned. If you are assigned a custom rank/title, permissions will be settled between you and the CU Owners. 5. Policy and Management Chaotic United operates internally based on the ideals and vision of its Owners. Staff input is routinely requested and is given and factors into our vision, but the final decision is up to CU's Owners. If you manage your community differently, you will be expected to follow CU's system of management. Attempting to change and rework CU's management methods will be unsuccessful and will not be tolerated. 6. Separation and Unmerging Sometimes, merges simply don't work out. You reserve the right to unmerge at any time. By merging, you agree that you will not use this against CU and you will not try to bend any rules or change anything or anything of the sort. Threatening to unmerge will not be tolerated. If a merge does not last, you will not cause any defamation to CU and CU will not cause defamation towards you, regardless of circumstances. If you defame CU, however, CU may choose to reveal any skeletons within your closet to the entire community. These terms and conditions, while they may seem strict on the surface, they exist for good reason. From January 29, 2017 to April 23, 2017, a merge that went horribly wrong affected the enactment of these policies. The community that merged was able to temporarily get an owner demoted and over the duration of said merge the majority of CU's active user base was lost. The entire scenario was handled very poorly and thus this agreement and the Staff Guidelines document were created to prevent future repeats of those events.
  12. Merging Info

    Are you seeking a merge between your community and the Chaotic United Network? Awesome! We'd love to welcome you into the Network. But first, make sure you know what you're getting into. Read over this document - that way, there are no surprises and everything can go smoothly. The general merging process is as follows: You propose a merge between your community and CU Our team visits your community and may check out the services you offer to see if they are of quality standards If a merge is agreed upon: Staff on your network are given appropriate ranks on CU, unless there are concerns of this within CU - then it will be further discussed If you offer any services, such as a gameserver, it will be given Chaotic United branding If you have a community forum, topic merging will be attempted if possible Your website will shut down, or may be left as a read-only archive. New content will not be allowed to exist on it anymore If a merge is not agreed upon Both sides continue on their merry way Detailed Overview You may have noticed that your services will take on CU branding and that your website will need to close outright or be made read-only. This is one of the toughest pills you'll need to swallow potentially, or maybe it's a no-brainer. Your community will be essentially dissolved into CU. Your domain and community name will be listed on this page, and you may have a forum theme designed to mimic the look of your website at the time, but beyond that your community will become part of CU. The reason for this is that we ultimately cannot have duplicate names. It was tried in the CU and ND merge, and while it didn't kill off CU, it felt very awkward and jumbled. Two websites existed, and one forum was used. CU's current forums were set to read-only during that time. CU continued its own independent homepage and main site, and its forums operated on the Nuclear District Forums. It all felt very hacky and thrown together. We can't have multiple flags being raised at once, as it just leads to confusion within users and takes away from the main focus - to build a single, strong, awesome community. You being willing to set your existing flags to the side and raise CU's flag is what allows that to happen. Your existing website can either redirect to our website, or can remain online as a read-only archive. What this means is that the website is made visible, your topics can still be read if you have a forums, but new posts cannot be made, new members cannot register, etc. It is read-only, and may remain online as long as you wish as an archive. Alternatively, you may provide your website files and SQL databases to haloman30 and point your domain to our host's nameservers (or transfer it to him outright), and he will keep the archive online and you won't have to pay a dime. This is done as a courtesy to you and your community. You're welcome. <3 If this is no problem, then your other potential point of concern is your existing staff team. If you have a relatively small team (5 or fewer people) then this is usually not much of an issue. We just want to get to know your team beforehand. Any staff members you have that are in administrative roles are the ones of real discussion. Moderators usually transfer over seamlessly. Any moderators you have on a gameserver will receive the Game Mod rank, anyone less than that will be given Game Helper. Admins on this gameserver will be given the rank 'Game Admin' and will have slightly elevated permissions above Forum Mod. If your community is just that, a community, no gameservers or anything to go along with it, things get a bit trickier. We generally cannot give direct promotions to Manager or Administrator as these ranks contain virtually unrestricted control of the CU Forums and services. In these cases, usually you will receive the rank of 'Community Manager' and 'Community Admin'. These ranks, like Game Admin, are generally just a step or two up from Forum Mod. This may sound like a shortchange, but it is all done for the sake of security. It would be very easy for someone to try and merge with the intention of trying to destroy and deface our websites and services, perhaps causing permanent damage. This is why we generally are very cautious about these things. We can't give largely new members of CU into such strong positions so immediately, doing so puts us at risk. We understand that most who want to merge won't do this, and have good intentions, but all it takes is one bad apple to ruin everything and cause a really bad time for all involved. Generally, every staff team of yours will receive a rank of some kind on CU. Larger teams may be required to start as mostly Helpers, save for higher-ups and community leaders which will be given the above treatment most likely. But your team will have some status on CU - that much is undeniable. If these are no concern to you, then it should be smooth sailing from here on out (mostly). If you offer gameservers, you will be required to give haloman30 (and you may optionally grant other server managers access as well) access to your gameserver's hosting. Don't worry, we won't damage or break anything. Most times, we will just try to aid in rebranding the server to our liking and ensure it meets quality standards set by CU. In case things do go wrong, however, we do generally make backups before we change anything, and after the initial brand changing over, we won't touch anything without getting your approval first. We may never touch your host again after the fact, but generally the CU leaders are going to need such capability. Staff Atmosphere Behind the doors of the CU staff team, we have a very laid-back approach to things. There generally are no deadlines for anything, and we treat this as a fun hobby project. The only downside to this is that staff are not paid. Where we lack in that, we gain in everything else. Working on CU is fun for all members of the team - from Helpers to Owners. This isn't supposed to be a grueling job, or an intense corporation. Despite the overly professional nature of the Chaotic United Network, the team behind it and the overall management of it is very loose and relaxed. We like to have fun doing the management stuff. We don't like to work up a sweat dealing with absolute mayhem and intensity 24/7. Haloman30 started the CU revival project in 2014 as a fun hobby, and it has continued to be a fun hobby ever since (except for a particularly down period in early 2017, but that is partially why some of these documents even exist). Be prepared for naughty words and suggestive talk and everything in between - we are laid back, and we like to have fun. We just sit back, chill out, and develop an awesome community. I want to merge! How do I get started? Awesome! To get started, just send a message towards haloman30 with some basic information. Who you are, your community name, its website, etc. It is generally good if you've been with CU as a member for a while already as well, as we will know you a bit better that way. So good luck, and if your merge is declined, don't feel down! We still may like your work, we just may think you're better off without us. If we do take you up on your offer, well, you know the drill now - and you're plenty prepared for what is to come and this will all be as smooth as butter.
  13. Legacy Pages

    Legacy. That word you only hear when referring to outdated stuff that is still used semi-frequently in the modern time. Well, now it's Chaotic United's turn to throw that term around, when it comes to some older pages.Legacy WebsitesHere and there, Chaotic United will make legacy versions of websites readonly but viewable to the public. An example would be the Chaotic United forums before Nuclear District announced its closure, or the old United AlyCraft forums. Another example is the old Chaotic United website, seen here: Sometimes, we may have internal legacy websites that exist somewhere on the webserver but are never shown to the public. Very rarely is this the case, but when it is it is usually due to copyright or legal reasons, or in some cases, our of genuine respect for the creator's wishes. They are usually kept on hand for content reusability, for instance if an older website had a feature or page, or a page style or layout that we feel would blend well with the existing website layout. But sometimes even then, we just keep them online so we can relive some nostalgia. Which is the main reason you see any public legacy websites to begin with.Legacy PagesLegacy pages can mean a couple of things. It could refer to a page that is no longer updated, or a page that is no longer required, for instance if its functionality has been replicated elsewhere. These legacy pages will still work by all means, it's just that they are no longer updated. Sometimes, these pages can be skipped over or unchecked during site upgrades. While many times pages will work, sometimes things can cause specific legacy pages to either break visually or functionally, thus rendering them unusable. Some examples of these pages are the CU and ND staff pages, the CU page being replaced with the staff list in the About page, and the ND one being discontinued as Nuclear District is closing (though I wouldn't be surprised to see some return of those 3D skins in the future).List of Legacy PagesCU StaffND StaffRules (Deprecated in favor of Rules page on Forums)
  14. Promotion Policy

    "Hey, I donated on the old Chaotic United! Can I get my rank back?" "I had a rank on Hurricane Craft. Do I get anything?" "I donated for a rank on Nuclear District's MC Server. Do I get a rank in return?" "I was a former Staff Member of ND/CU/HC. Can I be reinstated?" All of these questions are asked too often, and thus, this page is created. All of your questions will be answered here. 1. Refunds If you donated for a rank at any point in time, you cannot be refunded. Once you make the donation, that's it. Absolutely no refunds. Ever. 2. Reinstatement If you donated for a rank prior to the change of ownership you can request reinstatement if you have proof of your donation. The following are VALID forms of proof of donation: PayPal Email Receipt - You are sent an email when you buy something via PayPal. Please take a screenshot of this email(s) contents and send it to haloman30 or alycat. PayPal Transaction History - You can find a history of all your PayPal payments from your PayPal account. You can also take a screenshot of the donation payment(s) and send it to haloman30 or alycat. The following are INVALID forms of proof of donation: Screenshots - These, while previously accepted, are no longer accepted as of January 2016. Screenshots can be easily forged by setting up a local server and the right plugins and knowledge, and as such they are no longer accepted as valid proof of donation. Word of Mouth ('Yeah he had that rank') - This also was formerly accepted as valid proof, but as of January 2016 it is not. This is because if a user contacts a friend outside of the community to say that they had a rank, they can easily obtain virtually any rank on the server. Owner's/Staff Memory - Even if a staff member or Owner him/herself remembers you having a rank, this is still not enough to get reinstated. This is because a user can login with a cracked client and impersonate an old player who had a rank. 3. Staff Promotion If you were a staff member on CU before the change of ownership, you are not eligible to be re-promoted without applying once more. No exceptions. 4. Veteran Rank Since the Veteran Rank has different meaning across forums and the Minecraft server, it will be clarified here. Forums - You must have been a member of the Chaotic United/Nuclear District community for at least one year. Minecraft - You must have been a retired Moderator or above.