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  4. Life is a mystery waiting to be solved.

    1. haloman30


      And CU is the solution.



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      i entirely agree with this concept

  5. Discord Rule Changes

  6. Discord Rule Changes

    I agree and oh my Halo: That is, don't go into overly graphic detail on your sexual encounters or how you went totally numb after beating your d*** so damn hard 30 to 45 minutes ago. That killed me lmao
  7. 1/28/2018

    An update has been applied to the community. + Added new role: Advisor * Updated the community guidelines * Upgraded forums to IP.Board 4.2.7 * Changed several staff to Advisor: kirahuang, Smooth8, rookie_11, aelf - Removed Killerteddy
  8. CU 1.11.2 (2016-2017) Survival World

    Version 1.0.0


    This is the survival world used during 1.10 and 1.11. It was created after the 2016 relaunch and was used up until the 2017 relaunch. The spawn structure for this world was removed to prevent usage of the spawn in other servers, but all player builds are intact. You cannot take this map, or any structures within it, and run it in your own server or someone else's. This is only for those who wants to continue their projects on it instead of having to start over in single player mode. Breaking this rule will result in your download privileges being permanently suspended and could result in your account being banned.


  9. Hey, folks! Since our December survey has been concluded, we are going to go over the results now. In total, 9 users participated in this survey. Thanks to all of you! If you submitted a survey and did not get a code, contact me and I will get your code. Survey Responses First off, let's talk about what modes you guys want to see. The top picks were Survival, Creative, SkyBlock, and Parkour. The top 4 picks are all core modes of CU, and have been present for a while now. Behind those, RPG, SkyWars, and MobArena were voted for. RPG is currently a project we have going on behind the scenes, and has been mentioned a few times before. We will keep you guys updated as that starts to come together. MobArena also made it in at the last minute for MC. SkyWars is something we've wanted to do for a while, but sadly we are having some trouble finding a proper plugin for it. That being said, we will keep you guys posted and we will continue to look into these. Of these, the big winners were mcMMO, Jobs, and random loot chests. So far, mcMMO and Jobs were both in, but loot chests weren't able to make it in (yet). We have some ideas, so stay tuned for that! Quests and /warp event both scored fairly well, both of these being ideas we want to explore in the future. Quests is an uncertain one due to an RPG server basically taking that role, but as with the chests - we have some ideas. /warp event is basically where periodically, the staff will host an event within the server (mostly in Survival) with some kind of award tied to it. These were common on old CU, but have fallen out of favor since 2014. We may end up looking into these however. Vanilla survival and an Auction house were both not really wanted (among those who voted). The overwhelming winner in this scenario was another modern MC server, though I think in retrospect I should have added a "no more servers" option. Followed closely behind was a modded server, with everything else falling in line behind that. We already have both of these, which seems to mirror the current server structure anyhow. Not much else on that. We got some fairly positive feedback on our Beta 1.7.3 server. Of those of you who played it, most of you rated it a 3 and a couple of you gave it a 5/5. A fair chunk of you didn't really vote on this (or just had no real opinion of it) due to not playing, but really, the point of that server isn't to bring in huge mountains of people anyways. Lots of love for Brink of Chaos! Most of you voted a 4 or a 5, but one of you voted 2 . I suspect this is largely due to the steep performance requirements of the pack, but I can't say for sure. Whoever voted for that, if I am incorrect with my assumption, do let me know why it is you voted the way you did! Generally, we had positive opinions on our main server. A lot of you voted 4 or 5, with a few of you giving it a 3. Honestly, for a server that was pre-relaunch, I was expecting worse. Good to see a lot of you guys are enjoying it! Now for the good stuff. This is an interesting one. Based on the chart above, you would think that TTT would be the winner. However, we held a similar poll on Discord of just this question, and we were met with different results. As you can see, CS:GO was actually the winner in this scenario, with TTT being at the very bottom. However, looking back at the original chart again, we also notice that CS:GO is split across 2 options, which if combined result in a 5 - which is above TTT. That being said, the results there are much closer than the total annihilation that CS:GO did to all the others on the Discord poll. In either case, we do actually have a CS:GO server now. You may recall back when the failed merge occurred, we had a CS:GO, ARK, and a couple other servers. When Elaztek started up, those servers got moved over to Elaztek. The CS:GO server as of now is basically a shared server between the two, which are on much better terms nowadays. You can play by connecting to The 3 big winners of this were story-driven games, puzzle games, and games that bring you to their knees with absurd difficulty. Behind that came power fantasies, then MMORPG's, and then everything else. The reason we asked this will become clearer as time goes on. You'll see. I had to edit this graph in Photoshop, because Google Forms decided to shove it into multiple pages - hence the 2nd page thing beneath the actual votes. The ones you see are the ones on the graph. Most of you picked that it didn't apply, or "I still play". Two of these are clearly trolls, so let's ignore those. Some said that you didn't have time to play games anymore - the sad truth. Life is that big thing that comes in the way of your game time and some people just don't have the time to play MC and invest hours and hours into building things anymore. Others said that they just got bored of Minecraft itself - and sadly, there isn't a whole lot we can do in this case either. If you are bored of MC itself, the core game, all we can do is offer other services and do different things to encourage you to remain within the community (which are continuing to make an effort to do). Others of you voted that you were just embarrassed to play a "kids" game. I understand feeling that way, but let me offer a thought - I am 18, many of our players are 16 and several are in their 20's. Other large servers are run by adults or at the very least people with mental maturity. On top of that, our community is very loose when it comes to adhering to any sort of PG-13 nonsense. So don't be embarrassed! If you want to play MC, don't let the opinions of others prevent you from doing that. For those of you who have seemed to find another server, the top reason was a variety in gamemodes. Behind that, it was a tie between there being more to do, someone who has some beef with the CU community for being "cancerous", and someone who seems to not be very fond of Alycat. We are always working on improving our selection of gamemodes - which, thus, leads to there being more to do. The issues with the community and with Aly, unfortunately, aren't issues that can exactly be "fixed". So I'm sorry that those of you who picked that feel that way. Not gonna lie, not a lot of useful stuff here. Ignoring the trolly/uncreative/funny stuff, there is one real suggestion among this. Map resets every 7 months - nice that you picked up on my love for the number 7, but even that can't really convince me of this. Our build team isn't exactly huge, and creating an entirely new set of spawns every 7 months just gets exhausting and just isn't feasible. Prizes for being on top of leaderboards is an interesting one, I like this. Parkour is something we already have - however we may do some "one time" maps for /warp event. Not sure what trivia is, nor do I know what you mean by "make factions better". Whoever suggested this, I would appreciate if you elaborated a bit, I am intrigued by what you may have in mind. Also, can I just ask: who in the world just put "Yes". You said yes, you had ideas - but you seem to have forgotten what the ideas are. ._. Anyways, I want to give a huge thank you to all of you who participated in the survey! While some of the feedback make take time to implement, it is never forgotten and it is always taken into consideration when we discuss what we want to do to expand and improve Chaotic United. Have a great day everyone! And remember to check out our MC server if you haven't for a while. We just relaunched at the very end of 2017 and so far 2018 has been incredible! We are continuing to expand and improve MC with each passing day. Also I had to re-do this entire post because somehow I managed to send the "back" command to my browser with some kind of obscure key combo or something, so that sucked. Anyways, have a good day everyone! - The Chaotic United Team
  10. what if great white sharks dont know how great they are 

  11. 12/31/2017 - 2017 Relaunch

  12. 12/31/2017 - 2017 Relaunch

    Dammit halo stop removing killerteddy
  13. 12/31/2017 - 2017 Relaunch

    Chaotic United has relaunched! Here is the full list of changes and updates to the community. Minecraft: + Added plugin: BattleArena + Added plugin: EssentialsX + Added a new in-game UI (/play) + Added plugin: MobArena + Added MobArena map: Heat + Added MobArena map: Ruin + Added MobArena map: C-173 + Added Parkour map: Sandstorm + Added Parkour map: Oasis + Added Parkour map: EndParkour + Added Arena map: Tomb (formerly Quake) + Added Arena map: Labrynth + Added Arena map: Beaver Creek + Added new gamemode: MobArena [NEEDS FURTHER TESTING FROM COMMUNITY] + Added new gamemode: The Arena [NEEDS FURTHER TESTING FROM COMMUNITY] + New Survival spawn + New Factions spawn + New Minigames (Arena) spawn + Added hub items, you can now get anywhere on the server from the hub without any commands + Added plugin: SilkSpawners + Added plugin: SpawnerShop + Added plugin: ZHorse + Added new emote: /sad + Added new emote: /thinking + Added new plugin: SmartSignEditor * Updated creative spawn * Updated SkyBlock spawn * Updated hub * Parkour now has Easy, Normal, and Hard modes - Easy mode has 0.25x the award, with a checkpoint being able to be set anywhere, and Hard mode has 10x the award with no checkpoints * Parkour will no longer re-grant the same checkpoint twice, which means you can't fall and re-unlock a previous checkpoint * All faction management commands (ie, renaming, promoting, demoting, creating, disbanding, etc) are now able to be run anywhere, not just within Factions - Removed plugin: Stables - Removed Killerteddy Website: + New website design * Nuclear District site theme now uses new logo * Website now behaves much better on mobile devices * Helpcenter index now has a unique icon for each page, including some icons from FontAwesome 5 * Legacy CU Staff, ND Staff, and Veterans pages now use a static image instead of a 3D render - the old 3D render stopped working * Rules entry on the helpcenter redirects to the main rules page on forums - Removed Killerteddy Forums: + Added new CU themed group badges + Added Download center + Added Blogs * Fixed group badge display/sizing issues on most themes - Removed Killerteddy
  14. Hey everybody. The time has come. Chaotic United has relaunched! Let's go over some of the big changes! No? Well, for those of you who have no interest in reading the post, check the info directly below. Below that is the actual post. MC.CHAOTICUNITED.NET 1.12.x Backwards compatiability still works, so you can still play on anything from 1.4.7 to 1.12.2, though it is NOT recommended. NEW GAMEMODES We have introduced MobArena! After being on the request list for a good while, we finally managed to introduce MobArena. To start off, we have 3 maps and we plan to expand and add more as time goes on. The first map is called Heat, a nether-themed map built by myself along with some help from @*-=(Jayden)=-*. The second map is called Ruin, which is a map built off the first CU revival survival spawn (2014) made by @AimWicked. The third map is a modified version of the survival spawn area from CU back in Beta 1.7.3 (2011, not our current beta 1.7.3 server). Additionally, we have introduced The Arena - a PvP-focused gamemode. Like MobArena, we have 3 maps to start with and we will be introducing more maps as time goes on. The first map is called Beaver Creek, which if you couldn't tell, is a map from Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 remade in Minecraft. It was built outside of CU and the original map can be found here. The second map is called Tomb, which is a map from MCUniverse that was formerly only referred to as Quake. It is a small map and is designed for close-quarters encounters. The third map is called Labrynth, which is derived from an old thing that @alycat built a long time ago, but better spaced out and better adapted for arena gameplay. The Arena is not complete. We plan to expand upon this mode as time goes on. We plan to introduce SurvivalGames, SkyWars, and other lesser-known modes, some of which will be exclusive to CU. PARKOUR UPDATES Our parkour plugin, NDParkour, has recieved some updates as well as having new maps added. The plugin itself now stores each player's checkpoints and remembers them, and will reject unlocking the same checkpoint twice. This was particularly an issue on larger, vertical maps that just went up and up. If you were to fall down and land on an older checkpoint, you were suddenly set back a huge margin. That will no longer happen anymore. Additionally, there is now an Easy, Normal, and Hard mode. Normal mode is how the plugin has operated in the past. Easy mode operates by allowing you to set a checkpoint at any location, but cuts your award down to 25% (1/4 or 0.25x, however you want to format it). Hard mode gives you 10x the award you normally would, but disables checkpoints entirely. In addition to the various changes that have been made to the plugin, we have a few new maps. You guessed it, 3 new maps. The first one is Oasis, a parkour map set within a mountain wall with a shallow pond of water. It was built by myself with the actual parkour layout being made by @*-=(Jayden)=-*. The second one is called Sandstorm, which is set within a desert. Once again, the main parkour layout was built by @*-=(Jayden)=-* with the map styled and prettified by me. The third map is a simpler map, called EndParkour, which has an End-style theme. It has a strange uniformity to it.You guessed it. @*-=(Jayden)=-* made the core map, with the map prettified by me. Additionally, an older map now known as MagmaParkour has finally been expanded upon. Instead of 3 short layers, the original vision for the course has been realized and it is a crazy tall course. It's also worth a fair chunk of cash, so keep that in mind too. WEBSITE UPDATES Our website has recieved a facelift. We wanted to keep it still fairly similar to the previous website and keep it familiar, but at the same time bring a noticeable facelift. You will notice some new animations as well as some updated page designs. The timeline page looks a lot better than ever before, and most of the website now works better on mobile. Mobile navigation is now a separate menu instead of an awkward emulation of the main navigation menu. The helpcenter index looks much better and now has individual icons for each page. Additionally, the icons are more obviously links. FORUMS UPDATES We have added some new features to the public on our forums. We are introducing Blogs for public use! As a regular user, you are able to create blogs and add entries to them as you desire. In the past we have been using Blogs internally for our update changelog. Now, you can manage your own, too! Additionally, we are now launching our Download center! Our vision for the download center is to foster an environment for content creators, inside and outside of Minecraft, to share their content and, eventually, be able to monetize them if desired. We are still working out the kinks in this system, and we will make an announcement later when we have more definite figures on it. THE FUTURE This update is not the final stage of the server. Now that we've finally launched, we will be working to test things better with you guys and expanding the content further, and here soon we will start our advertising campaign. All of us have been working pretty hard (the admins especially) and so we will be taking a little bit of a rest break in between now and then. We've worked very hard to help create a truly awesome experience, and to finally begin to push to a new frontier in the future of Chaotic United. Lastly, for those of you who submitted survey results thus far, you will be sent your crate key codes via Discord, or if that fails, via forums. We will be posting survey results soon! That's all for now folks. We want to thank all of you for sticking with us this far, and we hope you can stick with us going forward into the future. View Full Update Changelog The Chaotic United Team ----------------------------------- haloman30 alycat AwakenedRage 16dbaxter esponshadow1 Blizzardbball
  15. Tesla

    There is a very good chance that Tesla will be successful in the next 5-10 years. Elon continues to amaze his fans/customers with top-notch electric vehicles and home goodies. The majority of Americans + perhaps the world are currently combating climate change that are happening around us. Our traditional cars currently use fossil fuel which obviously contributes to climate change. That would encourage more investments into electric vehicle industries such as Tesla.
  16. if you jingle my bells i'll show you a white christmas

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      Not gonna lie, took me 6 days to get the joke

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      @esponshadow1 its not gay if a girl does it ;D


      @HeyImJ0hn top kek

  17. Tesla

    As many of you know, Elon Musk is becoming a real-life Tony Stark. Tesla, one of his companies, has recently launched their own Semi Truck along with their new and improved Roadster. And just for fun, they decided to launch their own pickup truck as well-- which is capable of holding a pickup truck on its bed. I know, amazing. However, many successful company leaders have been critical of these moves claiming that they won't be successful at all. I, for a fact, know that some of these critics are connected with the gas industry and are just saying that just to make sure there isn't a decline in gas sales. But, I wanted to ask you guys: Do you see Tesla failing or succeeding in the next 5-10 years? Personally, I am a huge fan of Elon Musk and all of his companies: Tesla, Solar City, and Space X. (Discussion about Space X is for a totally different post) New Tesla Roadster This car is just ridiculous. This car is crazy quick going 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds (first ever car to break 2 seconds) and 0-100 mph in 4.2 seconds. While we don't know the exact top speed, Elon Musk was able to disclose that is it more than 250 mph. Easily, this is the fastest accelerating car ever made, and also the slickest car Tesla has ever made. On top of that, Tesla has always been heavily criticized that electric cars would never work because their mile range per charge would be extremely low and charging stations would be very far apart. Tesla's response? They have built over 1000 charging stations worldwide, which equates to around 7000 charging ports. They were able to double the amount of chargers every year, and are continuing to do so today ( Also, did I forget to mention that the new Roadster has a mile range of 620 miles. 620 MILES!! I mean, just look at this beauty go. The acceleration on this Roadster seems outlandish and impossible. This is the quickest car in the world: Tesla Semi Truck I know, crazy right? Tesla unveiled their new project-- The Semi Truck. Huge companies such as Walmart and UPS have already purchased this Semi Truck that hasn't even came out yet. The specs on this thing are just crazy, and watching videos of this thing don't seem natural at all. This Semi Truck goes from 0-60 mph in just under 5 seconds, and it goes 0-60 mph in under 20 seconds with a maximum load of 80,000 kg. Trust me, watching videos of this just feels weird. Take a look: Tesla decided to place the driver's seat in the middle of the truck, which sounds unorthodox; however, it looks pretty neat and seems to be effective. I mean just look at the inside of the truck. Tesla Pickup Truck Not much has been said about this, but this just looks ridiculous. If you want to watch the whole Tesla unveiling video, here you go: So what are you're thoughts on Tesla?
  18. So what's everybody's plan for Christmas?

    1. Baxman


      Spamming halos phone number 7,000 times hbu?

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      masturbating to ur cover photo

  19. 12/16/2017 Forums Hotfix

    A hotfix and small update has been applied to the forums. + Added christmas lights to the top of the page * Fixed (hopefully) snow on the website - Removed Net Neutrality banner (because fuck you Ajit) - Removed Killerteddy - Removed Ajit Pai
  20. Factions

    Idk if this is important FactionsUUID
  21. Factions

  22. Factions

    Factions world - Crop Hopper - Silk touch spawners - Gen buckets to create huge bases -Combat tag/log -auction plugin(ploauction) -Obby destroyer -Vault plugin -Seperate donor ranks - Kick for non donors if afk for 30min or longer -P2W World border -Auto broadcasting plugin -Clearlag set on a 12min timer -Factions plugin (Essential) -Mc chat -Shopkeepers and Iconomy -Massive core -logblock?
  23. 12/12/2017 Mini Community Update

    Some changes have been made to CU's guidelines and Discord server. + Added rule: Do not discuss marijuana or other illegal drugs in public chats - Removed #420 channel from Discord to avoid issues with Discord's TOS, US law, and as a response to strong community backlash - Removed Killerteddy
  24. 12/7/2017 Mini-Forums Update

    Noted, will be looking into fixing this soon
  25. 12/11/2017 Discord Update

    A small change has been made to the Discord server. + Added #420 as a NSFW channel - Porn is not allowed, but is made NSFW to require 18+ confirmation - Removed killerteddy
  26. 12/7/2017 Mini-Forums Update

    Nor the snow
  27. 12/7/2017 Mini-Forums Update

    Banned isn't displayed if you're using a theme btw
  28. 12/7/2017 Mini-Forums Update

    A few small changes have been made to the forums + Added Net Neutrality banner to the top of the page + Enabled classic snow effect to website (yes, the same one that has been used since 2013 on old CU) - Removed an inappropriate item from the CU merchandise store
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