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  3. I imagine the day that all editions of Minecraft become cross-platform, if ever, there will be huge demand for servers just like this again. In the meantime sadly, these communities sit in periods of activity and inactivity. Either way, I'm happy to be here. Even if I disappear for years and people have no idea who I am. :blink:


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      xbox one, windows 10, PE, and VR are about to have their fun


      and dont you worry, we got some big plans in the works (as usual, but this time will be different hopefully)

  4. I love Halo and Aly equally.
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  6. The pack currently runs off of the Technic launcher as FTB has no easy way of adding user-created modpacks. Also I hid your other two posts - if you could not fucking spam swastikas and soviet symbols that'd be great.
  8. Many of these aren't up to date anymore. PortalGun is in the pack already, there are no cars but there is a ships mod that lets you create flying ships or boats from your builds. I may look into cars however. Aether was actually in a previous version of the pack but was removed for what if i recall correctly was compatibility problems.
  10. To add on to what haloman30 said as far as the advertiser rank system being reamped. It will provide a way for our members to earn the ranks without having to get them through donating which is a win win senerio if you ask me becaus we grow bigger, you guys gain more perms with a cool amazing title to make others jelous with, as we grow it provides more people more opportunity to make more friends as they go. Strap yourself in for the ride because I have you one hell of a show.
  11. I am glad you made yourself at home thats my goal for each and every player that joins; to provide them the experience that drove me and haloman30 here today. I will be brainstorming on more ideas.
  12. Startin to see some traffic comin in sweeeeeet. Drop down your hi in reply to my fly ass response to dis light.

  13. Pixelmon probably not as it wouldn't fit into the theme and the modpack is already intensive as can be (120+ mods)
  14. Would Pixelmon be a possibility? If I remember correctly it doesn't run well with other mods and is pretty intensive but it may be possible? I didn't really look into this but I know there is a Yu-Gi-Oh mod for 1.7.10 so that may be possible? These are the only mods I know off the top of my head. xP
  15. actual suggestions pls
  16. make it better
  17. Hey everyone! Just thought I'd let you guys you know our plans for 1.12. You may recall last year when we did our official relaunch. The original plan for this was to rebuild our MC server from the ground up and, well, re-launch. The major problem in the way that was executed is that at the time we had one physical server to work with and that was it. As a result, the MC server was inaccessible to normal users and thus a lot of potential traffic was simply lost. During a large portion of the time, myself and many other staff members were effectively "on break", mine of which was pulled to a screeching halt when I learned that Nuclear District planned to close. After that fact, we wanted to just get MC back online, and thus, no real major changes were made and we merely had the same server with a fresh coat of paint. Nowadays, however, we are not in this position. I have a personal server of mine that nowadays is used for testing out CU servers. Most of the things detailed in CU Updates #17 will make their debut on 1.12. This time around, we are going to do a real relaunch. And this time, there is no pressure on us to rush everything just to get a server up. We can take as much time as we need without making you guys be unable to have anything to play. Some of the work for 1.12 has already been done, actually. Mostly in regards to spawns and builds. So far, we have gotten a handful of additions suggested by you guys for Brink of Chaos mods. But now, I want to ask you guys what you want to see on our vanilla server. Any particular features or plugins or gamemodes you'd like to see on the next iteration of Chaotic United Minecraft, just as before, send me or any other staff a message, be it public or private, with your suggestion. If it is feasible and everything is compatible, then you can expect to see it make an appearance. Just know that due to our still limited resources, that we can't add literally every mode ever created (yet), and thus the most popular suggestions will be prioritized (this mostly applies to gamemodes. If you just have a simple addition to the server or a specific mode, this isn't as much of an issue). That's all for now, folks! We hope to see you all on 1.12 and beyond!
  18. Always gotta love original minigame ideas! Don't see it very often anymore :/ I think adding a few more game modes would be great for the server. If it was advertised a bit more I think lots more people would come because everyone is so awesome on here. Everyone always talks when they are on and are always willing to help out. Those qualities in players make others want to stay, that is why I stayed when I found this place a little over a month ago. Once again I can't wait for the future!
  19. That's because both of them are 100% original ideas thought up here at home :^) As for the lack of players, it is mainly due to the lack of advertisement and whatnot, and I also attribute it to the fact that we have had the same 3-4 modes since 2014. Going forward we plan to remedy that by adding new gamemodes as seen above as well as some more well known ones, and by the overhauled advertising system I mentioned.
  20. Super siked for this coming update! I love the idea of a modded mc server and I will definitely check it out. Although the CU un-modded server will still be the home of most of my game play. Ever since I joined I have been wondering why such a wonderfully made server doesn't have more players, but I still enjoyed CU anyways because when people did come on they were someone to talk to. Maybe a pixelmon mod pack? That may be too intensive though. Those new games on the CU server seem very cool, I have not heard of much and I have been playing minigames for a long time now. Can't wait to try it out! ~Meta
  21. A small change was applied to the forums. + Added new emoticons (see spoiler) - Removed Killerteddy New Emoticons:
  22. Howdy folks. How about we do something for a change and make an announcement, yeah? First of all, as you saw in Discord, we are working to try and bring back Modded MC via whatever means necessary. Vanilla MC, fun as it is, just can't quite match the experience that modded MC brings to the table. So, we are going to try and bring modded back. We are asking for each and every one of you to suggest your favorite mods. Keep in mind that not every suggestion will be implemented due to either being redundant to an existing mod, compatibility/stability issues, etc. We also want to try and ensure the pack continues to be playable on lower end PC's to some degree (that degree being around the 30fps mark) and thus we can't take the pack up to 200+ mods as it would simply require too much memory to run. That being said, there is no fixed mod limit really, and if you suggest a mod that we think just HAS to be in the pack, then you can bet it will be added if at all possible. Now let's address the elephant in the room. The fact that CU has basically been a ghost town since April 23. For those of you who weren't around during that time, we had some issues with staff being very much against one of the heads of the community (Alycat) who is also a near and dear friend of mine. This went on for several months starting initially on January 29th and finally coming to a close April 23. Several of our staff, including higher up admins, left CU and now most are camped out on Elaztek Studios. Since that point, I have been working basically full time to get Elaztek up and running. I will still be putting a lot of energy towards it of course, however I want to start to get CU moving again. Right now, the folks that left CU and Elaztek are sitting around laughing at us - and for good reason. We have sat here doing jack for two months. Some may even have the idea that they were what made CU great (although it couldn't be further from the truth). I think it is high time to get things moving again. We have a staff team that has no issues with itself, and in a way I believe that the events that happened may have not been so terrible as they seemed at first. I think that CU in the state that it is in now lends itself to big opportunities going forward. We have a clean slate to work on. We can experiment and try new things and see what works and what doesn't, and thus you may or may not see features periodically being added and removed from our vanilla server. You won't see this at first as we are working on modded MC at the moment, but after modded gets settled in you can expect to see some changes being done for MC. We have several plans for the future of CU. Without going into details, we want to expand beyond just hosting a vanilla MC server - and beyond hosting servers in general. While we won't stop hosting servers of course, we want to try new things as well. In addition, our MC server will be featuring some new stuff in the coming months as well, including but not limited to: Reamped to the Advertiser rank system Purge Apocalypse gamemode, a CR idea that involves defending against hordes of mobs while also defending against other players as well. See the post below for more information on that. Trackerzine, a new minigame that involves riding a minecart and placing tracks to eventually reach the center (or other end point). First one to the goal wins. This can be 'previewed' if you will in the creative world, where Alycat built a sort of concept arena for it. Hit aly up for more details on how the mode will work and such and to get an idea of how it plays. Information on Purge Apocalypse: Keep in mind that some ideas may or may not be altered to better fit into a coherent gamemode. So that's about it folks, don't leave us just yet. Because we have a lot of stuff in store for the future.
  23. This update also includes changes from April 23, 2017 to now * Updated timeline * Promoted Alycat to Owner * Demoted Wind to Veteran - Removed WF theme (only accessible by admins) - Removed Killerteddy
  24. i do indeed
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